A brief little history on this deck. Hazezon was not my first Commander deck. In fact, when I first thought about getting into the format, I found a Olivia Voldaren control list that I built. I had a fair amount of success with it. However, when people saw what it could do, I was always the target of everyones attacks, counters, and removal spells. It made it hard to make a comeback and play anything.

In 2013 I started looking at Naya commanders, I decided I was going to build Hazezon Tamar, I thought to myself, using Hazezon's delayed trigger would be fun to abuse.

Now fast forward to today he is one of my favorite lists to play. Hazezon has easily become my best and all-time favorite deck. It doesn't seem to matter how much hate he receives; he seems to be able to persist through much of it, and can come back and win games out of nowhere.


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