Hunted Phantasm


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Hunted Phantasm

Creature — Spirit

Hunted Phantasm is unblockable.

When Hunted Phantasm enters the battlefield, put five 1/1 red Goblin creature tokens into play under target opponent's control.

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Hunted Phantasm Discussion

Kem on casual torpor sundial

1 week ago

I'm just going to point out some of the immediate problems I see, tell me if I'm wrong or if you have other reasons for card choices etc.

  1. Just play Counterspell instead of Muddle the Mixture. The transmute is nice, but not necessary.

  2. 24 lands + Dimir Signet + Talisman of Dominance = Way too many cards that are basically lands. I don't think a deck like this needs 32 lands. Also, both cards seem like a waste of mana to play. (2 mana to generate 1 mana? Might as well just play an island) My advice: Cut Dimir Signet and Talisman of Dominance, max out on Torpor Orb, Sundial of the Infinite, Counterspell, Hunted Horror, Hunted Phantasm, and another Island or some other card. That should add some consistency to the deck.

Other than that, cool idea and will definitely get an upvote in my book.

hyperlocke on A Token on the House

1 week ago

@MrSilk: Thanks for your compliment!

This is turning into a wall of text, so I'll split it up and hide it...

It is very important for color fixing without investing in fetch and dual lands.

The stuff that lets my opponent lose life and protects me is (Suture Priest, Blood Artist, Authority of the Consuls, Ghostly Prison, Zealous Persecution). These are the cards I have to be able to cast, as giving my opponent too many tokens without being protected from them or him losing life is pretty much suicide.

Then there are the cards that give tokens to my opponent: Forbidden Orchard, Varchild's War-Riders, Hunted Phantasm and Mercy Killing. Two of these cards need colors other than black or white.

Now, as I said, the black and white cards are important, so I want to be able to play them early on. I could run fetch and dual lands to achieve that and still be able to pay the red and blue for the other cards, but, you know, money. So I only run Swamps and Plains, and do the other colors with Forbidden Orchard. And because 4 lands that can produce or aren't enough, I need a few more, this is where City of Brass comes in. The life usually doesn't matter, as I gain enough of that.

I can't give you a definite rundown. It really depends on your hand. Nevertheless, here are a few pointers:

Generally, as I said above, you don't want to give your opponent too many tokens without him losing life or being protected (at least gaining life from Authority of the Consuls). Then again, if you have the right cards and think you can be fast enough, go for it (see below).

Get Authority of the Consuls and Ghostly Prison down as soon as possible.

If you have Varchild's War-Riders and Suture Priest in hand, play the Riders first, as that way around will result in more damage, even if you miss the trigger of the first token. Also, if you control the Riders and Blood Artist, attack with the Riders. Most (casual) opponents who haven't yet played against this deck will block with all tokens, which results in them getting 2 damage plus losing life for every token (and you gaining that much).

Hunted Phantasm provides the most value with Suture Priest. But you should play it even if you don't control the Priest. It adds 5 damage to Rakdos Charm and Blood Artist and is an unblockable attacker!

You can take damage! If your Ghostly Prison gets destroyed, depending on your hand and board, it might be better to take the damage than to kill the tokens with Ratchet Bomb. Saving up tokens is almost always better than killing them off in small bursts, and you should have gotten plenty of life with Authority of the Consuls.

If you control Blood Artist and Ratchet Bomb, it is nice to have Zealous Persecution in hand, as most opponents will try to kill the Artist before the tokens die.

While Rakdos Charm has three very relevant modes, I think you should only destroy an artifact or exile a graveyard if not doing so would lose you the game. Let them have a small advantage in order for you to win so much easier.

Maths! Be sure about your numbers! I lost a few games because I thought I couldn't deal enough damage this turn and decided to wait, only to realize later that I hadn't considered the tokens from tapping the Orchard for casting Rakdos Charm or similar things.

I think this is the fastest this deck can win (life without considering combat):

You could manage that with only one Forbidden Orchard in turn 1 (turn 3: 8 tokens and 14 life, turn 4: attack with Phantasm, Rakdos Charm), but if we go to Magical Christmas Land, we might as well go all the way.

