Mantis Rider

Mantis Rider

Creature — Human Monk

Flying, vigilance, haste

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Mantis Rider occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.06%

Mantis Rider Discussion

Suns_Champion on User Introductions

1 month ago

Hello all! Fun idea!

I am Sun’s Champion! I’ve been a deckbuilder on TappedOut for 3ish years now, there was a time where I was #1 helper and #7 deck lord, but alas, college prevents that now a days. I guess you could say I am the resident Boros expert. For the legion!

  • Favorite Formats: EDH by a long shot, but I enjoy prerelease and draft too.

  • Favorite Deck: OH LORD JESUS IT'S A FIRE! | Neheb EDH | PRIMER

  • Favorite Color: Red, then white.

  • Favorite Guild: boros Boros BOROS BOROS

  • Favorite Shard: esper

  • Favorite Wedge: mardu

  • Card that best represents you: Mantis Rider. It’s colors represent me well, and like the Rider I am good at many things but not amazing at any one thing.

  • Hobbies Outside of Magic: Soccer, drawing, reading, some video games, camping, climbing, hiking, exploring.

  • Tell us about your life outside of TappedOut: I am a junior in college studying history. I work at a summer camp where I teach climbing to 11-17 year olds.

  • How did you come up with your username? Elspeth, Sun's Champion is my favorite card. I am glad the username wasn’t taken!

  • What first appealed to you about Magic? Art.

  • Why is Magic important to you now? Still art, but it’s also a way to make friends, express myself creatively through deckbuilding, and test my brainpower through strategic playing.

  • How do you deal with a dominant new deck, card, and/or player in your pod? I’m Boros. I don’t remove permanents, I remove players.

  • What is your approach to deckbuilding? Deckbuilding is a creative and therapeutic process for me. I don’t copy decks. I do t use EDHREC. I come up with my own idea and go with it. I brew new commanders, or brew old ones in a new way.

  • Share with us some of your favorite decks by others on TappedOut you feel are underappreciated/underrated: I have a folder of them here

  • Are there any future releases you’re looking forward to? Why or why not? Commander legends, because of the new legendary creatures.

Thanks for reading! May the Sun always shine in the eyes of your enemies!

Icbrgr on Jeskai in Pioneer

5 months ago

I think I would go into the direction of Mantis Rider Aggro... Boros agrro has a lot of tools in standard ATM anyway and it seems that Chart a Course seems like it would fit into the gameplan and give room for more spice and help keep blockers off the field.

capriom85 on Jeskai in Pioneer

5 months ago

I have not posted in a while, years, actually. Been playing Modern and Commander, and have no interest in standard now that Pioneer exist (I hope it becomes popular). What do you all think the right way to Jeskai in Pioneer is? Aggro with Monastery Swiftspear and Mantis Rider , or maybe mid-range with Stormbreath Dragon and Wingmate Roc ? How about good old control with Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Sphinx's Revelation ? Which do you think has the edge?

lagotripha on

6 months ago


From what you've described, there are a few options for decks you could build- the great thing is that you don't have to commit too much to any one of them, by carefully picking non-budget cards that support the playstyle you want, while remembering that you can just change everything else.

Yes, miracle cards should always be cheated in and are build-around. Its absolutely not for everyone.

Bitterblossom is a spectacular card, but most of the matchups blue/red has cheaper/more effective options for- spending on sorting out mana with Shivan Reef / Spirebluff Canal will win you more games.

If you want to run bitterblossom, look at running primarily Black so that you can focus your most expensive cards into one colour, letting you run several decks based on that 'core'. I love black for Inquisition of Kozilek and Fatal Push - a solid removal/hand disruption suite can make almost any deck work, giving you immense freedom in the other slots. That said, it makes for slower games- not commander slow, but still grindy. Red/black has aggro options, but its basically either burn or non-budget.

Remember that if you have a solid manabase, you can run most budget decks in those colours so you arent always bringing the same thing to the table. Delver/Prowess aggro, wizards, Storm, Pili-Pala combo/control, izzet control, Metallurgic Summonings control etc. Blue red also has a lot of interaction without getting grindy, which mostly makes for great gameplay.

If you are looking at flying tribal, blue white Sephara, Sky's Blade Stompy is also well within your budget. The thing about winds lists is that they want a lot of creatures, while delver lists like lots of spells- you tend to end up picking one or the other (unless you are in a weird tokens variant, but that mostly becomes an Intangible Virtue list)

There is also a jeskai variant on the ephara list that runs Lightning Angel and Mantis Rider instead of ephara. Either way, Mausoleum Wanderer and Judge's Familiar deserve a look if you want to go this way- which will pull your lands towards U/W.

