Currently a "rarely goes onto tappedout" user on the site due to the change that made the ui hurt my eyes.

Will normally playtest a deck a few matches before leaving a comment and will do my best to not suggest expensive cards unless 1. budget doesn't seem to be an issue. 2. Playtesting gives me the feeling that the one expensive card would be like warm, fresh syrup on top of a stack of $4,000 pancakes made by gods. (for instance swords in a deck full of double striking, hexproof, industructable creatures.)

Current highest mtg tournament achievement: 2nd at a PTQ as the first seed going into the top 8.

I started attending tournaments around the time I joined TappedOut and have referred the site to almost as many people as I have suggested people here to read the article "Zero to Sixty".

"As I've spent more and more time working on games, though, I've realized that they're popular precisely because they address real human needs. They evoke real human emotions in ways other art forms address, but occasionally cannot touch. Flow and fiero are two of the most straightforward of those."

Zac Hill, @zdch

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Sigarda, Host of Herons is my favorite voltron commander, give her a totem armor and vigilance, throw down Dueling Grounds and she will hold down many enemies while also threatening to kill any opponent.

February 12, 2019 3:58 a.m.

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back in my heyday here I would often use the site's playtester to playtest my deck vs any same format decks in the queue, which led me to playing maindeck Grafdigger's Cage to a gp grinder finals split (I didn't want to go and he was willing to split everything but the byes to me). The best way to get better at mtg is to play mtg in a way where you can analyze each play and take the time to think about how strong each card can be in an average match up. Hell while you're at it think about the other user's decks and give advice, write why you think a card choice would be good for them, once you can really do that well you will probably find your ability to play and brew decks jump dramatically (or be able to defend playing Peek in w/u modern control).

February 10, 2019 1:56 a.m.

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ok your lgs maybe one thing, but arena you can netdeck to your heart's content, use arena to better learn the game on a competitive level.

For your lgs it's ok to attend tournaments with a casual, non netdecking mindset, but remember fnm is still an event you pay into, respect your own time and money enough by putting a little bit of spike into your decks. Maybe netdeck but with deck changes to reflect your budget, there is a good reason why net decks become net decks, they are baseline strong decks, it's ok to spice a good deck up with some fringe playable cards for the deck, but building a deck made from mostly draft chaff isn't a good idea.

Your complaining about not winning while playing really powered down decks is like walking outside naked, and then complaining about it being cold. Put some clothes on and it might be a little warmer.

February 9, 2019 12:31 p.m.

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Surgical Extraction in a snapcaster/ Field of Ruin deck is especially strong vs tron. I would suggest going the full 4 of ruins though.

February 9, 2019 1:42 a.m.

hmmm, I honestly really enjoy video games atm (course atm I'm just playing arena, skyrim, and wow, all games that have essentially existed quite awhile and don't have some of the elements other games have lately).

Now the things that annoy me a bit in those games would be mana screw 5 games in a row to the point it feels like a bug (the deck has god damn 25 lands in it and I just need to keep drawing them!!!), so a game mechanic of mtg that's been around forever, that you have to admit really feels good when a mono red player kept that 1 land hand and doesn't draw one for the next 3 turns. but yeah the feeling that I have to close the game after each match to fix a bug feels bad...

For group games like wow what I don't like is the people attending those group content completely unprepared, not putting any effort in learning their character that is actively hugging the ground each fight if they're not running bad stuff into the group, you actively spend 9 hours a week those 19 people, put at least 1 hour a week into learning how not to make those collective 180 hours miserable...

February 6, 2019 6:59 a.m.

Sex sells, even if it's to sell clicking on a decklist it will give generally a noticeable increase to the view count of the deck if it was named "U/W Threesome" over "budget modern w/u control". the rest of the decklist page could be well thought out and written, but the majority of decklists seen by users on this site are only as far as the title of the deck, it's upvotes, tags, and if it's in any folders or has comments on it.

Now if we used the OP as a sample one would first see a user name more commonly a format for naming images by a pc's default naming system, usually in online chat such names often are subtle hints to a NSFW image or url. Now if you dig into their profile one would see that their description page is spent using potty language to describe their budget and cares for MTG. Then finally every one of their deck's fit the generic description name setup, and as a result a lot of their decks have a view count so low it'd be difficult to keep it low even if the maker of the deck was the sole person viewing them.

Now to compare I'll use the user who moved the thread, their name is almost purposefully so hard to read one would have to click on it and read the name through the url. You go to their profile page and find it has so much effort put into being hard to read only the custom card artwork pops up. Now even though so much effort they put into making themselves hidden you can see they choose destructive, descriptive names for their decks, and this choice pays off with many views, comments, and upvotes.

(hmm may have gotten lost in thought) Though anyway this site is generally built around a popularity contest system that rewards putting in the effort to appear different to other users, that and the slow paced comment system aiming to generate more thought from a comment. Comparatively other deckbuilding websites provide more reliable services to deckbuilding, like accurate pricing, an option to upload your entire collection to generate how close you are to building various competitive decks and just how badly you'd need the missing pieces. You also rarely see different naming conventions from how tournament organizers sort them. course for me I mostly use tappedout still due to the playtester...

February 3, 2019 9:38 a.m.

Hell there's people on this site who clear out a decklist after it got all the upvotes it could, rename it slightly, and upload their new decklist with all those upvotes on it. How can a standard deck possibly be 7 years old for the current meta?! I'm at least pretty sure the upvote system is more like points from who's line is it anyway, if there was some sort of value beyond a popularity system, I'm sure there'd be more rules (course they could just disable the upvote button on decks you own if it was a bad thing).

January 31, 2019 7:34 a.m.


Tasigur in progress

Commander / EDH* Demarge


Crosis, why you make him discard?!

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U/W control (what I got edition)

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The Heron Marked Master

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Heavenly Rakdos

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Lavinia, the Isochron Titan

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The Fountain of Life for Tax Givers

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Tokens and Counters Everywhere

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