Radiant Scrollwielder

Radiant Scrollwielder

Creature — Dwarf Cleric

Instant and sorcery spells you control have lifelink.

At the beginning of your upkeep, exile an instant or sorcery card at random from your graveyard. You may cast it this turn. If a spell cast this way would be put into your graveyard, exile it instead.

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Radiant Scrollwielder Discussion

shadow63 on Creatures that Deserve to be …

1 week ago

The nephilim are the obvious choice. But I would like to see Radiant Scrollwielder as a legend

Harbinger69 on Rem Karolus: Extinctionproof

3 months ago

I would add artifact tutors to get your mana reducing rocks, and add one or two more game ending dragons. Radiant Scrollwielder doesn't much for you, and Chandra's Incinerator seems too clunky for what you're trying to do. I would add something with haste to finish of

iammute on Triple Secret Commander: Lifelink Spells

5 months ago

This is such a cool idea. Did you ever make a YouTube series with it? Radiant Scrollwielder is an additional lifelink effect with sone added recursion from Strixhaven is you decide to revisit

discipleofgary73 on And he says, firesong is a slamming screen door

8 months ago

Looks fun to play! Did you catch the new Radiant Scrollwielder ? Seems like it would fit well. And going back in time, Kjeldoran Royal Guard might be fun.

DoIStillLoveIt on Firesauce & Sunforger

9 months ago

So there are several Strixhaven cards that I'm eager to try in here. Rousing Refrain - Gotta love recurring big mana turns Wake the Past - The deck is largely artifact ramp and card advantage based, and I already run Scrap Mastery to great effect for that. For two mana more, we don't help anyone else or harm ourselves. Crackle with Power - Weak at MV 5, Medium at MV 8, but strong at MV 11 and bonkers at MV 14. This deck can definitely get to that amount of mana with Neheb or Mana Geyser, so it's probably worth a test Draconic Intervention - Cheap boardwipe that can hit for a lot, but very graveyard dependent. I'm iffy. Lorehold Command - Iffy on this one too. If it cost 4 and could be sunforged, I'd be hyped. As it currently stands I think it's only medium Radiant Scrollwielder - Backup commander is pretty sweet, and the flashback ability is very solid. If this dude were legendary, it'd be our new commander asap. Reconstruct History - It can regrow a lot in the late game, worth considering. Thrilling Discovery - Now this ain't bad, big rummaging and if Firesong is in play we get a bolt out of the deal. Angel of the Ruins - Just a really strong utility creature. Archaeomancer's Map - Funny how a rare Cultivate is so good in R/W but here we are. This card is good, and I am definitely interested in it over many of our 3 MV rocks.

Phion on An Elephant never forgets

9 months ago

Thanks dnthymamai! I like your Honor of the Pure idea, the deck could use a few buffs to make the tokens more lethal, I would definitely consider adding it but you also reminded me of Intangible Virtue which could be a real contender as well.

I think I will add Radiant Scrollwielder , I play tested this and at times it feel like there are more ways to throw things into the bin than actually remove them, so your suggestion could help just add another source for token creation.

dnthymamai on An Elephant never forgets

9 months ago

Honestly, this is a very cool deck! So many new synergies! Bag of Holding truly shines, good job! I would maybe add an Honor of the Pure , but it's only good only if the commander's engine is already working, it doesn't help it to work. But still, could give you great attacking power with all those spirits.

Moreover, I know you don't have lots of spells that deal damage, but Radiant Scrollwielder could help you by giving one of them flashback every turn. Although it doesn't synergize well with all of them. You know best.

Plus, he is pretty casual, but maybe you could give Stonebound Mentor a thought :)

Overall, I loved your deck! +1 !!!