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enter image description here"When asked how much power is required, Izzet mages always answer 'more.'" Goblin Electromancer

In the process of making a Commander / EDH deck for each guild, so stay tuned!

For more Commander / EDH, Modern, and Tiny Leaders, check out my other decks!

hardhitta71194 says... #1

Thanks, you too man!

I really like "What some see as "distracted" is really "fathoming the unfathomable". -Mercurial Chemister

Glory to the Firemind!

February 15, 2017 12:13 a.m.

hardhitta71194 says... #2

Hello fellow Izzet Mage!

I just seen your page and want to say you're awesome for having the Goblin Electromancer flavor text on your page. One of my favorite ones.

February 12, 2017 9:58 p.m.

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That's actually the one that I meant! Haha. And I agree; instant speed is always better than sorcery!

February 21, 2017 4:18 p.m.

You mentioned Furnace of Rath and I said how it works well in Aggro decks like ours, but how I personally won't run it; so I would actually recommend it for your deck (if it fits your play style, that is).

I'd recommend putting Furnace in for Boil, because Boil is usually situational. Plus, it wouldn't change your avg. CMC, which is always good!

February 21, 2017 1:16 p.m.

That is a great card for decks like this, Maizena; however, it isn't quite how I'd run this deck. Definitely a card that fits in here somewhere, but just not a card for me, personally.

I appreciate your suggestion and for checking the deck out!

February 21, 2017 1:08 p.m.

That isn't a bad card, beninator, but I've never been a huge fan of costs (which explains why I don't have Goblin Onslaught , haha). Since I have Apocalypse I don't worry too much about indestructible or red-protection.

Thanks for the suggestion though! I appreciate you checkin' out the deck! :)

February 17, 2017 11:35 a.m.

I actually had Massive Raid, which I liked but I was overzealous with the "three times the damage" that Burn at the Stake has.

I'll actually just slip Raid back in there, because instant speed is undoubtedly more useful than sorcery speed. Plus, cheaper CMC never hurts, haha.

Thanks, again, TheRedGoat!

February 17, 2017 9:17 a.m.

Thanks for checking out my deck and coming back with great suggestions, TheRedGoat!

Mana Echoes is in my "Possible Additions" section and I've been really needing to test it out. I knew it had value, but man did you enlighten me on how much value!

I don't think the Cloudstone Curio/Paradox Engine/Ancestral Statue combo(s) are up my alley; although, Cryptic Gateway actually could be another nice cheater card for this deck.

I'm glad you agree about Apocalypse having its place in here. I have caught so much flack for it, mainly just because of the "pitch your hand" line, but that truly is minor compared to the value of removing an Enchan-Tron deck's board presence. As for Burn at the Stake, I do like it, but I would love to hear what you would recommend for an instant speed replacement (or just replacements in general).

For me, the extra combat support isn't too necessary. I actually had Hellrider in my early stages of this deck, and it (for me) didn't do enough to justify a spot. Seeing as how easy it is for me to become unblockable, or pseudo-unblockable, I haven't had to worry much about those extra pings of damage.

Once again, thanks so much for your recommendations, TheRedGoat! Mana Echoes definitely will be tested soon, because the value is extraordinary and seems like an auto-include. Let me know some ideas you have for what to replace Burn at the Stake with; I am curious to see what you have in store.

February 16, 2017 10:39 a.m.

Lilbrudder that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

February 15, 2017 5:26 p.m.

Lilbrudder that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

February 15, 2017 5:26 p.m.

What is the major differences between a T2 and T2.5 deck? What main factors separate those?

February 15, 2017 3:10 p.m.

Thanks for stopping by, SFCD! And the reason why is actually because this is played more as a Duel Commander deck than a group Commander deck.

Obviously those two could easily find a play in here, because a turn 2 Purphoros, God of the Forge is always good. ;)

February 14, 2017 11:54 p.m.


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