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Artifact aggro deck. Tries for consistency to get nut draws that win the game quickly. Let me know what you think. If you like it drop an Upvote to help me out in spreading this deck.

General Idea

The main plan is to drop things on the board, early artifacts, and enchant them to make them bigger and either swing out with a large creature or enchant multiple and keep them alive to finish off your opponent.

Starting Hand Explanation

You'll want 2-4 lands in your starting hand, too many will flood you out and just 1 or none will not allow you to play multiple things a turn. You'll want some artifacts in hand and some enablers to make them bigger.


Note: Set the sorting to "Custom" to follow the below card descriptions. Some things are in more than one category as they do multiple things.

These are mainly things that allow you to make them bigger therefore called targets. Too many of these will cause your deck to start going wide which isn't always bad. Many are 1 drops and some have haste that allow us to have the explosive turn 2 hit. At that point it's either do or die.

Bomat Courier : A 1 drop haster which also doubles as card draw when we run out of cards. 4 of these are run to get at least 1 in a starting hand for haste and 1 drop targets.

Gingerbrute : Another 1 drop haster that has an unblockable ability unless the blocker has haste and can gain life if need be against perhaps an opposing Gingerbrute . 4 of these are run to get at least 1 in the starting hand for haste and 1 drop targets.

Ornithopter : Another 1 turn drop that allows us to play 2 artifacts on turn 1 which can enable a larger All That Glitters the next turn or give us more options. Flying is good evasion and the 2 toughness body can block some if need be. 4 of these are run to get at least 1 in the starting hand for a turn 1 target.

Stonecoil Serpent : Another 1 drop (typically cast for 1 unless there is a large excess of mana late game) that has many relevant words on the card. It already has trample which is great once it gets larger it cannot be chumped, reach typically isn't relevant but can be if it has to and protection from multicolored allows it to get around some blockers and some forms of removal. Because it is an X card it enters with +1/+1 counters so changing its base power and toughness always gives Stonecoil Serpent +5/+5 or more. 4 of these are run to get at least 1 in the starting hand for a turn 1 target.

Hangarback Walker : Much like Stonecoil Serpent if you enable it it always gets +5/+5 or more because it's base power and toughness is 0/0. The only 2 drop (or cast for 2 as otherwise its only done with a large excess of mana), Hangarback Walker avoids removal in the form of replacing itself with an evasion creature. Hangarback Walker is typically held back to allow it to grow and gain potential for a large All That Glitters when it dies. When enabled it doesn't have much evasion so it typically isn't but can be in a pinch. 2 of these are run because you don't want them too often and only want 1 at a time if you do.

Ghostfire Blade : If somehow you get no creature targets or really need the turn 2 hit this can help. Usually not chosen for enabling but can activate more attackers because it itself isn't a creature until it is if more attackers are needed. 3 of these are run to increase versatility but not too many of these are needed as multiple on board can be mana costly.

Darksteel Citadel : The last target. Isn't very fast, can be activated as early as turn 2 and swinging turn 3 but allows for an indestructible attacker or blocker in case that is needed. Usually won't die to removal. 4 of these are run for more targets and to add to All That Glitters only for the cost of less mana fixing.

These cards allow for explosiveness otherwise our creatures are just tiny. Some versatility with these but not too much, they pretty much have to go on a target to do anything worth wild.

Ensoul Artifact : The name sake of the deck. Turn 2 5/5 is just about as good as it gets but a 5/5 later can be good as well. Can enchant any artifact so it does not have to be a creature. 4 of these are run for consistency.

Skilled Animator : A newer addition to the deck. Replaced Tezzeret's Touch as this allows for another body and doesn't let the 2 for 1 happen as often. Lets any artifact have fun not just creatures. The extra words on Touch wasn't worth it whereas this creature can block as well as attack. Also noted, one could not touch Stonecoil Serpent and now that problem does not happen. Being a 3-drop increases the diversity of the mana curve and lets more smooth plays happen. This is copies 5-8 of Ensoul Artifact for consistency.

All That Glitters : Copies 9-12 of Ensoul Artifact . This can only enchant creatures which isn't too much of a drawback as many targets are creatures. This isn't always as big as Ensoul Artifact as early but always gets bigger especially with more targets dropped down or a Hangarback Walker . This can also accompany Ensoul Artifact to make an even larger creature that has evasion or trample. 4 of these are run for more consistency.

