Keep Safe

Keep Safe


Counter target spell that targets a permanent you control.

Draw a card.

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Set Rarity
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO) Common

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Format Legality
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Pioneer Legal
Arena Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Historic Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper Legal
Unformat Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Keep Safe Discussion

Murphy77 on Simic standard

1 week ago

It is generally a good idea to choose cards that best work in your planned deck and stick with multiples of those cards. Having singles of good cards really does nothing because you will have a small chance of drawing them.

Looking at your deck, 2 strategies stand out - being able to add to the attack power of creatures and being able to attack with unblockable creatures.

Yes, using the effect of Phase Dolphin, or Mistford River Turtle to get in some attacks that can't be blocked can be a great strategy. The problem is the cmc of cards in your combinations and the amount of time that you need to set up combos. I would tend to stick with Phase Dolphin to allow unblockable attacks by Lorescale Coatl and Thieving Otter.

You then need to speed up your card draw and play speed of your deck. Growth Spiral will work to get extra draws and thin down your deck, increasing your chances of drawing the cards that you want. Primal Empathy can build on creature power or card-draw. Keep Safe gives you some protection from your opponent's spells, but also helps with a bit of card draw.

I would want Moss Viper for early creature presence and Maraleaf Pixie for early mana-ramp.

For me, the cherry on the top of this delight would be Hydra's Growth which will give you ridiculously large attacking creatures, very quickly.

That is 9 core cards. 4 of each and a land-base built to support them, should give you a very strong deck.

Murphy77 on Brian Stacks' Brain Freeze C/U

1 month ago

I like the idea, High Tide seems a bit out of place as you will tend to play out your hand early. In it's place, something like Portal of Sanctuary could flicker your Venture Deeper into Merfolk Secretkeeper on each of your turns (multiples would also work).

I would want a bit of protection in the form of Turn Aside or Keep Safe. A fourth Snap would usually be stronger than one Lotus Petal.

Clashboy15 on RU Sprite Dragon?

1 month ago

Improbable Alliance is probably not very good for this deck, since this is an aggressive deck and alliance if for tempo decks, so definitely cut it. Cut Thrill of Possibility because it requires you to have at least two cards in hand and costs two mana, which is bad for a prowess deck. Also cut Flame Sweep and Keep Safe because first of all, 2/3 of your creatures don't have flying and secondly, this is an aggro deck and you should be killing your opponent before you need flame sweep. Keep safe is interesting, but again, it costs 2 mana and is not really an effective counterspell, since it is so situational. Also cut 2 Light Up the Stage and 4 Skewer the Critics because they often dont trigger prowess. You will usually be casting them after combat, which is pretty bad.

So, you cut around 11 cards, what should you replace them with? Well, to start off put two Dreadhorde Arcanist. It is a wizard and will let you recast spells, triggering prowess at the same time. Put in 1 Treasure Cruise. Although it doesn't synergize too well with dreadhorde arcanist, there's a reason why this card got banned in modern. Because you'll be casting so much cheap 1 mana instants/sorceries, this should easiley be a one mana Ancestral Recall . So now there's 8 more cards to replace. Add 4 Crash Through, as it will draw you a card for just 1 mana, triggers prowess and gives your big creatures trample. It's a must include in any pioneer prowess deck. Next, add 2 Warlord's Fury or 1 of that and one The Royal Scions. This depends on personal preference, if you want a late game play, the scions is fine. Personally, I would use just two Warlord's Fury. Finally, put in two Spell Pierce. It is basically keep safe but cheaper and less situational. For example, it can counter key noncreature spells in a combo deck, counter a big planeswalker, counter a board wipe, or just any non creature spell, all of which can not be done by keep safe.

Lastly, the sideboard needs some work. Take out all the cards in the current sideboard. Add two Pithing Needle. It can deal with pretty much any card in the format. 3 Grafdigger's Cage or Tormod's Crypt for some much needed graveyard hate. Remember, all these cards trigger prowess as well! Put 4 Abrade in the sideboard, as it can deal with creatures pretty effectively and can kill artifacts as well. 1 Disdainful Stroke for matchups with more beefy spells. 2 Mystical Dispute because of how overpowered simic and a lot of other blue decks is. 1 Aether Gust because again, simic is really powered (also deals with lots of other cards in pioneer by countering them or bouncing them). For the last 2 cards, add Searing Blood.


2 months ago

Some of the Standard-legal "eggs," Golden Egg and Guild Globe, might be good here with Emry to help get through your deck and find your pieces. And I wonder if something like Keep Safe or some number of Negates would help protect the Giant or whatever you pile counters on? Interesting build, looking forward to seeing how it goes!

Alkadron on Sprite and Early

2 months ago


In my experience, Lotus Petal, Miscalculate, and Brainstorm are really underwhelming in this format. The conditions that make them great cards in other formats just aren't present in PDH most of the time.

Winged Words and Secrets of the Golden City are generally much better than Brainstorm.

Doublestrike spells are good enough that I'd consider running more of them, like Uncaged Fury.

Into the Roil is outstanding, I'm glad to see it on your list. Did you know there is another one?

Confound is a tiny bit more versatile than Keep Safe, since it can shut down your opponent putting auras on their stuff. Probably wise to run both.

smilodex on Niv-Mizzet Parun Control cEDH

2 months ago

I mean i's your choice, but I dont know any 2or mroe-colored cEDH deck which is/should running as much basic lands as Niv does... It's really difficult to cast Niv Mizzest fast and because of that, I choosed to slow all my enemys down with: Blood Moon, Magus of the Moon, Back to Basics, Cursed Totem and Trinisphere, because those cards are fitting in no better deck...

New Cards I can recommend:

TigerFang8 on Song of the Everwise

2 months ago

Thanks you, DanMcSharp.

I hadn't thought of using Adventures before. What do you suggest I remove for Borrower and Giant?

Of One Mind is one of the draw spells in the deck, so which card might you be referring to?

I'll swap out Keep Safe for Lazotep Plating.

I know. I've been struggling to find the balance between a proactive strategy and a more reactive strategy, with no luck.

DanMcSharp on Song of the Everwise

2 months ago

That's an interesting take on a Song of Creation & Rielle, the Everwise deck.

I made one myself that focuses on the drawing aspect to make as many krakens as possible with Ominous Seas and from my experience, having adventure cards like Brazen Borrower and Bonecrusher Giant in exile is really useful for when Song of Creation makes you discard your hand, since you won't always have Rielle, the Everwise to bail you out, they can also remove her at instant speed and leave you pretty naked, especially if they can then remove the Song of Creation on their turn.

I'm not sure how useful Of One Mind is compared to other counterspells since you only have Rielle, the Everwise as human, and she's already a key part of the strategy, making it even more damaging for you to lose her. Pretty sure a good old Ionize would work better since at least it would further your burn plan from Glint-Horn Buccaneer.

The problem with Keep Safe is that it only protects 1 permanent from Spells targeting your stuff, it won't save you from a Banishing Light. If you used Lazotep Plating instead you would be covered for everything that targets, you can even use it in reaction to them playing Teferi, Time Raveler so they won't be able to bounce your things.

With that said, I can't help but feel like it's kind of odd playing reactionary protection spells like these in a deck that constantly makes you discard your hand while rewarding you for casting spells since you have no way to know if you should keep up mana or not.

Also, I'm sure you already know but just in case, if you have 2 Song of Creation in play you will still end up empty-handed with Rielle, the Everwise since you discard twice and she only covers you once.

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