Combo decks are the best decks. Period. Not necesarily the most competitive, but the best.

But to trully understand this, you need to understand the different types (and subtypes) of combo decks.

Engines are the very best kind of combo decks. They require effort to play, suspense (will I be able to draw that Second Sunrise?) and have a high level of interest. Let's break them down.

Engines break down into three main subtypes: - Mana Engines (Krark-Clan-Ironworks) - Untap Engines (Jeskai Ascendency) - Recursion engines (Second Sunrise) (You can argue Grishoalbrand should be on here, I choose to exclude it from this list because it really didn't fit with the rest of them. Also, you can include Waste Not, but it hasn't proven itself in the modern metagame, even if I belive it has potential.)

The Similarities Between Them: All of them need mana/cost reduction to work. All of them have a way for new cards to enter the combo equasion. All of them have cards with additional synergy with their build-around.(i.e. Ichor Wellspring: KCI Fatestitcher: JA.) And all of them have recursion (If they use the graveyard. Exeption: Paradox Engine). To sum it up: All of them need Mana, Recursion, and Cards. The deck building just depends on what your Engine of choice already provides.

The Differences: Only Mana Engines can actually produce mana themselves, other Engine type decks have to rely on other sources. This decreaases consistency slightly, as you have to find multiple pieces to combo off. Typically they are more powerful to make up for the fact (WoTC hates printig Mana Engines it seems). Mana Engines typically don't play many creatures, where Untap Engines typically want to play as many as possible. Typically both Mana Engines and Untap Engines care more about certain types then Recursion engines, but recursion engines will typically play mostly one type of card because it is more efficient for the deck. Recursion engines are the most swingy (vary greatly in deck buiilding) and least popular kind of combo deck overall. (Typically, Wizards dosn't print many competitive recursion engines. Unless of course, you built 100% competitive roar of reclimation that is.) Also, sometimes Mana Engines will play infinite combos, this dosen't make them a Hybrid though, because they have many more ways to draw cards.

These are without a doubt, the most boring kind of combo decks in existance. But they also have a habbit of winning. Let's break them down.

Infinite Combos break down into (again) three main subtypes. 1. Kiki-Combos (Includes 4c-CopyCat) 2. CoCo Combos 3. Graveyard Combos (i.e. Bubble Hulk, Necrotic Ooze.) 4. Ad-Nauseam Combo (I choose to include Ad-Nauseam because it is essentially an infinite combo.) 5. Gift's Storm (I choose to include Gifts storm becuase it really is a two card combo, once they cast gifts with a manabear you are going to die, if you have no interaction or taxes that is.)

The Similarities Between Them: The most popular infinite combos are all creature based. Of course there are plenty of infinite combos without creatures, but the ones with Chord of Calling have an instant speed tutor for their combo piece, that even puts it onto the battlefield. They all require no more then 3 cards, exepting Bubble Hulk (What a terrible name!), which really only counts as 2.

The Differences: Co-Co combos are harder to win the game on the spot with, because typiacally they need 3 pieces (i.e. Devoted Druid+vizier of remidies+Walking balista.) This hasn't hindered them yet as they can still beat you down normally. Ad Nauseam combo and Graveyard Combos can't win fairly. Most of the creature based decks have their combo pieces, and then they have their Knight of the Reliquary and Kitchen Finks. But Graveyard decks and Ad-N are more foucused on comboing off then backup plans. They are typically less resistent to hate.

Hybrids are typically the worst decks in competivity and I can't decided where they go in terms of enjoyment.

I haven't really found many examples of hybrids in MTG, but, the characteristics of Hybrids is very few (4-8) ways to get new cards in the combo, and they use a mana/untap/etc. engine to fuel 3+ infinite card combos. They usally don't relly on drawing more cards, more so just having the infinite combo. This makes them probably the worst kind in terms of winning.

1. Second Breakast: A compleatly degenerate win perentage, and all that work and suspence to get there. (BANNED) 2. KCI: Same as above. (BANNED) 3. jeskai ascendency: Mostly the same, ut number 3 because it's win percentage is not as high and you have less recursion/explosive plays.

TwinGamePlayer says... #1

Cloud stone curio is twice the price of equilibrium and ghostly flicker I can only cast once.

May 28, 2020 3:10 p.m.

TwinGamePlayer says... #2

If String of Disappearances doesn't work than i have to get Equilibrium.the only reason I din't want to get it is because it is expensive and i had a tight budget but i will just wait till I can afford it. I know that Equilibrium can't target the creature that just enter but I can just wait till I have 2 Corridor Monitors. Thanks for the help.

May 26, 2020 3:06 p.m.

