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Typical Prossh/Food Chain deckbuild for Commander.


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I have added a few creatures to the mix to bring a little more oompf. I have added Savage Ventmaw, Sidisi, Poison-Tip Archer, Anger, Kresh and Sadistic Hypnotist to the mix while pulling Zendikar Incarnate and Ulvenwald Hydra. I am not playing a lot of lands, so these two cards didn't really fit. I am a little heavy as far as card count goes, so I am hoping to get some suggestions as to what should go. I also added Ashnod's Altar to the mix.

I look forward to constructive feedback especially on what to cut and what to keep. I am looking at adding Viscera Seer and Ezuri's Predation for another sac outlet and Ezuri's Predation for some fun.

Looking forward to hearing some input!


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