Faerie Trickery


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn Common

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Faerie Trickery

Tribal Instant — Faerie

Counter target non-Faerie spell. If that spell is countered this way, exile it instead of putting it into its owner's graveyard.

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Faerie Trickery Discussion

Izu_Korasu on Edh good copy deck

6 days ago

Spitting Image has a blue/green color identity so it isnt legal in a mono-blue edh/commander deck.

Stunt Double, Fated Infatuation, Mirror Match, Gigantoplasm, Sakashima's Student and Tempt with Reflections may be useful additions to the deck.

Ghostly Flicker type effects also seem useful.

also Void Shatter/Dissipate/Faerie Trickery/Counterspell/Arcane Denial are all upgrades to Cancel

dancarvalho on Nope, you're not playing this

1 month ago

The idea of the deck is alright, but if you want to win your extra draws have to take you somewhere. I highly recommend you to put at least one combo here, like:Peregrine Drake + Deadeye Navigator + Blue Sun's Zenith + Laboratory Maniac = Mill yourself to the win.

You can replace Peregrine+Deadeye for another infinite mana combo and it will have the same effect.

Mind Over Matter it is kind of expensive but gives you a lot of value with Arcanis the Omnipotent and Azami, Lady of Scrolls, they do the same combo to Laboratory Maniac but without the necessity of infinite mana and blue sun's.

Another good combo is Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker + Gilded Lotus. With Baral on the table you have infinite mana, with Talrand on the table infinite drakes. Archaeomancer + Turnabout + Rite of Replication = a lot of infinites.

Some extra turn cards that you should consider are Time Warp and Beacon of Tomorrows (to both of them you already have part of a combo in your current build), in multiplayer you really shouldn't trust with people voting or choosing for you, to much debate that can backfire for you.

Hinder and her sister Spell Crumple just love Tunnel Vision, just mill a player out of the game.

Suggestions for out:

  1. Alhammarret's Archive: okay, extra draw by countering a spell is great, but for 5cmc you want something that you can use all effects possible. In EDH every slot must be filled with something completely useful, you are using U and that is the best color for draw, probably you have better alternatives for it or a slot open to more protective measures, what taking the low count of creatures is probably a good choice.

  2. Talent of the Telepath: Mill everything or mill nothing. Bad against aggro decks, terrible against reanimator decks, with possible little or no return at all.

  3. Sky Diamond: Your mana base have few colorless lands, so Mind Stone or Fellwar Stone are both better ramps.

  4. Fact or Fiction: I believe that blue should not give their opponents a choice to screw you, because believe, after some counters (especially in multiplayer), they will.

  5. Foil: I love most of the counters, but foil isn't the case, just too many bad experiences with it in EDH games.

In: Outside the cards for combo that I commented previously, you should also consider:

  1. Venser, Shaper Savant: Counter or bounce, with Deadeye+Peregrine combo, a lockout.

  2. Cancel: With Baral becames another Counterspell.

  3. Overwhelming Denial: Always good have a ensurence that you WILL counter that spell

  4. AEtherize: You dislike beatdown strategies, make that very clear to the table

  5. Impulse: Dig four cards at instant speed.

  6. Faerie Trickery: Because exile is best than graveyard.

  7. Sphinx-Bone Wand: Counters can also give damage and that is great.

  8. Mind's Dilation: Eliminate problems before they if have a chance to exist.

  9. Learn from the Past: Recicle your graveyard into your deck

hosshughes on Do A Baral Roll - Baral $40 Budget Counterspells

1 month ago

@lightningtwister: Can't believe I forgot about Library of Leng. Added immediately!

@Trendy67: I haven't put this together in real life. My deck Tangled Up In Blue - Talrand Morph used to have the same theme, but I found it difficult to operate in multiplayer in my competitive playgroup so I switched it to a combo deck. 1v1 it was a beast though. Diluvian Primordial and Blighted Cataract are only in the deck once but because I put them in two different categories (it's how I like to organize my decks), it looks like they're two copies. Lonely Sandbar and Remote Isle are in for cycling ability and while it does not work with Baral's ability (cycling is an activated ability), late game when you don't need the land, it's nice to sift for something useful. Outside of combo decks, Fatestitcher doesn't have a whole lot of value. The interaction between Voidmage Prodigy and Docent of Perfection  Flip is nice, however with no tutors due to budget, finding/waiting for it would be aggravating. Faerie Trickery and Memory Lapse are good so I shoved those in. Remand and Rhystic Study are also good but I set a hardcap of nothing over $2.

