Soul Tithe

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Soul Tithe

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant nonland permanent At the beginning of the upkeep of enchanted permanent's controller, that player sacrifices it unless he or she pays {X}, where X is its converted mana cost.

Miromatt on Kyuubi

4 months ago

idfkgabe Not a bad choice; however my meta is 3-player 90% of the time so I use - Grasp of Fate . Comparing it to other control cards I find falling short of: - Soul Tithe - if you dont run this... you're missing out - Ossification -its an aura so it triggers light paws, and 1 less mana to o-ring - Darksteel Mutation Reprobation Prison Term - all trigger light paws, and can shut down generals (o-ring just puts it to command zone typically)

zachz on Orzhov Sacrifice

1 year ago

For budget sacrifice options, I would recommend Grafted Wargear and Culling Dais.

The Wargear allows you to attack with any of your creatures blindly, as they will either hurt your opponent, die getting blocked, or die after you re-equip the armor to someone else.

Culling Dais is slow but another cheap draw mechanic.

As options to maximize efficiency, cards in your graveyard could become fodder with Beckon Apparition or Rise from the Grave.

If you want to add more White to the deck, you could consider Soul Tithe and Celestial Flare. Both are protections while you decide what terms your creatures die on.

Some budget orzhov lands you could add are Temple of Silence, Scoured Barrens, and Orzhov Guildgate.

TheoryCrafter on Pioneer Bogles MOM UPDATE

1 year ago

Have you considered Siona, Captain of the Pyleas? If you replace it with Commune With Spirits you can look seven cards deep into your library and create chump blockers. If you choose to go this route, you may want to consider replacing Paradise Druid with any combination of Karametra's Favor and Nature's Embrace. If you go for the latter you'll definitely want to consider Stirring Wildwood.

Considering Light-Paws is a Legendary Creature who helps tutor auras you can get away with removing one.

As for your sideboard, you're probably going to want to go more auras that can stymie your opponent. These can range from taxing effects(such as Curse of Silence, Detention Vortex, Oppressive Rays and Soul Tithe) to activated ability prevention(such as Bound in Gold, Intercessor's Arrest and Overwhelming Splendor) to Protection(such as Guildscorn Ward and Holy Mantle.

Thank you for reading me out. I hope this helps. Happy Hunting!

NorinTheWise on I'm either crazy Aura genius!

2 years ago


  1. Soul Tithe: This card is really narrow. If the game piece is part of their win condition they will just pay. Many threats are not high in mana cost. It mainly acts as removal for mana rocks or early game pieces.

  2. Bound in Gold: Minimus Containment was just printed and is by far the superior. I have found that triggered abilities tend to be as or more threatening than activated abilities. "Loses all abilities" vs. "can"t activate abilities" is a HUGE difference.

  3. Faith Unbroken: This is too risky. It creates a potential for huge loss on your part with little loss on the opponents. They can now use creature removal to get rid of the enchantment, which is always easier. Then you lose your creature, enchantment, and give them theirs back. It's also expensive to cast!

  4. Coalition Flag: I have looked at this countless times and this is the first time I put together the fact that it also redirects good targeting abilities as well as bad! Someone forgets it's their and casts Colossification, Boom! You have the biggest creature on the board! I always thought of it as a single time protection for your better creature from a Path to Exile single target removal style effect. I will look into this, maybe play test it a bit.

SilverBrood on DOGS

3 years ago

Undamageable, 3/2 deathtouch trampling lifelinker? Seems pretty aggro.

Maybe get those slow purphoros auras out and consider replacing Supply Runners and them with some good early removal? I love that the ordeal has a dog kicking a dudes butt though.

Even just Soul Tithe or Suppression Bonds / Bound by Moonsilver might be justifiable, but pacifism and burn are lower costed. Barl's Cage is sorta on theme?

Consider land improvements after playtesting.

Not feeling the 5 drop dogs much. Maybe drop CMC on some and turn 1 or 2 into a larger body that you could call the kennel owner?

JaradGolgariLichLord321 on Awkward Eye Contact with Death (retired)

3 years ago

here are Soul Tithe and Honored Crop-Captain didnt know the bracket thingy

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