Out of everything in Magic, I enjoy blue the least. Whenever I play blue, it is as a secondary or even third color, and never heavy on counters or control. I don't enjoy keeping my opponent from playing, nor do I enjoy playing against these strategies.

Simic is a Guild I had explored before in EDH, but the deck was very casual Snake tribal, nothing that would fare well at any rate in my playgroup. It was originally meant for my girlfriend and she didn't end up playing Magic much, so I eventually took it apart.

Cut to the Ikoria spoilers.

Could Kinnan be a new-era Rofellos, a 2 CMC Commander that lets the mana flow, with access to blue as a bonus? A strategy formed around an abundance of dorks that ramp into draw and eventually become an unblockable army of beaters, and a deck was born.

Enter La Tribu de Dana

We are a friendly, casual, multiplayer group that enjoys high-powered good fun. As such, we are enforcing the Banned List - The Command Tower that is mostly focused on mass land destruction or cards that prevent play, like Winter Orb or Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger . Infinite combos are banned. Also we decided not to use Sol Ring because that just frees one spot for everyone in every deck to play something different.
Obviously the main component of the creature base in this deck is mana dorks.

Since half of my creatures are Elves, that allowed me to introduce some cards for synergy, such as Wellwisher . However I really didn't want this to become a Simic Elves deck, and I refrained from developing sub-themes based on the tribal element.

The cornerstone of my strategy is to have mana available at all times, so Murkfiend Liege and Seedborn Muse are key to accessing that. Citanul Hierophants are another piece that allows all my creatures to produce mana; as we will see later, this is only one of the ways to unlock this ability in the deck.

Playing cards at such a high rhythm, drawing becomes important, and that is why we have Beast Whisperer , Soul of the Harvest and of course Tishana, Voice of Thunder .

The game plan is three-fold:
1 - Put stuff on the table
Ramp is achieved through mana dorks, boosted by Kinnan's ability. In order to maximize this output, a number of cards are playing the role of allowing all my creatures to generate mana ( Cryptolith Rite , Citanul Hierophants ).

Then we have cards that mimic Kinnan's ability or otherwise multiply the mana ( Leyline of Abundance , Nyxbloom Ancient ). This should allow for way enough mana to flow in order for the strategy to unfold.

2 - Play all the time
I don't like waiting for my turn, so first I want to be able to cast whenever I please. Leyline of Anticipation and Alchemist's Refuge are there for that purpose.

Then, what good having that flexibilty if I am tapped out? The absolute cornerstones of this deck are Seedborn Muse , Murkfiend Liege and Quest for Renewal , allowing me to chain plays as my opponents struggle to keep up. A few other support cards bring untap to the table, such as Kiora, Master of the Depths and Seeker of Skybreak .

3 - In it to win it
Simic wincons offer a wide range of options, from Helix Pinnacle to Laboratory Maniac and other unpleasantries. I was determined to have my strategy culminate in damage an life loss, not arcane shenanigans. In order to develop an alpha strike, I would need to turn my tiny creatures into beaters, with plot twists like Biomass Mutation , Finale of Devastation or an Overload Scale Up .

Another option is Aluren , which I would obviously only drop when I know I can finish the game. This would entail having either Vizier of the Menagerie or Vivien, Monsters' Advocate in play, plus at least one but preferably two permanents that allow mw to draw when I play a creature. To make this even more efficient, Mana Severance or Harvest Season can trim down my library beforehand.

There is also the possibility to create longer-lasting threats with Omnath, Locus of Mana or Mindshrieker .

But then the damage has to get through, which requires evasion, brought on by Sun Quan, Lord of Wu or Herald of Secret Streams .

As an alternate wincon, Throne of the God-Pharaoh can drain my enemies by simply keeping my creatures tapped by the end of my turn.


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