Impassioned Orator

Impassioned Orator

Creature — Human Cleric

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life.

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Impassioned Orator Discussion

KBK7101 on No, the OTHER Unicorn

1 month ago

As someone who started playing the game with a Core Set 19 Ajani planeswalker deck, lifegain is a theme that always appeals to me. Lathiel definitely has some potential to be a great lifegain commander! There are some cards I'd definitely recommend, though.

DrkNinja on it's worth the Rhys

6 months ago

I'm going to give you a more in depth comment a bit later, but for now I will tell you the version I built for my friend, Rhys' Spectacular Planar Zoo!, and one of his main wincons has always been Mirror Entity because when everyone just sees 1/1s they aren't very scared but when you turn those 1/1s into 8/8s in combat... suddenly they are dying...

Also cut Impassioned Orator for the soul sisters, Soul's Attendant Soul Warden I'd check my version of the deck out, just keep in mind I don't have a budget.

Pathinfder97 on life

8 months ago

Looks like a fun deck! I may put something similar together with what I have.

For budget removal Id recommend Condemn and Reciprocate

For more tokens Gather the Townsfolk , Lingering Souls (if you want to splash back), Spectral Procession , Promise of Bunrei

For enchantments I’d look at Ajani's Welcome , Legion's Landing  Flip (also taps for land), Leyline of the Meek , Honor the Pure and Intangible Virtue .

As far as creatures go I’d try to get more tokens out. Maybe Thraben Doomsayer , Doomed Traveler , Impassioned Orator or Soul's Attendant

Some instants would be Make a Stand to protect tokens from a board wipe

Deadshot5459 on An Enchanting Saga (Blue/White)

9 months ago

I know it says that Impassioned Orator is not legal, but that's not true. I have a version of this deck, with Impassioned Orator , on Magic: The Gathering Arena, right now. I can use it fine in Standard Ranked.

Apollo_Paladin on Black/White Angels

1 year ago

I use Impassioned Orator in my MTG Arena Lifegain deck, as well as Daxos, Blessed by the Sun that you also are already running. Depending on how this deck plays (I've not tested it) you might want another creature with a similar effect.

Also, I've found that Sacred Cat is quite good synergy for Daxos in particular, since you can get 2 casts and 2 deaths out of each one you include (total of 4 lifegain triggers from Daxos, 2 from Orator).

Speaker of the Heavens seems like he'd be a solid addition here, and

Finally Light of Hope can be useful for getting to your activation count on Resplendent Angel, and it's got added utility as well for some enchantment hate and potential to save a creature from something like Shock tipping over the last damage to kill it off.

77hi77 on How Much Removal is Too …

1 year ago

I've been playing this in Standard on MTGArena:

My big question is, how much of the deck should go to countering other decks? The two most common decks I'm running into are either White or White/Black life gain, usually based on Impassioned Orator and Hallowed Priest, or the decks that stack mutations. In both cases, I find I have to kill the creatures while they're still small. Life gainers build a swarm of huge creatures and I suddenly find myself unable to contain them, mutations get so many disruptive effects that I don't have an answer. So how much removal is too much and how much should I focus on just playing my game?

A previous version of this deck had 13 removal cards, I felt like that was taking focus away from the main objective so I made this one. Is there a balance to hit between disrupting other playing styles and playing your own game?


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