@Clockwurk: Thanks!

@AlbinoNinja: At some point, I'll make an upgrade list for bigger budgets and these will definitely be on there.

Trendy67 on Do A Baral Roll - Baral $40 Budget Counterspells

2 months ago

Love it!!!! I've been wanting to try Baral as a commander. How has the experience in multiplayer been with this deck? Can't wait to put something together where my opponents always have to ask if their cards will resolve :D

Questions: I notice you have Diluvian Primordial and Blighted Cataract listed on the decklist twice - what's up with that?

Is the reason you have Lonely Sandbar and Remote Isle for the cycling? Does that work with Baral's ability?

Less than $2 Suggestions:

Fatestitcher: Can tap to tap or untap a permanent, but also has unearth for 1. Great choice to discard w/ Baral, and with just the right combination you could likely get it back to your hand and need to exile it after unearthing.

If you are going to have a lot of Wizard tokens on the board from Docent of Perfection, maybe Voidmage Prodigy.

More budget counterspells: Faerie Trickery, Memory Lapse. Maybe these could be sub in for Cancel and Swan Song? I like the cheap cost of swan song but with Baral on the board, Memory Lapse only costs 1 and isn't limited to type of spell it can counter, and won't give them a bird.

Over $2 Suggestions:

Remand: 2 mana for a counterspell, return it to owner's hand and you draw one. Could replace Negate. $5

I don't think the goal of this deck is to mill your opponent, so maybe for card draw instead of Sphinx's Tutelage, go with Rhystic Study. Currently around $9.

TheThriftyWizard on Oloro

3 months ago

I think the deck is pulling too many directions. I understand playing cards like Mind's Dilation, they are super fun. If you are trying to be competitive though I would pull these cards:

Mind's Dilation

Vampire Nighthawk


Spell Crumple (doesn't work with commanders like it used to)

Diabolic Tutor (too expensive. I get it if you're saving money though. The alternatives cost big bucks)

Angelic Accord (not consistent enough)

Boon Reflection (if it doubled instances of life gain it would be better but as an effect, just gaining life doesn't win you the game)

Venser's Journal (gaining life isn't that important honestly and having an unlimited hand size is a nice bonus but seven cards in hand is more than enough nine times out of ten. I don't like paying five for that effect)

Before I give you my general add list let me make a distinction. There's building a deck for fun and there's building a deck to be competitive. You decide which you would like to build and don't let people tell you you're wrong if you like a card. That being said I will only tell you how I think you could be more competitive with this deck.

I would cut most of the life gain cards that are here simply to ping and gain life. They seem to be there to facilitate the cards that get bigger when you gain life. There aren't enough of these life-gain-beaters in Epser colors to really be effective. I would rebuild a control shell and find more ways to get the cards that let Oloro insta-win. You are playing in WBU, it is easy to find, play and protect just about anything.

This would change the way the deck plays entirely and might bug people who don't like playing against a deck that plays like a game of solitaire though so please, do what feels right to you. I'll give you a list of some cards that I think will help regardless though.

Heliod's Pilgrim and a package for her. Removal (Faith's Fetters), Reanimate (Diabolic Servitude) and Draw (Underworld Connections).

Capsize is just too good. I always run it in blue. Period.

Faerie Trickery is another exile counter spell.

Dream Fracture counters and draws you a card.

Negate it is limited but it hits so much.

Duress gets rid of bad stuff and lets you see the blue player's hand.

Greed I know you have one in there but it's too good not to have another with as good a mana base as you have.

Clutch of the Undercity can replace your diabolic tutor. It costs less to search with and finds you several win conditions (Aetherflux Reservoir) while doubling as removal. I would say the same for Brainspoil and Muddle the Mixture which both go get parts of your infinite life gain loop (Vizkopa Guildmage & Exquisite Blood).

