Confirm Suspicions


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Confirm Suspicions


Counter target spell.

Investigate 3 (To investigate, put a colourless Clue artifact token onto the battlefield with ", Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.")

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Confirm Suspicions Discussion

JasonStorm on Bant Mechanized Clues

3 weeks ago

TheD91 To be honest this deck has completely changed from its original ideas. With a very counter heavy standard I decided to choose Confirm Suspicions to replace Erdwal Illuminator. Erdwal falls as an easy target to Fatal Push and I will admit Solemn Recruit is put in sideboard often but wins alot of games. This deck went 3-2 last fmn. Only losing to B/G. I think erdwal has a great home in sideboard but I am considering moving Immolating Glare to mainboard to replace solemn recruit. Thanks for the suggestions.! I will take then into consideration. But the deck runs so smoothly. Mechanized Production is a solid plan b at this point TBH.

Lmoyer on Mono blue badass

3 weeks ago

You might want to cut Condescend and put Peek in it's place. Either that or swap out 2 Confirm Suspicions and 1 Condescend and 1 Cryptic Command for 4 Peek. Cryptic Command is a good card, but you don't really want to draw 2 in your opening hand, but 2 isn't enough. 3 seems perfect. Peek allows you to see your opponent's hand, so you have a better plan for your counters, and it also replaces itself. It's decent to be able to know their lines of plays and what you absolutely HAVE to counter.

What's the Spreading Seas in your sideboard for? Sure it replaces itself, but you don't have any Islandwalk creatures in the deck to take advantage of that, so there's better cards to use. You're better off with Ponder honestly, but that's not really sideboard material, that's more like mainboard tech.

You might be overloading on counters, not enough card draw, and very little in the way of removal. Bouncing non-land permanents would be good here.

galvon75 on Mono blue badass

3 weeks ago

Confirm Suspicions works in this deck....for some odd reason it plays well. Yes it counterspells, but it sets up card draw too.

Yeti_Confetti on Mono blue badass

3 weeks ago

I would agree that Confirm Suspicions is a bit too costly and personally I don't think it is worth it the 5 CMC.

If you aren't worried about the budget Snapcaster Mage is arguably the best blue creature out there. He's a good boy. Haha

I am a big fan of Stubborn Denial, I love to see it get used, it is certainly underrated in my opinion. +1 from me, friend.

GabeCubed on Mono blue badass

3 weeks ago

Confirm Suspicions costs just a bit too much mana for Modern. I suggest adding some number of Vapor Snag, Mana Leak and Dismember in it's place, as you have no real removal, permanent or not. I also suggest going down to 0-1 copies of Pact of Negation. You don't want to draw too many of those.

Condescend is also not great here. That is a card that requires a constant mana advantage, which has a better place in Tron, and other such styles. I would replace them with the cards I suggested above.

Cantrips/card draw wouldn't be a bad idea, just don't know how you would get that in there.

Hope that helps!

Edit: I see the Shackles now, but you still want 1-4 pieces of other removal.

musicman3310 on Mechanized Winning

3 weeks ago

My bad, got it confused with Trail of Evidence. I still believe you need more investigation. Maybe more cards like Press for Answers such as Expose Evil, Confirm Suspicions, Survive the Night, or Jace's Scrutiny.

Die4Dethklok on raging clues

1 month ago

I'd probably drop the Horribly Awry, and add in a Fumigate or 2. Awry seems good in theory, but it only hits creatures. I think the Negates are more justified in the main deck given how vehicle and planeswalker heavy the meta is. Even so, they are still match up dependant, and I think you'd be better off with either Metallic Rebukes - as they synergise with the clues - or even Spell Shrivel. I'd go with the Rebukes though, as another consideration is standard rotation coming with Amonkhet, and 1 mana Mana Leak is pretty awesome.

I know double white is hard to manage consistently, but I think Stasis Snare would be much better than Thopter Arrest.

Do you have budget considerations? Port Towns and Prairie Streams are fairly cheap, I'd consider running a couple of each if you don't want to get playsets of each, though that would be very good.

I'd also suggest you try the MTGGoldfish Inspiring Statuary strategy, it seemed to work quite well, and it makes Confirm Suspicions far more castable, to a point where you could justify running 4 of them.

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