Mantis Rider

Creature — Human Monk

Flying, vigilance, haste

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Mantis Rider Discussion

Xica on Help me make my R/G ...

20 hours ago

...but how do you win?

I get that you will have infinite blockers, and if they die you will be able to deal infinite damage...


WHat happens if your opponent simply chooses to not kill them, instead Grapeshot/Lightning Storm you to death or with noble simplicity use creatures like Mantis Rider/Flamewake Phoenix/Celestial Colonnade? or use cards like Koth of the Hammer, Grim Lavamancer ...etc. to kill you?

If your only way to winning is letting your opponent kill himself its not a plan to victory its a loony tune.

(its exactly like when i played against a humans deck that had 2x Dark Confidant on a completely clogged board against my H1 deck, and planned to win expecting that i would play into Kambal, Consul of Allocation's drain trigger with something like Faithless Looting)

Naj187 on Eternal Guardians

2 weeks ago

@ FullmetalWes No, but my humans deck will have Mantis Rider which is almost as good

TheDevicer on Ojutai Burn

2 weeks ago


Modern is a very unfair format. What people mean by that is that if you're simply casting creatures on curve while occasionally interacting with your opponent, you'll have a hard time. For example, your opponent might assemble Urza's Mine, Urza's Tower, and Urza's Power Plant to power out cards like Wurmcoil Engine and Karn Liberated as early as turn three. Alternatively, they could use the combination of Ad Nauseam and Angel's Grace to draw their entire deck and throw it at you with Lightning Storm. Or they might use Through the Breach to cheat in an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. None of these decks care much about you casting a Guttersnipe or throwing a few Lightning Bolts at their face. You simply don't have a fast enough clock to kill them before they get to do some truly busted things.

There are some traditional fair decks in the format. Jund, for example, combines some of the most powerful cheap cards in the format with efficient removal and discard spells. This gives them a fairly even spread against many of the format's decks wile never really attaining stellar matchups. A large reason this works is that they have access to great discard spells like Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Collective Brutality, and Liliana of the Veil. Without those cards, jund would be easy pickings for many of the format's combo decks.

I'm telling you all of this because I want you to understand that there are some real disadvantages for playing fair and interactive magic in modern. Still, it's very much doable. If you're super into the idea of playing a burn, you should likely ditch blue and just play Red White burn if you're interested in making the best burn deck. It's still possible to play Jeskai Burn, but the payoffs just don't line up with the costs you incur by fucking with your mana.

If you insist on Jeskai, you could play more lands and try to leverage a midrange strategy revolving around some decent creatures like Mantis Rider, Lightning Angel/Restoration Angel, Thundermaw Hellkite, etc. Or you could try to use leaner creatures like Geist of Saint Traft, Spell Queller, Vendilion Clique, etc. It's also possible for you to play straight up Jeskai Control. That's a very real deck that consistently does ok in the format.

I will warn you, however, that going three colors on budget sucks.

The way I see it, you have three choices:

  1. Take one of your current deck and slowly optimize it for Modern by acquiring things relevant to the format. This allows you to play your current deck and have fun with it but it will likely never be on the same powerlevel as the competitive decks at your shop.

  2. Buy a budget modern deck. It's possible to build some really fun budget decks that are sometimes even pretty high in power. A good example is a hyper aggressive goblin tribal deck called 8-whack. The upside is that you get a relatively powerful deck for a medium investment of money. The downside is that these cards might not be modern staples, so if you grow tired of the deck or want to try something else, you're going to have a hard time selling and trading those cards.

  3. Build one of the accepted strong decks in the format on budget. This approach gets you started toward getting a real competitive modern deck and helps ensure you can easily get rid of your cards later if you want, but it's likely going to give you a less powerful deck than a fully optimized budget brew. When I was getting into the format, I knew I wanted to play control, but that requires cards like Celestial Colonnade, Snapcaster Mage, Cryptic Command, etc. all of which cost serious money. Instead, I built this UW midrange list with cards like Wall of Omens, Blade Splicer, Restoration Angel, and so on while buying important staples in the UW control list like Path to Exile in addition to the land base I would need later on. Playing control on budget straight up sucks, so I chose to play a more tempo-based approach while still maintain some countermagic and removal. It was fun, allowed me to begin building a modern collection, and got me started on what I wanted to play at about 30% of the price of my main list.

Haxon8 on Blue White Flying Tribal

2 weeks ago

maxon First off, the consistency issue is probably because you aren't playing Smuggler's Copter. This card can dig you out of bad hands and find you your Favorable Winds, more creatures, or your sideboard answers in games 2 and 3. I've been playing Thunderclap Wyvern for a while now and it actually has won me the game about every time I've cast it. It is really synergistic with Spell Queller, as you can hold up the mana to be able to cast either, and then cast whichever one seems best depending on what your opponent does. I think your choice of running Lingering Souls is interesting. I was running 4 of them instead of Squadron Hawk which is the flex slot in this deck. Lingering Souls might actually be better than the hawks, but I personally didn't have as much fun with it. I also tried Mantis Rider when adding red, but adding a 3rd color makes it so Moorland Haunt is awkward to include as it's hard to play 3 colors with colorless lands in the deck. Moorland Haunt is one of my favorite cards in the deck so I'd never want to have a build where I'm playing less than 2. It's super important to the deck's strategy. It's kind of an instant speed Lingering Souls on a land. It has won me countless grindy games. It also just digs you of a bad situation after a Wrath of God type effect.

ZorrosRage on Jeskai Calm

3 weeks ago

Missing my favorite Monk Cards. Have you considered any of these creature? Monastery Mentor, Monastery Swiftspear, Myth Realized , Mantis Rider, and Seeker of the Way(it dont say monk but come on look at the picture. Also a sweet card.)

Also since your going heavy on burn Soulfire Grand Master Could be fun in the side

Bulldawg1310 on American Control

4 weeks ago

Xica you are miscalculating humans damage. While you are correct in that it happens very rarely, but you are completely forgetting about aether vialing in creatures, or turn 2 Mantis Riders and the exalted triggers from heirarch. Its rare, but humans can pull off a turn 3 win, they can pretty consistently win on turn 4-5. That being said, in the event of being prepared to be board wiped (humans biggest threat by far) they will almost always Kitesail Freebooter away any threats to their board. Also, if they look at your hand and see they can only deal with one threat, they can Meddling Mage the other one.

Tethys on Jeskai Tempo

1 month ago

Lightning Angel over Mantis Rider just because it's Bolt-proof? Higher CMC for just +1 toughness seems potentially suboptimal.

I like the list overall though; +1

APPLE01DOJ on Adapting U/W Control for the ...

1 month ago

Vapor Snag & Rest in Peace is a great combo against Hollow One.

Honestly in your build I would cut down on all the Gideons in favor of more early game interaction. I've always found 4 wraths to be the right number.

Ceremonious Rejection, Hurkyl's Recall, & Stony Silence are great against Affinity

More catch all counters will help against humans, and then wraths are your best bet. They can do annoying stuff late game like double Mantis Rider but stopping an early game Kitesail Freebooter can be the difference between a win and a loss.

I recommend, Remand & additional Mana Leaks myself but white also has some unconventional tools that can shine at times. Mana Tithe, Oppressive Rays, Condemn, Soul Tithe.

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