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This deck is a Shilgengar reanimator deck that revolves around filling your graveyard and sacrificing angels to drop bombs hopefully for cheaper than what you normally would have paid for them.

Shilgengar, Sire of Famine

Shilgengar, card leak post

This is a deck that adheres to the budget friendly version of commander my friends like to play with. $150 and under with these cards banned: BAN LIST - BUDGET COMMANDER. I've also made a category of cards i'd add if I was to play this deck in a non-budget way. The average CMC of the deck is quite high, but I don't see it as a problem since the goal is to cheat out most of the creatures we're going to be playing anyways.

The goal of the deck is to perform the following actions:

  1. fill our graveyard with angels using the many different options we have to do so.
  2. Recur a few or cast a few as sac fodder for shilgengar.
  3. Recur all creatures from the graveyard using shilgengar's ability.

The playtests i've done usually have a solid board state around turn 9-10. I can't recall if this is about average or not.

The recursion package in this deck is going to help us cheat out creatures when either shilgengar is unavailable, or we need to get something expense out as either sac fodder for shilgengar or to just generally advance our gamestate.

  1. Adarkar Valkyrie - Allows us to sacrifice something to shilgengar, immediately get it back and do it again to double our blood token output. Literally no downside, the fact it has vigilance as well allows us to attack with it first if we want.
  2. Angel of Indemnity - allows us to recur permanent which is huge for us because it allows us to get important pieces back if we accidently feed them to the slaughter engine. if you have no great targets lands will do!
  3. Animate Dead - cheap creature recursion, get another angel onto the chopping block!
  4. Breathkeeper Seraph - angel that allows you to keep our important pieces onto the board.
  5. Doomed Necromancer - cheap creature recursion to allow us to cheat out big angels so they can be fed to the demon.
  6. Karmic Guide - put more angels on the chopping block!
  7. Living Death - why stop at just one angel! [you'll want to sacrifice everything on the board before you do this ;) ]
  8. Liesa, Forgotten Archangel - allows you to return creatures you've sacrificed or that died to your hand. Particularly useful if shilgengar dies, or another angel that is cheap and you need to cast it again. However, this can mess with your game plan a little bit so be careful when using.
  9. Reanimate - cheap creature recursion, send those angels to slaughter!
  10. Reya Dawnbringer - recur something on every upkeep, yes please! This may be replaced at somepoint however for a just generally beefier bitch.
  11. Sun Titan - recur any permanent, great for targeting our artifacts, or even lands.
  12. Serra Paragon - recur any permanent spell, however, you'll most likely want to use this to ramp with lands you've milled. That way you don't lose your things to the exile effect.

This is the bread and butter of this deck. Getting our creatures into the graveyard for them to be brought back is the name of the game. If we can successfully fill our graveyard and cheat things back out either using recursion effects from cheaper creatures like Karmic Guide or Doomed Necromancer we will save a ton on mana and have sac fodder for shilgengar! Another way to use this mechanic is to fill our graveyard and then straight up cast an angel to be sacrificed for shilgengar's ability or cast something like Living Death. Which ever way you choose you'll need to feed the demon and have successful targets in the graveyard. Which brings us to our package:

  1. Angel of Suffering - Angel that protects us and gives us targets for the graveyard. Perfect synergy for this deck.
  2. Angel of the Ruins - Angel that allows us to ramp and toss itself into the graveyard giving us a beef bitch to reanimate and use at our leisure.
  3. Buried Alive - Tutor the best three cards in the deck to recur with shilgengar! Most likely would be Thief of Blood to remove those pesky finality counters, Sephara, Sky's Blade, and some other angel you can choose based on the situation.
  4. Entomb - another great tutor effect to throw the best fitting creature we need into our graveyard at any time.
  5. Shadowy Backstreet - land that basically lets us throw the top card into the graveyard if it will help us.
  6. Perpetual Timepiece - this card is fantastic in this deck because it allows us to mill off the top to fill our graveyard. It also allows us to get this back from the graveyard if we've milled too much by accident. Fantastic addition. I run Buried Ruin specifically for incase this gets milled and we need a way to get it back.
  7. Palantir of Orthanc - probably one of the best artifact's in this deck, gives us card draw, allows us to fill our grave, or deals damage to an opponent! What's not to love!
  8. Mask of Memory - great for card advantage and grave filling at low cost.
  9. Geier Reach Sanitarium - make everyone join on the fun!
  10. Collector's Vault - definitely one of the better artifacts for this deck. This card allows us to ramp draw cards and fill our grave all at the same time. It's freakin wild, there's no downside to this card in this deck.
  11. Tortured Existence - Also a great addition, it will allow you to trade cards in your graveyard to throw a big beefy bitch in there and get back out something like a Doomed Necromancer or Karmic Guide to cheaply cast and recur whatever you just threw in.

Our game accelerants such as ramp / card draw are pretty typical for a cheap orzhov style deck. We're using mana rocks and some draw engines such as Arcane Signet & Phyrexian Arena

The win cons should be pretty straight forward. Send your angels to hell, and force them to return to do your bidding. How you do that will obviously depend on the exact situation. However, here are some combinations that may be important to winning / playing effectively.

Platinum Angel + Sephara, Sky's Blade + Thief of Blood . If you get all three of these onto the board it's essentially a wrap. Because whenever someone attempts to exile or destroy your creature's you can simply sacrifice these three, get a bunch of blood tokens, and at instant speed return them. The only viable target is Shilgengar being exiled. If this happens you need to eat the bullet, however, these three should buy you enough time to get him back out. Especially, since they go back to the graveyard thanks to thief of blood if they are to die. Sphara, Sky's Bladed obviously needs to die first before the other two can die.

Another thing to mention and this is super important. Once you're all setup and ready to go for Shilgengar's second ability to occur. You do not want to do it immediately!!!! Since it can happen at instant speed you can do it whenever you want / need to. I.E. in response to a bojuka bog, or just before your next turn starts, or while someone thinks they can swing into you! Patience is key, try to bait out the other player's moves so you can counter them with your horde.

Another thing to keep note of is the fact that I've placed multiple anthem / buffing effects within the deck that give us dual purpose.

  1. Allows us to have stronger angels to send our opponents to hell.
  2. Allows us to send stronger angels to hell for more blood!

These buffs are super important and generally pretty cheap to cast / use if you have the opportunity to either recur or just straight up cast: Flowering of the White Tree, Thraben Watcher, Giada, Font of Hope, Angel of Invention, Lyra Dawnbringer. Flowering of the White Tree also provides protection for our important pieces.


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