TwinGamePlayer says... #3

Would string of disappearances work in my deck.could i return my creature to my hand then play it again then pay 2 to copy string of disappearances and repeat

May 24, 2020 2:52 p.m.

TwinGamePlayer says... #4

Dang, your right about my mill deck, im gonna try and find another way to make it work

May 24, 2020 2:31 p.m.

Oloro_Magic says... #5

Hey just wanted to say thanks for the upvote on my deck!

Zirda G/W Creature Toolbox

Modern* Oloro_Magic


May 18, 2020 12:23 p.m.

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Worldgorge Wurm

Creature - Wurm


, Discard Worldgorge Wurm: Spells you control cannot be countered this turn.



May 28, 2020 3:26 p.m.

Said on TwinGamePlayer...


Yes, but Ghostly Flicker exiling Archaeomancer works.

May 28, 2020 3:13 p.m.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd: On the contrary, :) I think Amulet Titan would auto include this. With all their bouncelands and additional land drops (and, well, Amulet of Vigor) they would be able to ride Field/Valakut to the victory without even needing the extra mana.

There is also the possibility that decks utilizing fires/reclaimation type cards and winter orb explode and no one wants to see somthing like that happen in modern.

Additionally, while rather situaltional, it only cares it it is untaped. Therefore, cards like Whir of Invention suddenly can also free you from your own orb and still have utility.

Any decks focused on mana dorks (elves in particular) can more or less ignore what would otherwise be crippling, and while I have no problem with more elves in modern, elves dumping their hand and destroying my mana is not okay.

It seems to me like orb would be everywhere, and you would need to play 1-2 cmc artifact destruction maindeck.

One last consideration is that there are combo decks that can sit back and do nothing then combo you out on turn 3-4. They aren't very popular rn because there are better options, but they do exist. Orb wouldn't be very symmetic in such a deck and would reduce most of the counterplay options.

How do you think it would change the meta?

May 27, 2020 3:59 a.m.

Said on TwinGamePlayer...


I hope you'll be able to find somthing that works! Good luck, I would reccomend trying out other options first :)

I don't know for sure but Cloudstone Curio might be cheaper?

There is also the Ghostly Flicker loop which is signifigantly cheaper.

May 26, 2020 3:40 p.m.

Said on that card you ......


Force of Negation.

Really makes Neoform games so much less enjoyable since the control/midrange players can mull to FON and another hate card so I can't keep anything but the 1/100,000,000 chance hands that let me beat two hate cards. If they only had 1 hate card, or a hate card that can't be cast for free The Neoform games can acctually be pretty interesting.

May 25, 2020 9:04 p.m.

Said on TwinGamePlayer...


Oh, thought you meant a different card.

So, for String you wouldn't be able to keep copying it because you don't have a window to keep playing creatures when you have the choice to copy the spell.

You target Corrider moniter, bounce, copy, choose targets, copy, choose targets, etc. until you run out of mana. You don't get to replay moniter during this time.

May 25, 2020 9 p.m.

Said on TwinGamePlayer...


If you can find a way to keep copying String yes.

I would look to somthing like Ghostly Flicker and Archaeomancer. This loop (with somthing that can produce ) can give you the ETB triggers you need, while also working to fairly mill your opponent out.

May 25, 2020 8:57 p.m.

Said on Thunder Tokens...


Lingering Souls isn't really that great unless you have the ability to flash it back. A couple Godless Shrines would go a long way.

May 24, 2020 1:53 p.m.

Said on Modern 8-Pride...


Maybe you can find room for Staggering Insight?

Seems like it fits the theme.

May 23, 2020 4:55 p.m.

Said on mill...


Your combo acctually dosen't work :)

Lets take a look at Mirror Mage's text.

, return three lands you control to their owners hand: Return target creature to it's owners hand.

The way you are interpreting it's text would look somthing like this:

: Return three lands you control to their owners hand, return target creature to it's owners hand.

(I actually think that that format for the second line is off, but whatever)

Anything behind the ':' is the cost to activate the ability. Anything after is the effect of the ability. It dosen't need to say "as an additional cost to activate this ability, return three lands you control to their owner's hand" because it already did :) Hope you can still find a way to make the deck work.

May 23, 2020 4:53 p.m.

I can't really say which is better, they just have different matchups.

It probably boils down to a metagame call rather than a companion A is better than B comparison.

The decks that Yorion is played in have always tried to outvalue all of their opponents, overwhleming them with card advantage and endless chump blockers. This approach has typically granted a favorable matchup vs midrange decks, and with the right sideboard also favorable vs aggro. I don't actually know where control decks fit on that scale.

