Devouring Greed


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Uncommon
Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) Common

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Devouring Greed

Sorcery — Arcane

As an additional cost to play Devouring Greed, you may sacrifice any number of Spirits.

Target player loses 2 life plus 2 life for each Spirit sacrificed this way. You gain that much life.

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Devouring Greed Discussion

Funkydiscogod on zuberazuberazuberazuberazubera

2 weeks ago

It's true that multicolor lands often come into play tapped. The alternative is lands that come into play untapped, but don't make the colors you need.

There's potential to be screwed in either situation, but I have to side with your critic. You have life gain with the Silent-Chant Zubera, Plunge into Darkness and Devouring Greed. You can throw in untapped lands that cost life, like Mana Confluence or City of Brass, as many as your budget can afford.

Naksu on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

1 month ago

Pretty much what PickleNutz said. Souls of the Faultless is not a bad card, but ultimately does nothing here. I could see a possible build with Souls of the Faultless, Promise of Bunrei and Devouring Greed.

Naksu on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

1 month ago

And the Bontu's Last Reckoning will only go live if I haven't drawn Devouring Greed or have 2 mana available for Zealous.

Red_X on Pfft...I've been Zubera since before you were born

1 month ago

I would start with some straight cuts/replacements.

Devouring Greed is a lackluster kill condition, too expensive, bad at any point except when you're winning, and is double black in a deck that's splashing black. I would cut it and the black lands to streamline your deck, or I would cut red. Those are the two colors that are doing the least right now.

Benefaction of Rhonas is just way too slow for modern. If you are spending 3 mana for no effect on the board you are going to lose. Commune with the Gods does the same thing but trades a card for a a mana, which is a good trade in a low to the ground deck like this. However, I think something closer to Satyr Wayfinder, which puts a body on the board, but can only get lands, or Grapple with the Past, which grabs lands or creatures from grave and works at instant speed, but only digs 3 deeper, would work better.

Your mana base is questionable. I recognize that most of that is probably budget issues, but there are still things you can do. Scry lands are about a dollar each, and much better than life lands. You also would probably benefit from a few more basics, with Evolving Wilds to filter.

Shields of Velis Vel is just bad. Just about anything on your maybe board would be a better fit.

Next, I think you need to streamline the mana base by removing a color, either red or black. I think you can work with either, but they would be very different decks. Here's my idea, but you might want to take it in a different direction.

No Red: The deck becomes much more graveyard and combo oriented. Run cards like Grisly Salvage and Thought Scour to mill as much as possible. You then run Zulaport Cutthroat and 1 Bloodthrone Vampire for a combo kill off of one of the mass revival spells.

No Black: This is a board control route. Lightning Bolt and board wipes such as Pyroclasm would be the main gain, though the latter would probably be for aggro decks that you won't get the chance to overrun. Ember-Fist Zubera is a powerful card against plenty of decks in the format because of how many relevant 1 toughness minions there are in the format.

That's it for my suggestions, but let me know if you want any more. Like the deck.

JammerSoul on Esper Spirits

1 month ago

Hey, I saw your comment, I have to agree, for spirits, Lingering Souls is such a powerful card its a bummer not to have it in my Blue/White Spirit Deck (

Anyway, my only suggestions might be Divinity of Pride, Seize the Soul, Devouring Greed, or Intangible Virtue. Besides from that, nice deck.

PeeBee on Sacrificial Spirits (Modern Budget Weenies)

2 months ago

I love spirit decks and this is an interesting take on one, so +1 from me. Have you considered: Midnight Haunting or Promise of Bunrei I think both of them would be an upgrade over Doomed Traveler and Not Forgotten.

I prefer Midnight Haunting as it can be used instant speed at the end of the turn, setting up for a big Devouring Greed on the next turn, however I feel you'd need more instants to become less obvious in your play style and may want to consider Fatal Push aswell.

Mono_Land on Black White Spirit Token Deck

3 months ago

LeaPlath Devouring Greed is only to be used when the opponent is tapped out and i would side board it if i was playing against a control deck and the side board is old changes that i never got around to changing it erase damnation and wrath of god are the only real cards there any suggestions for others

LeaPlath on Black White Spirit Token Deck

3 months ago

Justify your sideboard?

Also, Devouring Greed means they can just Mana Leak or Remand you after costs are paid.

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