Kozilek's planar avatar is a titan of apparently humanoid anatomy, but with a mass of tentacles in place of legs, and a complex orifice in place of a head. His body is covered in eyes and chitin, and an arrangement of dark plates float above his shoulders and extend from his elbows. They are often described to be or to create dark "holes" in reality.

Kozilek is the Titan of Distortion, a reality-slicing nightmare of relentless insanity. He changes the perception of the reality, making impossible to discern the truth. He twists loyalties, muddies thoughts, transforms emotions, induces despair and panic. Kozilek represents themes of deception, puzzles, lies, mind domination, transformation, and experimentation. Sages call Kozilek the confusion of panic, the trap of enigmas, and the harrower of thought.

Eldrazi of the Kozilek brood lineage have many eyes growing near joints or along body ridges, jagged plates or blades of lustrous black mineral jutting from or floating around their bodies, and animalistic or insectoid anatomies covered in tough carapaces. Kozilek's drones can absorb life just by their presence, but prefer to rend flesh with their onyx-like projections.


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