Ghostfire Blade : Not a strong enabler but a cheap and versatile one. Can move from body to body for cheap and can add to the All That Glitters count. Can also be enabled in a pinch.

Utility are things that let us keep going and do other things than just get damage and throw things.

Stubborn Denial : Cheap counterspell that lets us save our big idiot or nullify something we don't want to happen. Only hits noncreature spells which isn't too much of a drawback as our creatures are either bigger or can get around bigger creatures. Is a hard counter once we have a target enabled. 3 of these are run because too many aren't wanted because they can clog up in hand but some are wanted to be seen for protection.

The Royal Scions : A good card that has a ton of utility. It has a low cost and a high life total so it can take some hits and not die. The plus abilities are very good for the deck. Either gives something +2/+0 trample and first strike allows attackers to get in, get damage, and not die. The second plus ability allows us to loot away bad cards or lands for other cards. It's ult ability is good card draw and is another Boros Charm damage or more to lower the opponent's life total or can hit things on board. I imagine the ult wouldn't be used as often but the threat of hitting an ult will stay.

Bomat Courier : The ability to draw cards from this later can be a real help and not too much of a hindrance unless they are destroyed.

Gingerbrute : The gain life ability costs 2 mana to gain 3 life. It can be the difference between winning and losing and the ability can be activated immediately.

Hangarback Walker : Makes itself bigger at the cost of not being able to swing. Good for blocks and board stalls.

Sea Gate Wreckage : A utility land. In case we run out of cards and don't hit any card draw in the deck this can use some mana to refill our hand. Sometimes only the 1 extra card is needed and it doesn't add to our opponents hand.

Boros Charm : Originally Shrapnel Blast was in this slot but I have found Boros Charm to be better in almost all situations. Boros charm can hit the opponent for 4 or a planeswalker for hopefully lethal which is essentially the same thing Shrapnel Blast was doing at 1 less damage, but loses the ability to hit a creature on board. This can make the board, and all permanents indestructible or give an unblocked, or even blocked, creature double strike to close out a game. Being a great card for the deck offering protection as well as a way to finish the game this card is just going to take over the slot of Shrapnel Blast and run 4 of.

These lands allow for 3 colors while and all come in untapped for speed at the expense of life total. If we are the faster deck life total is just an abundant resource. An explanation as to which lands to play first has been added within each description.

Mana Confluence : Probably a good call as getting any color mana wasn't needed every single turn but all mana types was typically needed every turn so this would sometimes hurt more than it potentially helped. So 2 is run just to get all the colors when required if need be. This is typically the last land from hand to play if you already have your colors.

Spire of Industry : The last all-colored land. Works wonders as it can tap for colorless at no cost and can tap for any color as long as an artifact is on the field (tapping for a color isn't even necessary with no artifacts on the field). I run as many of these as possible as it is pretty much the best land. 4 of. Play this first.

Shivan Reef : Because untapped lands are important and a big color is blue. The second best to an all-color land as white is only needed for 1 card and double colors such as or or aren't typically used in the deck except for Thopter Spy Network . 2 of is good for the deck as the lands are split between shocks and pain.

Battlefield Forge : Untapped and both pain lands can tap for a colorless without taking pain. 2 of just to get the white in case somehow an all-colored land hasn't been found. Useful to get red if needed as well. Split between Hallowed Fountain .

Steam Vents : Some research was done to see how much pain is taken by ourselves due to lands when we ran no shock lands and all pain and thus shock lands were added. The pain is taken two-fold right away but no more pain is required thereafter. Therefore a 50/50 split between shocks and pains are run to diversify the manabase and to help lower pain to ourselves at no expense to mana diversification. 2 of these are run to complete the playset of Shivan Reef . Depending on the opponents deck and after the land research was done playing shock lands first help offset what pain lands would deal in pain by matches end. Typically it's cast shock lands then pain unless a Spire of Industry has been found first.

Hallowed Fountain : Refer above for shock land/pain land split explanation. 2 is run to split between Battlefield Forge . Blue is a more important color than red is so this is run instead of Sacred Foundry .