The decks that Lurrus is typically played in try to dissasemble your opponent and then hit them while they're weak with powerful removal and undercosted creatures. Lurrus helps these decks survive a bit better when faced with tides of removal, and well pretty much everything else. All the Lurrus decks need to kill most of the creatures that Yorion decks play to help mitigate the advantage you gain from flickering a board. It is a losing battle though, because you can't keep removing everything they play when they all cantrip and it's always a pain to remove astrolabe. Lurrus decks are much closer to even on their bad matchups at the cost of having slightly less good matchups.

Of course I haven't been playing as much as I would like for a plethora of reasons, so most of this conclusion was based on previous knowledge of how the decks worked and theorycrafting.

May 23, 2020 4:37 p.m.

Said on Why do people ......


GoblinElectromancer: Well, the cards you listed aren't legal in formats outside of commander legacy and vintage (and pauper for some), but the hate for U goes deeper than just those formats. However, I can agree that they do represent rather well the problems people have with blue.

It's easy to feel like losing when your opponent counters your spell and draw extra cards because they then have a tangible advantage (cards) and and a psycological advantage (countering your spells, and the uncertainty of how many more spells they can counter). Blue can feel way to easy to splash for some people, others feel punished when they don't splash U. It's more what blue can do as a color rather (card draw, counters, bounce, cantrips) than specific cards. Losing tempo when your spells get Remanded or bounced can also feel really bad. Not being able to cast spells when your opponent can (i.e. your opponents endstep) can also make some players feel left out.

May 22, 2020 1:54 p.m.

Here is my opinion on the matter:

Companions are in my opinion, a terrible mistake. That said, MTG is what you make MTG. You decide if you like a format or if it's fun, no matter which cards are currently 'ruining' your play experience. You can still have fun playing magic even if WoTC unbanned every card in every format, you just have to accept that magic isn't what you want it to be.

WoTC hasn't 'given up' on any format, they aren't trying to ruin your play experience, and they certainly aren't trying to get more cards banned. I don't much like companions, but they will either stick around and we will adapt, or they will get banned/changed in a way that most players will be able to accept them.

This mechanic is not dredge, phyrexian mana, storm, whatever. Stop compairing it to other mechanics you don't like/think are to powerful, don't draw lines that don't exist.There is no 'companion' deck like there is a 'dredge' deck, these cards have not spawned new archtypes based around the mechainic (Unless you count gyruda reainimator/combo decks- I don't). You can't just throw a bunch of cards with the companion mechanic and add a few support cards and call it a deck. At least there is that, which makes this mechanic better than dredge in some ways.

There is no counterplay to companions and there never will be. The philisophy of the mechanic prevent that. Why play a card to stop a companion when it didn't cost your opponent anything? Against dredge deck R.I.P. is often more than a 5-for-1, companions are many things, but they don't warp decks in a way that makes hate cards ever playable, they merely add to other decks. Often just ampilfying your deck and not adding a different angle of attack to it means the restrictions on companion deck building avoided the worst mistakes.

Companions have taken over the meta, yes: But they haven't destroyed it. Even if 9/10 top decks have to play a companion, there are still 10 top decks. Companions were an absolute oversight comp-wise, but they weren't the dumpster fire everyone is making them out to be.

That dosen't mean I have to like them though.

Tl;dr: Stop making companions worse than they are, even if they shouldn't be what they are.

May 20, 2020 3:38 a.m.

Said on MTG tattoo...


I like Dark Ritual and pretty much every Lightning Bolt

May 19, 2020 10:35 a.m.

Thanks for building one of the better zombie decks i've seen :)

May 17, 2020 3:46 p.m.

Said on Redlock 7.0...


I like watching this deck change over time :)

May 16, 2020 5:17 p.m.

Fun deck! I messed around with this idea too, couldn't get it just right. You certainly have come closer! Got an upvote from me.

May 16, 2020 5:16 p.m.

Said on Want to play ......


Also, MTGgoldfish has a budget magic series where you can find many modern decks with a really good budget.

May 16, 2020 4:55 p.m.

Said on Want to play ......


abby315 makes some really good points.

Aggro decks are probably the cheapest decks you can find.

Try to stay away from tricolor deck, and midrange decks in general.

Are you looking online or paper? That really skews prices. I will assume online with the state of the world.

Infect could be a good option online, I also recently built U-tron for MTGo with a similar budget. (full of regret when I learned I could have gotten infect lol.)

I don't really like Neoform combo for online, I have the deck built in paper and it's probably my favorite. However I don't think I could have fun playing it online. It's so much eaiser to get tilted online and you can feel like your just going through the motions when comboing. I'm probably biased but it's not overly complicated imo :).

Soul sisters can be a fun off tier deck that can win some games, the price range is probably customizable nd you can pick up some good white staples.

May 16, 2020 4:54 p.m.


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