I think strixhaven and the EDH 2021 releases have some of the most exciting cards and mechanics out of recent mtg. With the Lorehold cards getting a focus on playing out of the graveyard and the new magecraft ability (cast OR copy!?), I wanted to make a spell-slinger deck that would leverage recursion.

It's a fun idea, but one of the more frustrating builds I've tried to put together. There are a lot of cards that got cut in making this. I probably need to go back through them and give some another chance. But, for now, I have a storm deck that's equal parts instants+sorceries and creatures, led by the obvious choices for a non-creature spell deck, Tormod and Bruse....Okay, it's a janky deck, but I promise it's full of fun surprises.

Access to the graveyard with cards like Bosium Strip, Wildfire Devils, Jaya Ballard, Conspiracy Theorist, and Radiant Scrollwielder helps give options when storming off, while cards like Velomachus Lorehold, Etali, Primal Storm, and Sunbird's Invocation can lead to getting some spells off for free to help boost total spell count.

Other cards like Phyrexian Reclamation, Charmbreaker Devils, Emeria Shepherd, and Reconstruct History can also help pull from the graveyard to trigger Tormod.

These effects feed together and can be boosted by copy abilities like those from Mirrorpool, Increasing Vengeance, Bonus Round, and Primal Wellspring, as well as getting more tokens off from Anointed Procession. The tokens can be used with Plumb the Forbidden and Ashnod's Altar to access and play more goodies.

Costs of storming off can be managed with cards like Birgi, God of Storytelling  , Marshland Bloodcaster, and Storm-Kiln Artist.

Other neat combos include Tormod, the Desecrator + Unconventional Tactics and Fireblast + Sunbird's Invocation .

Frankly, this is a dirty, janky deck and calling it a spell-slinger might be a bit generous. It can win just as easily with creature damage thanks to cards like Shizo, Death's Storehouse , Leonin Lightscribe, and others - commander damage can also be a wincon, which I didn't plan for. Regardless, it's fun to play!

Again, I had a rough couple weeks working through this build. Huge shout-out to santuli for all the advice (if you want to see some REAL janky fun, take a look at School of Hard Rocks). The tempo isn't quite were I want this deck to be at (even for jank). Takes a bit for it to get its legs under it, so any suggestions for cuts to help streamline things or cards that you think would have more utility are super welcome! Thanks for stopping by!


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