Jaxx134 on Painful Gifts

2 weeks ago

Essence Flux is a fun way to save your Hunted Phantasm from removal all while making him bigger and giving your opponent more tokens when it returns to play.

Jaxx134 on Trespassing Phantasm

2 weeks ago

thanks everyone for all the suggestions and +1s I greatly appreciate it.

Primal Vigor is a little to mana costly, I find by turn 5 my opponent is already dead and without any mana ramp I wouldn't be playing it until turn 5 which would be too late to be helpful. Besides Cloudshift and Essence Flux are what really shine at duplicating my tokens.

I definitely like the Street Wraith idea, I was thinking of taking out Hunted Horror since 2 tokens that don't die immediately thanks to Illness in the Ranks or have their first attack negated thanks to the life gain from a few cards wasn't really working out as well as I hoped. I was going to throw in Hunted Troll but I don't really want to add fourth color and the free card draw from Street Wraith would be extremely helpful.

I was originally thinking of adding Authority of the Consuls but I found I never needed to attack with anything other than my Hunted Phantasm which is unblockable anyway. Definitely a good sideboard option for fast agro decks, gives me extra life gain and slows them down a bit. Also I never really thought of how well it goes with Mercy Killing I just had it stuck in my head that all the tokens I give them come into play on my turn anyway but that's not the case with Mercy Killing.

Beast Within is only in the sideboard because I was thinking about adding green I just forgot to remove it. I don't think I would need Crib Swap since I already have Mercy Killing which does basically the same thing but gives them more tokens to be drained by. I love the idea of Genesis Chamber, that will be a great replacement for the Beast Withins in the sideboard for fighting creature heavy decks. Against anything else it is kind of a dead card since it doesn't duplicate the tokens I give them.

hyperlocke on A Token on the House

2 weeks ago

@aholder7: Thanks, your comment gave me a lot to think about!

I tested Trespasser's Curse on Sunday and it was great in duel games. The additional life gain helped quite a bit to survive a destroyed Ghostly Prison, and burn decks couldn't remove the Curse (as opposed to Suture Priest). But as expected, it made the deck worse in multiplayer games. But I did replace Suture Priest and didn't even think about replacing something else...

Card draw is often neccessary to help me find the second for Hunted Phantasm without sinking huge amounts of money into my mana base, and for generally refilling my hand. Night's Whisper was the best option back when I played only 4 enchantments. If I do decide to play the Curse, this deck would run 10 to 12 enchantments. I could probably get away with playing 2 Argothian Enchantresses or Enchantress's Presences and draw more cards than with 3 Whispers.

If you control Ghostly Prison, Angel's Trumpet wins the game (and I like it because it's such a "wait, what?" effect). But it isn't unproblematic. Without the Prison, it's pretty much a dead card, and it has a slight dissynergy with Authority of the Consuls.

So, after thinking about this, I'm going to test this: replace the 2 Trumpets, 1 Whisper, and 1 Priest with 4 Curses, replace the other 2 Wishpers with 2 Argothian Enchantresses, and keep 3 Priests to keep the deck suitable for multiplayer and make it more aggressive in duel games.

MattStar on Screams from Nyx

2 weeks ago

Hey Funkydiscogod, I'm really glad you like the deck!

It's a little rough going into a third color since the some of the main combo pieces (Screams from Within and Ajani's Chosen) are two color weighted in different colors, but if someone wanted to go that route, then green has some decent constellation triggers with Strength from the Fallen and Eidolon of Blossoms, plus mana dorks would help it curve out.

You're right though, Forbidden Orchard is pretty rad for what this deck specifically does. I should stick it in the maybe board and do some testing along with the "Hunted" creatures like Hunted Phantasm and Hunted Troll.

jparker-sartori21 on Hunted Sisters

3 months ago

@lagotripha-Thanks for the suggestion. I added Damping Matrix.

@Superabletie4-While it is important to get out an Illness in the Ranks ASAP Maelstrom Pulse can work in the meantime and the deck can control the game well while waiting for important cards. The ideal opening hand for casual play would be 1 illness, 3 Forbidden Orchard, 2 Blood Artist, and a Hunted Phantasm but for more competitive play you would want a Thoughtseize and maybe an Abrupt Decay.

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