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Well Halo there! Welcome to my casual multiplayer modern mono-white tokens prototype centered around Tocasia's Welcome, repeatable token generators, and Halo Fountain. This deck takes advantage of Tocasia's Welcome by generating tokens on opponent's turns as well as on our own turns, maximizing our card draw and going very wide, very quickly. This is even more true the more players there are, as the deck can draw a card on each player's turn by making tokens at instant speed. Don't let the pricetag fool you - this deck slays. And keep in mind this deck in no way needs Ojer Taq, Deepest Foundation  , so if budget is a concern, omitting that singleton alone lowers the price of this deck by $18.

Token Generators: (17x total)

Speaker of the Heavens - requires Soul Sisters to activate, but generates our biggest token threats at sorcery speed

Steward of Solidarity - a t2 token generator that pairs perfectly with Halo Fountain to generate multiple tokens across multiple turns.

Thraben Doomsayer - the best token generator in the deck, not being burdened with Exert and making tokens at instant speed

Castle Ardenvale - not our first choice, but it makes a token at instant speed if we need it.

Halo Fountain - makes Steward of Solidarity playable and doubles all other creature based token generation. Makes it's own token at instant speed. Possible win-con (final ability)

Other Spells:

Soul's Attendant & Soul Warden - gain life like crazy. Needed for Speaker of the Heavens.

Wall of Omens - added card draw helps find our Welcomes. Early blocker.

Path to Exile & Oblivion Ring - removal

Augusta, Dean of Order   - helps tap creatures for our Halo's final ability. Also untaps our token generators.

Holy Day & Brave the Elements - surprise utility singletons

Hall of Heliod's Generosity - insurance on our Welcomes

Buried Ruin - insurance for our Halos

Reliquary Tower - very useful late game when we're drawing more than 2 extra cards

Scavenger Grounds & Field of Ruin - land utilities.


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