I would trade out Sphere of Safety with something cheaper like Island Sanctuary or Solitary Confinement.

I am a fan of Quiet Speculation and a package for it including Increasing Ambition which could go get a win condition or two.

It looks like a really fun deck to play as it is and is very good for a first deck. I'm impressed. I was much worse when I started.

A buddy of mine and I are putting together a website for budget EDH and it has some good deck building tips. You should check it out and let me know what you think. There are one or two things that aren't finished yet but it's coming along.


Vasseer on Mistmeadow Blink (Pauper EDH)

4 months ago

Drag Under is strictly worse than Repulse, Faerie Trickery is almost always better than Cancel, Think Twice is better than Counsel of the Soratami. Rishadan Cutpurse makes your opponent tap 1 land per turn, which does basically nothing... Gulf Squid does basically the same thing but better. Why is Saltskitter even here it does nothing. Ethersworn Shieldmage also does nothing with only 7 artifact creatures, and the fact that witch has it enter on eot. The annihilator 1 from Hand of Emrakul is not enough to warrant it's inclusion, (Crusher is great though). Lens of Clarity wasn't even playable in draft and should never ever be put in a deck, it's basically 1 mana discard a card. Sage of Epityr is better than Sage Owl by a lot. Quite honestly you really need to either cut the artifact theme or go a lot deeper on it, cause right now you're playing 13 artifacts and 3 of them need other artifacts to be good, your Faerie Mechanist will hit like 1 in 4 times meaning you're paying 16 mana to draw 1 card. Scrivener gives you another way to go off with drake as would playing Cloud of Faeries and High Tide. Trinket Mage is like one of the best cards in the format and you have enough artifacts if you add Ancient Den and Seat of the Synod to make it playable plus they make your other artifact cards better. Ash Barrens is the format's new best mana fixing obviously after Command Tower. Treasure Cruise is also legal. You have like 0 ways to interact with artifacts or enchantments, if you want to keep your artifact theme going Dispeller's Capsule is really good, otherwise there's Seal of Cleansing, Disenchant, Wispmare (who can be flickered in response to evoke sac), Absolver Thrull and a bunch of others. Knight of the Mists is tech against the knight player. Also Sea Gate Oracle.

Rhystic Study is great in multiplayer, but garbage mediocre outside of it, Mystic Remora is always nuts. Also pauper edh is a 1v1 format (usually).

adanlaj on Oona's Flying Circus

6 months ago

Look at this primer to get an idea, http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/modern/modern-archives/220255-ub-x-faeries.

What I was seeing is that you need more permanent removal, not just tempo gainers. The Spellstutter Sprite is amazing with this permanent removal. What about some counter spells, like Faerie Trickery, Mana Leak, or Deprive? You probably need a few more counter spells,

There is a combat trick in Peppersmoke. But I don't think this will be all that helpful as your creatures will be weaker.

You also want draw, I don't think the Faerie Miscreants will do it for you. Think about adding something like Compulsive Research or maybe even Vivisection.

As you are using black I would also throw in some cheap hand distuption. Stuff like Duress or Despise, or even Transgress the Mind. This way you can rob them of the threats to your little guys. If I was going to include only one, I would make it the Duress to remove removal you will be facing. Maybe even throw in a Doom Blade just for fun.

Finally your lands, you might want to run a few Faerie Conclaves. This will help you get out faeries. You might also want to run som Bojuka Bogs for graveyard hate. While these will slow down the deck, they will provide you with answers too.

Finally the question of what to cut. I would say to cut the Faerie Miscreant, Pestermite,Cloudshift, Eerie Interlude, Essence Flux, Dance of Shadows, and Notorious Throng. All of these are very context dependent. If you draw them against the wrong kind of deck; the card will be dead in your hand. The fact that you want to bounce stuff to get the effects is great but the bounce spells are throwing off your mana base. This makes it incredibly difficult to get the mana you need when you need it. As such I would say to cut the white altogether, or go for a bounce deck and run Eldrazi Displacers.

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