This deck came about because I realized A) I have never made a monocolor EDH deck and B) out of all the colors in all EDH decks I've made, red was the least used. So, I wanted to challenge myself by making a monored deck! There were a lot of fun commander choices out there, but I decided to settle on Moraug, Fury of Akoum because I've also always wanted to make a landfall deck (though I would have never guessed I'd do it without green lol).

For this deck, lands = attacking! The goal is to get Moraug out at the earlilest convenience and use his landfall ability to have other until-end-of-turn attack triggers stack. Cards like Ilharg, the Raze-Boar , Bolt Hound , Clamor Shaman , Adventuring Gear , and Trepanation Blade are in with this in mind. Moraug's landfall ability should be used more in the second main phase, so that your creatures are not tapped out for your standard attack phase. Just make sure that you get all of your lands into play before starting the additional attack phase(s) because endstep has to begin immediately after.

To help with landfall triggers, there are your standard fetchlands alongside cards that will do more good used on yourself rather than opponents, like Ghost Quarter , Cleansing Wildfire , and Geomancer's Gambit . These alongside Crucible of Worlds , Ghost Town , Ghirapur Orrery , and Sword of the Animist help make sure there are always multiple attack phases in each of your turns.

The main issue my playgroup finds with monored is keeping up cards in hand as well as control. To help get more card options, there are three flavors with amongst mechanics with Stolen Strategy , Wheel of Misfortune , and Faithless Looting representing them. Additionally, if there ends up being more lands than you can use, Tectonic Reformation shifts dead lands in hand to helping get more usable cards for late-game. As for control, spot removal with Chaos Warp and Ugin, the Ineffable and wipes like Perilous Vault and Blasphemous Act help the deck deal with the things that attacking repeatedly cannot.

The old maybeboard in the previous revisions contains a lot of other great card options that were either cut for balance or price point. Playing one-on-one, I normally swap Mana Geyser out for something else.

Thanks for stopping by! Any comments/suggestions/questions/accusations are more than welcome.


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