Iname, Death Aspect is basically the second-in-command general of this deck. Obviously, after you get him in play you cast Living Death to bring everything back to life. I've tried to make this as unlike a typical Karador deck as possible and instead aimed for tribal spirits combo. It's a little awkward and slow to be sure, but at least it seems to be a unique take on Karador.

Another really fun combo is to get Cloudstone Curio out and then every time you cast a creature from your graveyard return Karador, Ghost Chieftain to your hand and replay him, hopefully for just and you can cast another creature from your graveyard. Rinse and repeat. The deck is light on removal because there's a lot of consistently playable permanent/creature-based removal such as Karlov of the Ghost Council and Aura Shards.

A really fun combo is Amulet of Vigor + Perilous Forays + Bloodghast to get every land with a basic land type out of the deck with just one mana to start it off. I took the Amulet out for now since it doesn't do much else. I recently realized another combo with Amulet of Vigor: if Loam Dweller is in play along with Cloudstone Curio then with Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum, or Cabal Coffers out, every time you cast a spirit, you can put a land into play untapped because of the Amulet, which returns another land to your hand, and if it is any of the 3 aforementioned lands, you keep generating tons of mana.

Another cool combo is Celestial Kirin + Avacyn, Angel of Hope for asymmetrical board-wiping goodness. I've always had a firm belief that anytime you board-wipe in EDH it should be done in such a way that you are able to take advantage of it or recover faster. Otherwise, you are just dragging the game out pointlessly to prevent other people who played a better game from winning. I took this combo out recently because they each don't do significant work without each other, and since I don't have cards like Tooth and Nail or Defense of the Heart in this deck, it's not very consistent.

The God Combo:

The cards labelled under this category combine to let you draw infinite cards, have infinite creatures die, gain infinite life, play Karador infinitely, and just do everything infinitely. With the Ghost Generators of Abzan Ascendancy, Field of Souls, and Teysa, Orzhov Scion out you can make infinite spirit tokens, exile infinite creatures, and have infinite dudes to sac to Devouring Greed. Completing all of this combo is generally superfluous but it's mostly just fun to have such an incredibly high level of synergy where so many pieces work together in an incredibly complicated way.


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