Goryo's Vengeance


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Betrayers of Kamigawa Rare

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Goryo's Vengeance

Instant — Arcane

Return target legendary creature card from your graveyard to play. That creature gains haste. Remove it from the game at end of turn.

Splice onto Arcane (As you play an Arcane spell, you may reveal this card from your hand and pay its splice cost. If you do, add this card's effects to that spell.)

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Goryo's Vengeance Discussion

colton815 on Goryo's council

1 week ago

there are way better targets for Goryo's Vengeance, like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

Zholto on The Walk of Goryo

2 weeks ago

Griselbrand isn't in here because he just didnt seem that good. A large part of the reason is that I cannot give em haste to do the cool combo things he usually does with Goryo's Vengeance / Through the Breach.

KingSaturn on Goryo's Vengeance

2 weeks ago

you can also drop the Lightning Bolt and put in Lava Spike because it is an arcane so you can splice your Goryo's Vengeance with it

HarroHunter on PGA Combo

1 month ago

Also why Goryo's Vengeance? I could be missing something but don't you only have one legend besides Pharika?

Oloro_Magic on can card:Emrakul, the Promised End ...

1 month ago

It can be targeted by Goryo's Vengeance the relevant rules are as follows:

Abilities and Zones:

402.8. Abilities of an instant or sorcery usually function only while the object is on the stack. Abilities of all other objects usually function only while that object is in play. The exceptions are as follows:

402.8a Characteristic-defining abilities function everywhere, even outside the game. (See rule 405.2.)

405.6. Some things that happen during the game dont use the stack.

405.6a Effects dont go on the stack; theyre the result of spells and abilities resolving. Effects may create delayed triggered abilities, however, and these may go on the stack when they trigger (see rule 603.7).

405.6b Static abilities continuously generate effects and dont go on the stack. (See rule 604, Handling Static Abilities.) This includes characteristic-defining abilities such as [This object] is red (see rule 604.3).

402.8b An ability that states which zones it functions in functions only from those zones.

402.8c An ability of an object that modifies what it costs to play functions on the stack.

402.8d An object's ability that restricts or modifies how that object can be played functions in any zone from which it could be played.

402.8e An object's ability that modifies how it comes into play functions as that object is coming into play. See rule 419.6i.

402.8f An object's activated ability that has a cost that can't be paid while the object is in play functions from any zone in which its cost can be paid.

402.8g A trigger condition that can trigger only in a zone other than the in-play zone triggers from that zone. Other trigger conditions of the same triggered ability may function in different zones.Example: Absolver Thrull has the ability "When Absolver Thrull comes into play or the creature it haunts is put into a graveyard, destroy target enchantment." The first trigger condition triggers from the in-play zone and the second trigger condition functions from the removed-from-the-game zone. (See rule 502.51, "Haunt.")

402.8h An ability whose cost or effect specifies that it moves the object it's on out of a particular zone functions only in that zone, unless that ability's trigger condition, or a previous part of that ability's cost or effect, specifies that the object is put into that zone.Example: Necrosavant says "3BB, Sacrifice a creature: Return Necrosavant from your graveyard to play. Play this ability only during your upkeep." A player may play this ability only if Necrosavant is in his or her graveyard.

402.8i An ability that modifies the rules for deck construction functions before the game begins. Such an ability modifies not just the Comprehensive Rules, but also the Magic: The Gathering DCI Floor Rules and any other documents that set the deck construction rules for a specific Constructed format. However, such an ability can't affect the format legality of a card, including whether it's banned or restricted. The current Magic: The Gathering DCI Floor Rules can be found at http://www.wizards.com/Magic/TCG/Events.aspx?x=dci/doccenter/home.

402.9. Effects can add or remove abilities of objects. An effect that adds an ability will state that the object "gains" or "has" that ability. An effect that removes an ability will state that the object "loses" that ability. Effects that remove an ability remove all instances of it. If two or more effects add and remove the same ability, in general the most recent one prevails. (See rule 418.5, "Interaction of Continuous Effects.")

402.10. An effect that sets an object's characteristic, or simply states a quality of that object, is different from an ability granted by an effect. When an object "gains" or "has" an ability, that ability can be removed by another effect. If an effect defines a characteristic of the object ("[permanent] is [characteristic value]"), it's not granting an ability. (See rule 405.2.)Example: An effect reads, "Enchanted creature has 'This creature is an artifact creature.'" This effect grants an ability to the creature that can be removed by other effects. Another effect reads, "Enchanted creature is an artifact creature." This effect simply defines a characteristic of the creature. It doesn't grant an ability, so effects that would cause the creature to lose its abilities wouldn't cause the enchanted creature to stop being an artifact.

ChandrasFollower on can card:Emrakul, the Promised End ...

1 month ago

it was a combo that made me wonder if Emrakul, the Promised End could be targeted by an isntant when it is in a graveyard it has protection for instants but does that rule when it is in the graveyard

the combo is:Emrakul, the Promised End in your graveyard you use Goryo's Vengeance to return Emrakul, the Promised End to the battlefield and power it up with Assault Strobe to a possible turn three kill????

(by the way sorry for bad english)

KeilFX on Obzedat's Vengeance

1 month ago

I find that a Mardu Goryo's Vengeance running Griselbrand and Fury of the Horde and Temur Battle Rage is more explosive :)


You basically need to print money for this deck, but heeeeey!

Naksu on Harmless Pact (Combo/Control)

1 month ago

I'd have to be able to cheat Emrakul out somehow, cause I'll never have enough mana to hard cast him. Implementing graveyard recursion would change the deck too much, as I'd have to put somewhat alot of focus on the interaction (Which would cost a lot of money to pull off). Cards like Goryo's Vengeance + discard mechanics etc. And btw, the Pact makes your opponent lose the game even without me controlling the player, as long as I've donated it before the last tick. The other cards you suggested seem really cool, I gotta look into those! Thanks for your time.

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