Darksteel Citadel : All the expensive mana fixing is needed to be able to afford to run a playset of this. A free artifact by all terms. Taps for colorless which is much of the deck and can be targeted for a few spells and adds to All That Glitters for free. This is typically saved in hand unless it's forseen to be used as a target in the coming turns or to add to an All That Glitters count. If All That Glitters is coming out turn 2 this land should be on the field either first or second turn.

Sea Gate Wreckage : A 1 of. In case we run out of cards and don't hit any card draw in the deck this can use some mana to refill our hand. Sometimes only the 1 extra card is needed and it doesn't add to our opponents hand.

Sideboard includes some hate cards along with cards to help out the long game for us. This guide will explain why cards made it here and give some useful tips.

Phyrexian Revoker : A good later game card that shuts down activated abilities namely mana dorks to stop ramp decks and stall their game while eating their life total. Also hits any other nonland activated ability like a planeswalker or something else. Noted can be equipped with Ghostfire Blade and activate Stubborn Denial if no other 5/5 is in sight. Also swings at a good rate. 3 of these are run to get at least 1 a match when needed and doesn't clog up in hand. A debate was had as to include this or Pithing Needle . While Pithing Needle is an earlier card lowering the avg CMC Phyrexian Revoker is also a creature and can name mana abilities on anything other than lands, however, Pithing Needle can name any card but not turn off mana abilities. The usefulness to shut off a mana dork in combo type decks seemed more relevant than shutting down non-mana abilities on lands such as man-land activations.

Weathered Runestone : A good target that shuts down library and graveyard decks. Many artifact hate cards are run to have our opponent either try to get rid of the hate card or the 5/5 on the field early game. 3 of these are run as getting the second doesn't do anything and only 1 is really needed. This card is a slight upgrade iver Grafdigger's Cage as the slight upgrade of being able to stop noncreature cards from being cast from the graveyard (namely a Lurrus of the Dream-Den build) but at the down side of costing 1 more mana.

Damping Sphere : Another artifact hate card. Is a 2 drop but shuts down 2 different things. Either shuts down land ramp decks or combo decks or both. Note: the combo side of the card does affect everyone even when it wasn't sided to do just that. 3 are run for consistency to allow us to find at least 1 in a match.

Shadowspear : 3 of these are run because it is legendary and we don't need the second anyway but could use it if one gets countered or destroyed. Gives lifelink and trample so it can race with other decks if put on a big guy and can get through chump blockers as well. The ability on the card can be relevant if they have indestructible blockers, attackers, or something has hexproof that needs to be removed.

Hazoret the Fervent : A great finisher. Hazoret can swing into an empty board, can't be destroyed if that's an issue and activates ferocious for Stubborn Denial . 1 of these are run because this card is great as a top deck when all boards are empty and runs great in a grindy matchup. The activated ability is great in late game when cards are stacking in hand and are mainly lands.

Thopter Spy Network : This card is also used in grindy matches and can produce a blocker or attacker every turn with a Darksteel Citadel on the field. The ability to draw cards may let us out value the opponent and win the game. 2 of these are run because it is the highest drop we run (including Hazoret the Fervent ) and while having multiple on the field would stack we would only want 1 at a time.

A typical guide on how I sideboard using the deck: Sometimes there isn't a better card to take out and therefore I take nothing out. By sideboarding I usually raise the average CMC cost of the deck in exchange for having a great card against what I'm facing. Below is a list of cards I have taken out and the reasoning.

When to take a card out:

Ghostfire Blade : This is the flex card of the deck. This card almost always comes out and when it does it comes out first because it's good at what it does being flexible but when I know what I'm facing usually another card can work better.

Hangarback Walker : This card comes out whenever I don't expect it to die or if it's too slow. This may happen if the deck I'm facing doesn't use "destroy" removal and only uses "exile" removal or uses neither on it (combo decks or aggro). By removing this card the average CMC usually goes down. Otherwise this card is wonderful against control and midrange decks that try to wipe the board as this is always a 2 for 1 unless they somehow let me untap with I then it's even worse for them.

Bomat Courier : I've actually taken this card out against only one deck type: Mill. If the mill deck played very well the first game it's usually because I'm helping them by taking cards off my own library with this. Typically this can help later game by getting those cards in hand but before that happens they are just subtracted from the deck and can potentially remain exiled if Bomat is killed. I don't take out many of these but for some reason when facing mill I get at least 3 of these.

