Animal Noises

Mono-Green, the Timmy color. Mono-Green evokes thoughts of ramping, drawing cards from creature ETBS, spot removal, instant speed interaction, stax - hey, wait a minute. Yes, Mono-Green can do a lot, maybe too much on its own.

Despite the many things available to Mono-Green, it does lack a variety of Pinger creatures. For this deck, I decided to go the route of General Green Goodness with Saryth at the helm. Although most builds I've seen so far tend to focus on Saryth's deathtouch anthem, I think her hexproof anthem is also incredibly important in any build.

Saryth's first ability makes swings favorable with deathtouch, which is further enhanced by trample or first strike, and her second ability allows value generating creatures to dodge targeted removal for a bit.

For my Saryth build, I've opted to combine (hopefully efficient) aggression, with a Fight/Bite subtheme to enhance our spot removal options, as well as a sprinkling of Green Stax to disrupt the rest of the table as much as possible.

No real combos in this deck, but I do have a kinda cool interaction between Yedora, Grave Gardener + Quirion Ranger / Scryb Ranger to return Forest-flipped creatures to hand, and untap Saryth or other things as needed.

Further primer in progress.


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