Tovolar's Huntmaster

Creature — Human Werewolf

When this enters the battlefield, create two 2/2 green Wolf creature tokens.

Daybound (When this enters the battlefield, if it's not day or night, this game becomes day for all players. If a player casts no spells during their own turn, this game becomes night for all players next turn during the untap step. When it becomes night, all permanents on the battlefield transform into their nightbound side if they have one, and any new permanents that enter the battlefield will enter on their nightbound side if they have one. Becoming day/night does not use the stack and cannot be responded to.)

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Tovolar's Huntmaster Discussion

multimedia on Werewolf Commander

1 month ago

Hey, good work in process on a budget.

There's a few cards here that are not as good as others. Werewolf Horrors who can't transform from Tovolar are quite subpar. Vildin-Pack Outcast  Flip, Smoldering Werewolf  Flip, Shrill Howler  Flip, Conduit of Storms  Flip, Ulvenwald Captive  Flip, Kessig Prowler  Flip

Three, four and five drop Human Werewolves who don't have any abilities or just have a single ability like reach or trample, but don't any other abilities on the backside of the card just aren't good enough. Tireless Hauler  Flip, Convicted Killer  Flip

Arlinn, Voice of the Pack for a six drop doesn't do much without other cards which is not what you want with a six drop. Tovolar's Huntmaster  Flip in comparison is so much better than Arlinn at six mana.

Some budget cards to consider adding:

Cinder Glade, Unclaimed Territory, Naya Panorama, Rogue's Passage, Tyrite Sanctum are some budget land upgrades to consider replacing some basic lands. Path of Ancestry could replace Timber Gorge.

Good luck with your deck.

Lanzo493 on Should I Use Board Wipes …

1 month ago

I see nothing wrong with running Blasphemous Act at least. If it’s in your opening hand, it’s easy to just wait for a 1 mana board wipe around turn 4 or 5 and then build your board immediately. Outside of that boardwipe, though, spot removal can often be much more useful than boardwipes, especially in creature centered decks. Some good options are Vandalblast, Tovolar's Huntmaster  Flip, Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip, Druid of Purification, and Ohran Frostfang (since werewolves love attacking and all).

Ezuri's Predation is close to a boardwipe.

multimedia on The Big Bad Wolf Pack v2

1 month ago

Hey, well done on a budget for your first deck, nice Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip.

Some budget cards to consider adding:

Some cards to consider cutting:

Some budget land upgrades to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Werewolves on the hunt

1 month ago

Hey, good attempt for a budget version of Tovolar. nice Aggravated Assault. You've mistakenly added two Tovolar's Huntmaster  Flip :)

The card that combos with Spellbinder is Savage Beating for extra attacks which is now a $30 card. Without having Beating then Spellbinder is not worth playing because there's only 5 instants here out of 94 other cards.

When you control five or more lands then Bear Umbra enchanted to a creature who can keep attacking can pair with Aggravated Assault for extra attacks. Attacking with five or more creatures makes Druids' Repository combo with Assault. Savage Ventmaw who can keep attacking combos with Assault and also makes infinite green/red mana. Umbra could replace Spellbinder, Repository could replace Mantle of the Wolf and Ventmaw could replace the other copy Huntmaster.

Consider more one, two, three drop Werewolves to replace the vanilla four and five drop Werewolves?

Some of these could replace:

A couple of reasons for these changes is to get three or more Werewolves onto the battlefield to transform Tovolar quicker and have more Werewolves that can give you value rather than just only being Werewolves.

Some lands to consider adding, replacing of some basic lands.

Good luck with your deck.

Helgrind on Tovolar

1 month ago

Ik denk niet dat Mana Flare en Dictate of Karametra veel voor je gaan doen, meer voor je tegenstanders. Daarnaast denk ik dat Fearless Pup, Ferocious Pup, Wandering Wolf en Young Wolf relatief zwak zijn.

Mogelijk includes zijn Unnatural Moonrise, Somberwald Beastmaster, Varis, Silverymoon Ranger, Arlinn, Voice of the Pack en Wolfcaller's Howl

Tovolar's Huntmaster  Flip, Immerwolf, Full Moon's Rise en Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip zouden voor mij autoincludes zijn.

Ze zijn bij cardmarket geloof ik allemaal goedkoper dan een euro, behalve Immerwolf, die is 1.50

Color_pie14 on The Music of the Nighthowling

2 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion, Ziabo! If I cast it with 7 lands out, odds are I’ll have 3-4 forests, which means I’m paying 7 mana for 3-4 wolves. That’s useful, but not what I want to get for that investment. I’d much rather cast Tovolar's Huntmaster  Flip, which gives me 2 wolves and a big body that can make more wolves for 1 less mana. While I unfortunately do not have room for it, I thank you very much for your suggestion!
P.s. Do you have any suggestions for what to cut?

abby315 on Extra pre-release code for MTGA, …

2 months ago


Post if you've redeemed it so others know! Should get you 6 packs of Midnight Hunt. You can only redeem one prerelease code per account.

My partner and I both went 3-0, 6-0! I was carried on the mighty shoulders of Tovolar's Huntmaster  Flip, which is broken. Lots of fun. How about you?