At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player returns a permanent he or she controls to its owner's hand unless he or she pays 2 life.

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Umbilicus Discussion

Cheifettues on Cass-a-cading Animar

2 months ago


I agree that modal counter spells are not wasted. Iv’e got Mystic Confluence and I am going to add Supreme Will and Archmage's Charm.

I quite like cards that return perms to the hand. It can benefit me as well under the right conditions. Came across Umbilicus. Going to play test and see how it fits.

On that front, there is also Cyclonic Rift. I’m reminded of all the hate ppl get for this card whenever I bring up putting it in the 99. Is it really that bad compared to... say In Garruk's Wake.

I am also going to replace Mirri's Guile with Sylvan Library. Card draw and potential top decking seems more optimal.

I will need to keep looking for a board wipe that I am fine cascading into. That is the draw back I have.


seshiro_of_the_orochi on Quest for weirdness

1 year ago

Umbilicus, Bloodclock and Cloudstone Curio to return cards to your hand you want to use to counter stuff.

Shell of the Last Kappa as a center piece in EDH.

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