Edgar Markov is the newest (and most practical) edition to vampire tribal EDH. Now you don't have to decide between Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter sac engines or Olivia Voldaren tribal and pings: you can have both! The struggle between Rakdos and Orzhov vampires has been concluded in this powerhouse of a commander. Edgar can spew tokens consistently that can be used as fodder for whichever purposes from blocking to Skullclamps. Edgar himself is a strong creature, and pumps your whole field the turn he comes out. Edgar paired with multiple other strong vamps easily makes you a serious threat to anyone on the table (Unless someone has a Cytoplast Manipulator). Whack your enemies with your teeny tokens that got all beefed up with counters from other vamps or Edgar himself. This deck is surprisingly fast, and by the time Edgar hits the field you have about 3 or 4 tokens ready to swing, if they havent already. Most tribals either lack big numbers or are simply too slow, but with the new edition of Edgar Markov and his color scheme, vampires can add strong removal and consistently powerful cards to the deck. Of course if you'd like to keep your deck to a simple BR or BW, the deck can still easily be powerful enough to stomp other decks. Even vanilla mono-black decks like Anowon, the Ruin Sage or either Kalitas still work. In my opinion, this new addition of a Mardu vampire commander really seals the deal on potential quality, skill, and power. Enjoy the list and leave suggestions or questions below!


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