Stubborn Denial : If I notice the deck I'm facing doesn't use many if any noncreature spells or those spells don't affect me much I wouldn't want to counter them anyway. The thought here is to try to avoid a dead card or a not very useful card second and third game. With the addition of Boros Charm acting as a sort of counter for any destruction spells may be removed and Boros Charm remains in the deck.

Boros Charm : In becoming the slot Shrapnel Blast took this also gets the sideboarding tech Blast received. Typically we don't take any of these out unless the utility it provides wouldn't be as helpful as a card in sideboard. Boros Charm is good against anything trying to remove our board as we may need to extra damage to get through either with an attacker with double strike or the 4 damage to face. This card would most likely get taken out to some degree against any deck not answering our board as easily.

The Royal Scions : Another hard call like the card above. Because this is a 1 of there isn't much potential of removing it for something better but in a match up where I can't see myself needing the abilities, like when I need the deck to go faster for instance, I may take this card out. This is usually only done if there is a better card in side. By taking this card out I usually reduce the average CMC so the deck does run faster without it. I also would remove this card if the deck I am facing has already seen it and I know them to have planeswalker removal spells. Even if I get to have 1 ability go off then it dies the mana advantage there usually isn't worth me casting a 3 CMC spell for only 1 effect.

When to put a Card in:

Phyrexian Revoker : This card comes in if there are any activated abilities I want to shut down. These include any mana dorks that are typically run in combo decks, any planeswalker that gives me trouble and I can't get around any other way and any other nonland card I come across that I should shut down. This decision is very open to interpretation. For instance this card can shut down equipment by not allowing them to be equip, sacrifice tokens (like food or clues) so they cannot be scarified. A note: against a mirror match I may want to side this in to call Ghostfire Blade . If I do this I also cannot activate my own Ghostfire Blade . Once the card is played the opponent will typically want to remove it first before removing whatever other threat I have out so in this manner it saves my larger creature to hit an additional time.

Weathered Runestone : This is a wonderful hate card. It slots well into the deck and shuts down many things that I don't use myself. Note: This stops all players from casting cards from graveyard and libraries. We don't run any cards that this would affect us but the note should be maintained. Typically, this card is run to prevent any graveyard synergy decks or any Collected Company decks or the like.

Damping Sphere : Another great hate card, not as great because it's a 2 drop but great nonetheless. This stops any combo decks from casting many spells a turn and stops any land ramp strategy. The combo stopping part of the deck does hinder us slightly by having our second card cast a turn cost 1 more and so on but once this stops a combo deck we can play it slower to counteract this and still win. I would not run Experimental Frenzy with this card as Frenzy is used to drop many things a turn. I personally haven't seen too many land ramp strategy (like Castle Garenbrig ) but this does a great job at stopping Lotus Field by it only producing one colorless mana and stopping the storm aspect of the deck.

Shadowspear : This card is great for any board stalls to give trample and lifelink. If we need to race this stops it by doing damage while gaining life back. Secondary and not used as often is the ability on the card to shut down hexproof and indestructible. I can see the hexproof being less important as our only interaction with permanents this way is Shrapnel Blast but losing indestructible could be useful in a mirror match while the trample lifelink would already be wanted in this match up anyway.

Thopter Spy Network : This card is run if we need a top end and expect to be dragged into the late game by either a good midrange deck or control deck. Once this hits do need to wait a turn unless we have an artifact on board or haster in hand. This card should hopefully let us outvalue the opponent and lead to a win. If other hate cards were tried in game 2 a new strategy could be to remove those and slot this in to try something new that the opponent hasn't seen yet.

Hazoret the Fervent : Another type of finisher similar to Thopter Spy Network . Instead of trying to outvalue the opponent we try to place something on board that has no responses. Being unable to remove Hazoret could allow us to get damage in with swinging or her ability. This and Thopter Spy Network are generally run together although with the new addition of Boros Charm over Shrapnel Blast we may have less Shrapnel Blast to take out and therefore less cards to put into from side.

After finalizing my build this is the first update I have made to the deck. Updates are posted to enable a revert back in case the change doesn't go as planned.