If you want to play black, I reccomend at looking at creature/spell synergy based around Unearth with delver, possibly looking for value with cards like Lightning Skelemental . Stick to a fast gameplan, so that you can use pain lands for cheaper mana, or tribal strategies so that you can use Unclaimed Territory

I love playing budget modern- there is something about going 2/1 up against a 2 grand deck with something you put together for fifty which is very satisfying. Whatever people say, you can get wins with tier two cards in competitive metas- you won't crush a tournament, but you can consistantly go 3/2 at fnm, and hold pace with anything a serious modern player brings, even if you never get that edge you need to crush tournaments.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on I'm building this GW deck. ...

7 months ago

GW Reclaimer

Modern ToolmasterOfBrainerd


The main idea is to use Elvish Reclaimer + Flagstones of Trokair . And obviously a toolbox package of lands which stand out in different matchups.

I wasn't sure what else to play, so I'm playing Collected Company and Eladamri's Call . Eladamri's Call feels like bad Green Sun's Zenith , but it is nice to tutor up Collector Ouphe or Scavenging Ooze or Tireless Tracker .

I own the lands to splash other colors but I don't know what cards to splash for. Wrenn and Six is too expensive.

The deck feels clunky. Especially against Phoenix. I have the tools to wreck them but sometimes they're 1 turn too late or they simply have Lightning Bolt or 2 bolts and I can't stick a critical creature.

Any suggestions for the main deck or sideboard? Thanks!

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on GWC Reclaimer Eldrazi

7 months ago

Dunes of the Dead is neat one to keep in mind. I don't think it's good enough, but definitely one to keep in mind.

The standout tutor targets are the land destruction and Bojuka Bog when the matchup warrants them, and Gavony Township and Stirring Wildwood . Township wrecks opposing creature decks like Humans and E-Tron. And Stirring Wildwood can block Mantis Rider really effectively.

Interestingly, I don't feel the need to play a Horizon Canopy . This deck almost always has too many things to do with its mana already.

GWC is definitely not the best way to use Elvish Reclaimer . A Naya deck with Wrenn and Six is definitely the best way, but W6 is so expensive right now and I want to actually build a deck in paper with Elvish Reclaimer .

I wish I knew more about GW decks. Does this deck want Thalia? What about Voice of Resurgence or Qasali Pridemage ? Is Noble Hierarch better than Giver of Runes ? Can I run both or is that too many 1-drops? I might have to make this into either Bant or Junk so that I can play the midrange cards that I'm more familiar with. Naya without Wrenn and Six is also appealing because of Bloodbraid Elf .

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on I need help making a ...

9 months ago

Hydroid Krasis could actually be good. If you play Unbound Flourishing on turn 3 and Krasis on turn 4, then the x=2 becomes x=4, so for 4 mana you get a 4/4, draw 2 cards, and gain 2 life. That's pretty good. A 4/4 flying creature blocks Mantis Rider and Arclight Phoenix .

Deck link:

Piccoli_ on I Really need help to ...

9 months ago

Hi everyone, ive always wanted to build the Humans deck but, as you know, its very expensive so i came out with differents variations of this deck but they never convinced me. Finally i came out with this variation that is, i think better tha the others, or at least more interesting. This is part of it:


4 Champion of the Parish

4 Harabaz Druid

4 Kazandu Blademaster

3 Kitesail Freebooter

4 Mantis Rider

4 Phantasmal Image

4 Reflector Mage

4 Thalia's Lieutenant


2 Nevermore

2 Runed Halo

As you can see, i just changed 3 cards. Noble Heriarch >> Harabaz Druid . Thalia, Guardian of Thraben >> Kazandu Blademaster . And Meddling Mage >> Nevermore / Runed Halo .

The thing is that i dont know if its good enough to start. Im still searching for a substitude for Phantasmal Image , cuz here were i live its at least 15 euros each one. I dont know if i should go with only two or three Aether Vial , cuz its expensive too. Lands are another problem, Cavern of souls its really really expensive so i need a substitude. i guess ill go with Ancient Ziggurat and Unclaimed Territory but i dont know which other lands should i take.

This is my maybeboard: Kabira Evangel , Ondu Cleric , Oran-Rief Survivalist & Hardened Scales .


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