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Lukka's Big Silly Creature Reanimator

Commander / EDH RW (Boros)


This is Lukka's big silly creature reanimator. As the name implies our goal is here to reanimate some big silly creatures. The current build for this deck is all of the creatures that I either dont get to run or havent run much over the past few years. However, if you are looking for a more spiky version of the deck, check the sideboard as I will include the most powerful creatures that you'd want to run instead, and then just swap the more timmy-eque creatures for the more spiky ones, drop the mana curve a little, and add a couple key pieces of interaction like a rule of law, tibalts trickery and enough removal for whatever your meta calls for. Right now I probably need an additional sac outlet or 2 in the deck to better use the -2 but overall the deck is in good shape. Lukka is an insane value engine and you'll likely have 7 cards in hand for most of the game. Some have called it the Boros Lord Windgrace. Anyway the deck is great for dropping big bombs into play and I highly recommend all of the Angel based reanimator creatures as you can do some really wild stuff with them and always have multiple creatures in play.


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