Yet another one of my casual Modern decks that somehow evolved into an EDH one, this is a pretty straightforward Werewolf build. I've built around all the "classic horror" tribes and while zombies might technically be the most competitive or vampires the most flashy werewolves are easy to build and just so much goddamn fun! With the Commander being locked as Ulrich I then took one of every vaguely decent wolf and ran from there.

While they do have to keep track of all the flip cards this is the deck I usually loan out to new Timmies that fancy trying EDH. There are no combos to learn (outside of Familiar Ground + Goblin War Drums ), interactive removal that uses your own creatures to kill theirs and some really satisfying payoffs from casting essentially simple cards. Plus it's not frustrating if you can't play something during your turn because that can flip all your creatures! Urich is such a beast that he can easily smash people all on his lonesome: I've been at the other end of this assuming that my Reign in Blood deck was safely out of range only to be crushed by a buffed Ulrich with a Mage Slayer.


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