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Ghave, Guru of Infinity

Commander / EDH BGW (Abzan, Junk)



This is the evolution of my Savra EDH. Ghave has taken Savra's place and the deck has gone completely combo. Savra slowly became about comboing off and killing everyone so that a new game would start. I don't like it when I am knocked out of a game and I have to wait for a half hour or more for the rest of the players to finish; so why should I force someone else to wait? Kill everyone, and start new game!! Ghave having an infinite combo with Doubling Season and Ashnod's Altar was too good good to pass up and so Ghave, Guru of Infinity was born. Every combo in this deck can go infinite with either damage or mill. Other combos allow me to control the board and use beaters to kill.

I am always looking for more combos, but if you are going to suggest something please make a suggestion of what it should replace.


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