Some days you just want to play Magic, some days you just want to turn creatures sideways and chat with the table. Well THIS IS NOT THAT F*ING DAY.

"Voltaire's When Your Evil plays softly in the background"- So you are tired of goody games with simple plays? GOOD! Welcome to MTG Villainship. This Deck revolves around enchantments and the vile, terrible, table-flipping things they can accomplish.

Early Game- Ramp like your morning coffee depended on it! Turns 1-3 Drop your rocks, Basalt Monolith, Grim Monolith, Mana Vault are your best choices.

After Ramp- If all goes well you have access to your Villain diploma and can cast a turn 3 Enduring Ideal ......Wait you mean you don't want to cast spells anymore? FK Yeah I Do!**

Enduring Ideal leads to a continuous, uncounterable wave of hate streaming from our library. Each Epic trigger brings hilarity or death depending on our mood! "Evil Enough?" But wait, Strionic Resonator copies each epic trigger!? 1+1=2. TWO enchantments per upkeep, all our kill combos require 2 pieces so this is....where is the word....TASTY!.

The Locks

Dovescape + Humility - this lock neuters creatures and straight counters noncreature spells

Possibility Storm + Rule of Law So you wanna resolve spells? Nah.

Humility + Living Plane -lands have summoning sickness. LOL


Delaying Shield + Phyrexian Unlife -Shield prevents damage and turns it to life loss, Unlife prevents lifeloss and there is no damage to turn to poison counter-Seems F**King Legit!

Energy Field + Rest in Peace -Ditto but doesn't protect from self-damage


Havoc Festival + Wound Reflection -so I heard you gained too much life? let's take care of that for ya

Form of the Dragon + any Immortal lock = slow, delicious death

Mana Echoes + Sliver Queen + Purphorus, God of the Forge Can you say Flood Damage For The Win!?

If for some ungodly reason you get locked out of your enchantments we have the Mana Echoes + Sliver Queen Flood win and Opalescence to punch people to death...WITH ENCHANTMENTS!

Thank you for all that read the description and looked at the deck, Feedback and a +1 are always appreciated!

Tl:DL- Enchants are evil and tables will Flip!

If you suggest a change in the decklist please mention what you would remove for it.


Updates Add

I have decided after this last commander weekend at my LGS that the Superfriends Motiff needed a break. Thank you everyone that helped make the original iteration of the deck what it was.

The new deck is an enchantment based lock/combo deck meant to annoy and obliterate, I hope the community likes it as much as I have.

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