Raid Bombardment

Raid Bombardment


Whenever a creature you control with power 2 or less attacks, Raid Bombardment deals 1 damage to the player or planeswalker that creature is attacking.

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Common
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Common

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Legacy Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Pauper Legal
Noble Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Raid Bombardment Discussion

BenjaminPMiller on Zurzoth: Have A Devil Of A Time

4 weeks ago

Awesome deck! Love the Ugin, the Ineffable inclusion for red removal and artifact ramp! Huge fan of Zurzoth!! Checking out the other decks with him. Thought id mention, Insurrection is probably better and amazing but if you were looking for a quicker or budget card Mob Rule might be a solid replacement. With cards like Raid Bombardment creatures under power3 could be handy and casting it quicker could lead to someones fate faster, or taking the power 4 or higher later in the game would be deadly although insurrection is better in this case.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Com'n in hot!

1 month ago

Thanks for the comment xander11.

So some of the first cards that I included in the deck were various wheels and Vanquisher's Banner, but as I looked at Zurzoth, Chaos Rider more I came to the conclusion that the wheels are a trap. Zurzoth only triggers on the first card that your opponents draw, so the additional 6 cards that they draw are useless and potentially dangerous. Plus I found that if Zurzoth sticks, this deck can draw a ton of cards relatively quickly making the wheels not necessary.

I went back and forth on the inclusion of tribal anthem effects like Adaptive Automaton and Vanquisher's Banner. I opted to exclude most anthems because they run contrary to Cavalcade of Calamity, Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner, and Raid Bombardment. That is why Shared Animosity is so very good in this deck as it lets my creatures attack as 1/1's and 2/2's, but then pumps them greatly after all of my triggers. In all honesty though, running tribal anthems may just be better than using cards like Raid Bombardment, but I want to test this focus first. Also, if Vanquisher's Banner said "enters battlefield" instead of "cast" I would totally include it. As is I only run 11 Devil's which is too few for a card like the Banner to be worth it.

Avlex on Pauper EDH Zada

1 month ago

Thanks for the input. I have actually tested the deck and found it to be oppressively fast and resilient in a very uncomfortable environment. Here are my thoughts on your suggestions:

I will check for a slot for Goblin Tinkerer. It has to stick around for a turn and in cases where I actually care about artifacts of my opponents, I usually require at least sorcery speed. If I don't need the removal, Goblin Replica is the bigger body. However, in the context of what this deck wants to do, the difference is negligable. The Replica actually opens me up to artifact removal, so exchanging it may just be worth a try. I am actually thinking about not playing either and slotting in Destructive Tampering, as I can recur it via Anarchist or Ghitu Chronicler and another option at getting evasion may actually be nice.

I'll also try Boiling Blood, since I managed not find any of my draw spells during the last game and only managed to kill a single opponent because of it. I previously decided against it because of the choice between forced attack or being restricted to play it on my second main phase. Usually, I want to draw into ramp and draw in my first main phase and then decide to go off or not, which in this deck requires an attack phase. Being committing before having the whole picture seems rather dangerous, but then... it's a gambly red deck anyways and I guess I'd rather have the draw spell.

I opted against Titan's Strength, as it will only fix one single draw in a limited (gambling) way, so the slot went to a large buff spell instead for consistency.

I also decided against Raid Bombardment, because I wasn't ever happy to draw it instead of a buff, draw or ramp. It always always seemed like win-more or not doing enough. Raid Bombardment essentially ends up being a +1/+0 buff for the big turn, because the deck rarely attacks before going off, if an opponent has any blockers and in Pauper EDH, they usually do.

Hissing Iguanar and Impact Tremors didn't make the cut, because they just don't do enough in the deck either. They rarely deal more than 5 to 10 damage each and any decent pump spell does more. Pinging your opponents also draws more attention to you, endangering your board state somewhat. I would rather have one more token generator, buff or draw spell in those cases. Also, before going off, enchantments open you up to another kind of removal and while going off, both usually end up being strictly worse up to being dead draws and. I may try Impact Tremors again at some point though, as it has the biggest potential.

Considering the creature count, I am actually playing around 40 creatures (only 2 less than your deck, before storm, doubling and recursion) in those 23 slots, but opted to prefer token generators like Hordeling Outburst instead of actual bodies (successfully, I might add). The reason being, that one card that creates 2-4 tokens will let me recover from a board wipe or focused fire way easier than having to draw and play one goblin a turn. At the same time, potential spot removal in my opponents hands is devalued. This helps me recover and race my opponents into another big turn more easily and heavily increases success rates. Many token generators are instant or sorcery and cards can also be retrieved from the graveyard, in case I need to, adding resilience and recursion. I do lose some nifty goblin abilities, but I found the compromise acceptable. It also opens me up to a bit more board wipes in Pauper EDH though, but since board-wipe pingers seem to not be very popular for their limited usability, I'm not too worried. Crypt Rats and Pestilence being the exceptions, but those rarely trigger for 1 and will usually wipe all goblins off the table anyways.

