Mob Rule


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged Rare

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Mob Rule


Choose one —

  • Gain control of all creatures with power 4 or greater until end of turn. Untap those creatures. They gain haste until end of turn.
  • Gain control of all creatures with power 3 or less until end of turn. Untap those creatures. They gain haste until end of turn.

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Mob Rule Discussion

landofMordor on Ramos the Voltron Spellslinger

2 days ago

Solid jank, my friend. I love it.

I would possibly recommend Mob Rule as a baby Insurrection, since the latter might be tough to cast for 8 with RRR.

I LOVE the idea of Villainous Wealth -- it might be fun to sideboard in Torment of Hailfire, Epic Experiment, Sphinx's Revelation, Lavalanche, Mind Grind, Strength of the Tajuru, etc . Some are awesome ramp with Ramos, others are fun splashy potential win-cons.

Increasing Savagery is insane ramp.

If any of those suit you, to make room, I'd consider cutting Sorin, Nicol (they're both sweet, so totally understandable if you decline), Magister Sphinx (it'll only feel good the first time, unless you play against infinite life decks), Avacyn (feels slightly win-more unless you have a board-wipe-heavy group).

It's a hard call because this deck is so finely tuned, and so obviously fun. Kudos on making Ramos thoroughly awesome. It is my pleasure to help out any time I can, so just mention me if I can be of assistance! Cheers

Suns_Champion on Bad Luck Brion

2 days ago

hoardofnotions Thanks for the suggestion! I'll be considering it along with Insurrection and Mob Rule.

brewtzar, Hyperalgialysis: Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I hadn't even noticed! Fixed the problem, it looks long and spread out but I'll figure out how to condense it later. Good enough for now.

Anyway, brewtzar hope my deck can help you! Link yours when you have it up and I'll check it out! Yeah I discovered that fact about the recruiter last week, hadn't fixed my description or updates. Real bummer haha. Thanks for the comment!

Hyperalgialysis good suggestion! I'm slowly adding more artifacts/equipment so I don't know if Planar Cleansing will be the right fit, but I'll keep it in mind as I do own one! Thanks!

EternalBrewmaster on Bad Luck Brion

2 weeks ago

Here are my suggestions and some recommended removals to tighten the deck. Molten Primordial, Lifeline, Assault Suit, Recruiter of the Guard, Solemn Simulacrum, Burnished Hart, Infiltration Lens, 2x Plains (36 lands should be your minimum despite your mana rocks in order to consistently get to 4 lands by turn 4), Rage Nimbus, Master Warcraft, Nim Deathmantle, Thornbite Staff, Umbral Mantle, Helm of Possession, Anarchist, Illusionist's Bracers, Caged Sun, Gilded Lotus, Rugged Prairie, Iroas, God of Victory, Obsidian Battle-Axe, Mob Rule, Savage Beating, Adarkar Valkyrie, Karmic Guide

Suggestions to remove:

Clean up repetitious cards in sideboard and maybeboard that are in the deck. Best of luck, hope some of that is helpful.

Voltron3030 on Mizzix of the Izmagnus

2 weeks ago

To make mizzix super competitive, the best way is to load it with a ton of extra turn cards and then copy spells to take even more extra turns. It works, but it will also make nobody want to play with you. I would add a few extra turn cards just for funzies. Insurrection is a must with mizzy's discount. Mob Rule is almost as good. Another card that's really only playable with mizzix is Clone Legion. It can turn a game around real fast, however it does create headaches when trying to represent each token, enough that I cut it for simplicity sake.

xrex479 on Zurgo's toolbox of death

1 month ago

Ilmu011 I used to run Whispersilk Cloak but it ended up hurting me more than anything. It gives Zurgo shroud which means I can't Target him will all the buff spells and enchantments I have. Key to the City might be a fun card for me to try out. Sorry but Mob Rule would be absolutely garbage in my deck. My goal is to destroy/exile all my opponents creatures to get Zurgo in for some smashing. Mob rule's cmc is too high for what it does, I'd rather blow up the board with something cheaper.

Ilmu011 on Zurgo's toolbox of death

1 month ago

If you are going for the 21 damage by commander win, you should consider putting more cards into your deck, which make your commander unblockable for example with Whispersilk Cloak or Key to the City.

Also, perhaps Mob Rule would be intersting to you.

AlmightyTentacle on Fire From Olympus: Purphoros EDH

1 month ago


Thx for all suggestions you done so far comrade!

  • Dualcaster Mage combo - as I say early - "I try to avoid using infinite combos building my decks." Especially when your deck is mono-color (Black is an exception imho) its quite hard to tutor combo pieces.

  • Mob Rule & Insurrection - dont quite fit the deck theme and too mana heavy.


Thx for upvote comrade!


Thx for upvote comrade!

  • Mana Echoes - great card, but not here. There is simply not enough goblins ;-)
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