"Be at ease, warrior."

Welcome to my Syr Gwyn deck. Although I built a Markov deck as my first deck, this one has become my favorite "let's have fun" deck to play either online or at LGSs. It started as a fun, janky Syr Gwyn deck that I put together - at first mainly to get all my favorite cards into a deck (Avacyn, Elesh, knights, Embercleave, etc), even though they're not really good together for EDH (and I didn't want to make a mono-white deck). I ultimately took out Avacyn and Elesh and began to focus the deck on a mix of knights, strong equipment, and protection.

Main Strategy

Basically, I try to have a starting hand that has 3-4 lands (and if I have a Land Tax or Sword of the Animist, even better). I then have faith in my mix of knights and equipment and start putting out low costed knights to protect me until I can build up to Syr Gwyn. I've also straight up won a game just by having Fervent Champion out early with some swords, b/c the immediate advantage just propelled me to the win. But most of the time, I'm working to get Gwyn out. If necessary, wait until you have some equipment or some haste enablers, then go to work with her. Her "Equip 0" ability is just so powerful, as is her vigilance. At that point, things like Whispersilk Cloak are gravy, to get her hits through. Put differently, this is clearly a Voltron deck, but I can also use my other knights to win the game if necessary.

Some Card Choices

In terms of non-knights, The Stonehewer Giant is really great in this deck to tutor up an equipment, and Marton Stromgald can be a game ender if you have haste and a bunch of attacking knights. Leonin Abunas was my latest add to try to give more protection to my swords, but if I need to make a change, that might be the first card to go. I also had things like Heartseeker, Umezama's Jitte, Darksteel Plate, and Godsend in here, but I realized most games I was just trying to get to 21 damage asap so I focused more on higher damage equipment (and those with protection). My sense is that what you want is damage asap to get to Commander Damage, but I might be taking too short of a horizon.

Let me know what you think - I love knights and swords (reminds me of playing with a Paladin in Ultima IV or a Knight of the Rose in Dragonlance D&D). Essentially, I tried to pick equipment that was some blend of strong, with utility (esp haste and unblockable), plus a "coolness" that makes them more fun for me. And so this is a deck I absolutely love to play and love to tweak with the help of others.


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