And lastly, the "Threaten" slots and lands (which kinda go together). The goal of this deck is to: "be quiet and build a board state of small, non-threatening guys that aren't worth the removal and then in one turn draw into ramp that will allow more draw and ramp, then buff the whole team and kill everyone at once (ideally) or just the biggest threat and set up the next big turn". I found, that 6-7 lands in play are quite enough to get the ball rolling as long as you can draw enough buffs and ramp. If anything, I'd actually rather play some artifact ramp to be honest, to accelerate the deck by a turn instead of putting in more lands. Up to now, the deck was consistent enough at 35 lands though.

Now, if I can actually manage to go off as described, my guys usually already have haste via one of the other spells or I have ramped into enough Mana to cast any of the "Threaten" effects on Zada to get there. They aren't that expencive. On the other hand, taking over another creature for its abilities for a turn or to just not have to deal with it in combat on a big turn has shown to be very effective. Additionally, occasionally killing someone with their own commander is hilarious as hell. And finally, 3 of the 5 "Threaten" cards do actually buff your team aside from haste, when cast on Zada, Traitorous Instinct with Menace evasion and Mark of Mutiny actually putting a +1/+1 counter on the whole team, which can also be very useful when you want to cast stuff like Zap on your guys, when you need to save your team or when you need to set up another turn. Both effects you can't get efficiently any other way in red. For this utility, I found paying the premium to be an acceptable compromise.

I'd love to discuss it further. These were my design considerations, any thoughts, found any BS? Let me know!

Spell_Slam on Pauper EDH Zada

1 month ago

Great start! Have you tried the deck out yet? I think you will find that you do not have enough creatures in the deck. You need to have a critical number of creatures out in order to really take advantage of the synergy with Zada and the mana ramp as well. You are running too many pump spells, in my opinion. With a large board, you only need 1-2 pump spells to win.

Enchantments like Impact Tremors and Raid Bombardment can deal a significant amount of damage over the course of a game that bring the opponent closer to being finished off. Tremors in particular hits all opponents simultaneously, which adds up to a lot of damage. Hissing Iguanar is also a great way to deal tons of damage in a game of Commander.

I'm a big fan of Destructive Tampering as artifact removal, since it also doubles up as a way to force through a finishing blow.

Goblin Tinkerer seems way better than Goblin Replica. You have to wait a turn to use it, but it is overall much cheaper to use and can potentially survive to destroy more artifacts if you focus on smaller ones first.

Having a critical amount of mana is super important in this deck. I never cast Zada unless I think I can either protect her or win the same turn I cast her. I would recommend going up to 37 lands to get to the land drops. It is unfortunate that they do become bad draws with the card draw engine. I had some bad running in the past, but it's made the deck much more consistent overall.

I don't fully understand the Threaten theme here. I get that it will remove blockers and add to your attackers, but it seems really expensive to cast on the turn you want to win and could be better used as more of your own creatures.

Titan's Strength is an excellent pump spell just for the free Scry. 3 power for 1 mana is also a great deal.

You are missing Boiling Blood in your card draw section.

Take a look at my own version of the deck. There are a lot of creatures there that could give you some ideas: Zada, Card Advantage Grinder

Phostration on Zip Zoop Zappity Zaps

2 months ago

I'm inclined to agree with Gracco on the Raid Bombardment. I really like Impact Tremors but you only get one proc per creature, while Raid goes exactly with Calamity and has the chance to proc multiple times per creature.

Gracco on Zip Zoop Zappity Zaps

2 months ago

Since the Ball Lightning/Thunderkin Awakener synergy was mentioned I cannot help but feel like it would be proper to drop this article here: Ball Lightning Tribal mtggoldfish deck article

Raid Bombardment is something to consider, perhaps over Impact Tremors depending on how much use you get out of Impact vs Calamity since Raid here is another Calamity in this deck for 2R instead of 1R.

psionictemplar on goblinsh

3 months ago
  1. Raid Bombardment could be swapped for Cavalcade of Calamity since almost all your creatures will be attacking for 1.

  2. I would also suggest removing a couple Coat of Arms in place of some additional lands. A five drop is probably going to be too hard to cast with only 17 lands. There's also the point that coat and raid bombardment also contradict each other gameplay wise.

  3. Rise of the Hobgoblins is in a similar situation needing several lands to be very impactful. Probably drop 2-3 of those in place of some other goblins. Goblin Cratermaker comes to mind since it can kill/destroy many things.

I guess the tl:dr would be to pick either a go fast plan with low cost spells/creatures that make use of your enchantments or go big with more lands and the coat of arms plan. Trying to do both will leave you doing both poorly.

Kogarashi on Cast Satyr Firedancer as enchantment

6 months ago

It should also be pointed out that enchanting a creature (or other game object) isn't an inherent property of all enchantments, but rather a specific ability you'll find printed on (or errata'd for older cards) Auras, and on creatures via the Bestow ability.

Raid Bombardment, for example, is an enchantment, but you can't use it to enchant a creature because it doesn't have the "enchant creature" ability.

Curse of Verbosity is an aura, but you can't use it to enchant a creature because the relevant ability is "enchant player," not "enchant creature." Abundant Growth is an aura, but says "enchant land," not "enchant creature."

Meanwhile Aether Tunnel does have "enchant creature," and thus can be enchanted to a creature. Same with the Bestow ability on Baleful Eidolon (note that Bestow says "it's an Aura with enchant creature").

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