Sorin's Thirst

Sorin's Thirst


Sorin's Thirst deals 2 damage to target creature and you gain 2 life.

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Sorin's Thirst Discussion

tyler_dukes on Vampires

1 month ago

Hey, nice job on this!

You may have already seen it but Feast of Blood would be a good card to consider swapping out for either Murder or Sorin's Thirst. It will combo with Aerialist. It´s not instant, but if you're going aggro, waiting to maybe play an instant as a combat trick or answer won't help you. That's more of a ¨control¨ kind of play. From my playtests it doesn't seem like this deck has any problem keeping at least two vampires on the field, so it shouldn't be hard to cast.

Drana is sweet, but since she is legendary, maybe consider less copies? I typically do 2 copies of a single legendary card. That way you don't run the risk of having some dead cards in hand.

As you feel out the curve (and price) of this deck, consider Phyrexian Arena. a 3 drop draw engine will help with speed and the deck will mitigate the 1 life loss easily!

The deck currently is lacking a game-ending play. Low card cost does help with speed, but CMC correlates to card power. 4-5 drops just have more power than 1-2 drops. So adding a few more higher cost cards will really go a long way. I've seen Vampire Nocturnus do some nasty work with a field of vampires.

And look into some nonbasic lands! It helps to have a diverse land selection. Rogue's Passage comes to mind, Zhalfirin Void helps with scry. Barren Moor allows you to cycle in a pinch. Having activated abilities gives you versatility. That's another balancing act, like the mana curve. Those are some suggestions, but check out the site ¨managathering¨ for more lands. Hope this helps!

Valengeta on Wasabi413

1 month ago

Here's some cards that you might like. Some are better for sideboard than mainboard, depending on your opponent's decks. Please note that the cards I'm pointing to you here are all 3 CMC or less, so you have a more solid mana curve




I purposely sellected cards that interact with Life, so they can contribute to your main strategy one way or the other. Hope it helps!

multimedia on Aminatou, the infected

4 months ago

Hey, interesting version of Aminatou. I don't think DC/Oracle and Infect are causal strategies, but if that's what you want to play then more power too you. Be careful with Infect in a causal setting as you will become the archenemy until you stop playing it.

Your deck is missing two cards to give you 100. I suggest adding Sol Ring and Wishclaw Talisman. Sol is a staple card in Commander, one of the best cards for ramp. Wishclaw is very good with Aminatou since you own Wishclaw. Activate Wishclaw, tutor for any card. An opponent gains control of Wishclaw, but that opponent doesn't own Wishclaw and can't activate it because it will be tapped as well as it's not your opponent's turn. -1 Aminatou to blink Wishclaw, you gain back control of it untapped with three new wish counters on it.

28 lands is not enough land for a 99 card Commander deck. Consider 36 lands? 36 lands I've found to be the sweet spot for most Commander decks as it makes it so you consistently are not land screwed as well as not land flooded.

Lands to consider adding:

Cards to consider cutting for more lands:

Good luck with your deck.

mal099 on Mono Black Pauper because why not

4 months ago

It's a small difference, but Moment of Craving is better than Sorin's Thirst and Pharika's Cure.

Destroyerbirb on Please name me

5 months ago

Great deck! Looks pretty fun! If you want an opinion on the sideboard and/or the deck, x2 Tymaret, Chosen from Death and x3 Murderous Rider in the mainboard instead of x2 Bloodthirsty Aerialist and x3 Sorin's Thirst as two damage to a creature and gaining two life isn't great. For the sideboard I would make it like this. 3x Duress, 3x Noxious Grasp, 2x Witch's Vengeance, 3x Leyline of the Void, 2x Ritual of Soot, and 2x Liliana, Dreadhorde General.

0riginal on Life Sucks

6 months ago

Great job! I am a big fan of lifegain decks, and this is really good! I see you've got some Gideon's Company in there, which many people who do lifegain don't know about. I don't really see why Alseid of Life's Bounty is in there besides the one-drop lifelink deal because there are no enchantments to protect. You could replace one or two Alseids with some more Healer's Hawks. But if you want to keep your Aleids to protect enchantments, maybe try Oath of Kaya, which is okay because of the Orzhov colors and some lifegain. It would be best on the sideboard. Sorin's Thirst is pretty good as a sideboard card as well. Here's my idea for your sideboard:

2x Sorin's Thirst. 2x Oath of Kaya. 1x Kaya's Wrath. 2x Healer's Hawk. Maybe even some Banehounds!

So, finally, great job on the deck. You can put all my tweaks in the sideboard if you like, or even replace some maindeck cards. Great Job, 0riginal

Pervavita on Orzhov Lifegain aggro Help

8 months ago

Murderous Rider replaces Murder, same CMC with the extra creature attached to it. It helps a lot as there are times you just want the body.

drop Child of Night and add 2 Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord's and Ajani, Strength of the Pride and or Heliod, Sun-Crowned.

Drop the Disenchant for Mortify for added flexibility, you lose targeting artifacts but that isn't a big loss to add creatures.

Sorin's Thirst I would pull and add Despark as it's the same CMC but has a lot more flexibility and it will let you hit the real artifact threats if needed (to cover that basis lost from losing Disenchant).

I would look at cutting a Dawn of Hope or two as it's great card draw for White but you never want more than one and with Bolas's Citadel you will also have the card draw that way.

As said above upgrade your lands.

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