Fresh Meat

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Fresh Meat


Create a 3/3 green Beast creature token for each creature put into your graveyard from the battlefield this turn.

Phaeophyta on Squirrel Tactics: the Dale Gribble Experience

1 year ago

Avenger of Zendikar Scute Swarm Beastmaster Ascension Ogre Slumlord Old Rutstein Fresh Meat Deathsprout Harrow Overrun Necrotic Hex Bone Shards Migration Path Moldervine Reclamation Deathreap Ritual

and of course pocket sand: Blinding Powder

All good card you added. Got some recommendations but consider making sure your deck follows this formula: 10ish ramp cards 10ish card draw cards 4 spot removal cards 4 boardwipes

Phule451 on #ChefLife

2 years ago

Feed the Pack gives you a sac outlet, Master of the Feast can give ya a cheap early threat. Footbottom Feast can pull juicy tidbits from your graveyard, and Beanstalk Giant, Everflowing Chalice and Explosive Vegetation can help you ramp. Fresh Meat takes advantage of graveyard shenanigans. Hot Soup seems like a must include in this deck. Fruit of the First Tree will get you life and card draw. Just a few ideas for you, I’m a total sucker for theme decks, I love it! Just a shame Chef's Kiss isn’t in the color identity. Love the deck.

grennpowerhouse on

2 years ago

I also built a Rhys deck (on a budget though) na na na na, hey hey, goodbye(overwhelming tokens) here's a little bit of what I have learned playing it

Biowaste Blob can get big fast with your token doubling

Dauntless Escort has saved me many a time from a board wipe

With Immaculate Magistrate and Timberwatch Elf you can activate their ability in response to an opponent declaring blockers to buff up one of your little guys to kill or severely damadge an opponent

End-Raze Forerunners and Treeshaker Chimera can be game-winners

I also like using Glare of Subdual to tap down my opponent's creatures with my tokens

Citywide Bust can harm your opponents while leaving you practically untouched

As for planeswalkers, I run Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants and I prefer Elspeth Tirel so I also run her

Finally, my favorite combo in this deck is Phyrexian Rebirth + Fresh Meat

Good Luck in your war

Crow_Umbra on Fibonacci Debauchery *temp retired*

2 years ago

Thank you for the awesome suggestions griffstick. I really like Wolfcaller's Howl and Fresh Meat . Similarly, I have a copy of Caller of the Claw , but kept it on my maybe board since it only checks for non-token. Soul Foundry is cool too, kinda like a more proactive Mimic Vat .

I'm going to keep play-testing to see what feels most lackluster at my current 4cmc spots. I've been on the fence about Sakashima's Will and Reef Worm , but don't want to write them off just yet.

I think I tend to avoid cards that rely too much on checking for greatest power on my board. In my play-testing, most of my creatures are usually 1-3 power, until I start getting into the 6cmc stuff like Avenger of Zendikar and the like.

griffstick on Fibonacci Debauchery *temp retired*

2 years ago

Feed the Pack , Gutter Grime , Wolfcaller's Howl , Fungal Sprouting , Howl of the Night Pack , Soul Foundry and my favorite Blade of Selves

Oh and Fresh Meat because there is nothing better than someone wiping the board and you coming out of it better than you were before

griffstick on Are there any old cards …

3 years ago

That's in the deck too. It works great with Fresh Meat . 10 mana to pull it off though. However March of Souls feeds into a token strategy better than Phyrexian Rebirth with the right set up it yields better results nearly every time. These results will vary based on the decks I'm up against and the situation the board state presents. But from my experience since both are in the deck. March of Souls has won me the game and Phyrexian Rebirth has not.

griffstick on Are there any old cards …

3 years ago

please read all before you comment

I put my selvala deck here on edhrec to see what my most unique cards are in it. And I found that March of Souls wasn't being used in most decks. It was the most unique card in my deck. But why? It's a token deck so March of Souls is perfect for it. I wipe the board clear of creatures and the problems that they come with, and replace mine with possibly better ones with March of Souls . The deck also uses board wipes to it's advantage. With cards like Fresh Meat , and other cards making March of Souls perfect. Futher more most token decks use token doublers. Or enhancers like Divine Visitation . So this makes March of Souls even better. If you guys think that's cool check out the deck here.

So what's some other older cards that maybe have been forgotten about. Ones in certain decks that need to see more play, in the right type of build. I want you guys to name some cards, and share your decks that you use them in, and explain why it's underused in these kinds of builds. And tell me why they are perfect. Or if its not perfect. Then tell me why they are good.

Btw Spontaneous Generation and Helm of Possession were also just as unique and both perfect here

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