I took out 2 Experimental Frenzy and added 2 Thopter Spy Network . It is the same role, slightly harder to cast, but Thopter Spy Network seems like a better pick. Upon first casting both cards do nothing. On the next turn I potentially could use my mana to cast cards with Experimental Frenzy but the consistency of Thopter Spy Network to just produce an artifact every turn (given I have an artifact, namely Darksteel Citadel , and produce card draw when I deal damage with anything.

I'll also be testing with 1 Hazoret the Fervent instead of 2 Aethersphere Harvester . They will play similar roles against control and midrange with lots of removal. Hazoret the Fervent can't be destroyed which is a plus. Both can be countered so that point is mute and Hazoret the Fervent is a better game finisher than Aethersphere Harvester which just allowed me to continue the game and get some damage in. For the last slot adding in my 3rd
Shadowspear will be tested.

A direct swap with Grafdigger's Cage and Weathered Runestone will take place. The mana efficiency of cage doesn't replace the upgrade of Runestone being able to block non creatures from coming back from the graveyard.

Cards I may take out include:

Grafdigger's Cage : I've had this card since the beginning and I feel I never side it in and it doesn't do a lot when it comes in. It shuts off graveyard decks and Collected Company but I'm not sure I should be trying to shut these decks and cards off and instead should be working towards winning.

Damping Sphere : I may have found a better slot for this card in Deafening Silence . Being a cheaper drop helps but it also isn't an artifact. It stops me from casting more than one noncreature spell a turn but that isn't as big a deal as counting every spell I cast and adding one generic mana to it's cost per card as Damping Sphere does. However, Damping Sphere also stops any land ramp strategy but once again, should I be trying to stop these?

Cards I may add in include:

Rest in Peace : Up until recently I ignored this card given Grafdigger's Cage did what I needed to and a little more. Rest in Peace could be better, but do I need it?

Deafening Silence : This is a pretty good card at stopping any combo decks. It stops my own slightly but not to the extent of Damping Sphere . Damping Sphere does stop land ramp and being an artifact might be easier to remove?

Karametra's Blessing : This card protects whatever I need to from anything Stubborn Denial can't counter and makes my guy a little bigger. Is the additional protection warranted?

Boros Charm : This card does a lot, being another Shrapnel Blast , protecting my creatures or giving a creature double strike to finish the game. This card does a lot, but is this finisher/protection spell needed?

The Royal Scions : I really like this card in the deck. Do I add more copies in the side when this card could be valuable? It draws, lets my creatures survive combat and can deal damage with a ult. Could I use more of this card?

After testing with the previous update I am glad to report from the previous update testing:

I took out Grafdigger's Cage and replaced with Weathered Runestone and honestly because of the slow playstyle of any deck recurring from the graveyard or playing from the library no notable difference has been noticed with the increase in mana cost, however no upside has been noticed as well. The upside all depends on how many Lurrus decks or noncreatures-come-back-from-the-grave-decks I see play.

Thopter Spy Network has been running great over Experimental Frenzy . Frenzy gave us access to more cards while Thopter Spy Network also gives us access to more cards as well as a supply of targets. The ratio of card advantage generated from Frenzy as opposed to Spy Network has not been calculated but I imagine the upside of a target supply would counteract any assumed increase in card advantage from Frenzy over Spy Network. The in the casting cost hasn't caused much pain in casting and is worth it regardless.

Hazoret the Fervent was a great addition as well. The slow play of Aethersphere Harvester was too slow and the increase in speed is great for the deck. Being a 1 of Hazoret the Fervent only came out occasionally but in all times was not responded to as predicted although the addition of trample and lifelink given from Shadowspear would be great as Hazoret can swing and not die but if the blocker is larger there is no point in swinging.

In addition to the removal of Aethersphere Harvester another Shadowspear was put in. This change greatly increased the percentage rate I find Shadowspear and the game I put it in against (aggro and other decks I need lifegain) the additional chance to get it is a must.

This update will discuss the replacement of a long time playset in the deck: Shrapnel Blast . This card was wonderful at closing out games or destroying something but that value and more comes with Boros Charm . Charm hits for 1 less and doesn't hit creatures and costs an additional white instead of colorless which may cause casting issues but it does give the protection of all my permanents from any destruction and allows for double strike on a creature which can close out a game as well. I think Boros Charm will make a fine replacement in the deck.

No other cards will be removed at this time.

Hope you like the deck, give an upvote if you do and leave a comment!


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