This deck came about because I have been told time and time again how important card draw is in EDH. I never listen.

This time however I decided to use one of the best draw engines, Enchantresses. After looking at what was available in Selesnya colours I decided to widen my selection to Bant, I'm only splashing blue really but there are some useful cards in there so I didn't want to do without it. This of course limits my choice of commanders, none of which have any specific interactions with enchantments. My final choice was Jenara, a 3/3 flyer for WUG and a good mana dump later on, though once I get drawing cards that is not really necessary.

The next choice to make was strategy, I dislike combo decks, you end up tutoring the same two cards and winning in exactly the same way each time so I decided on Voltron and then, for fun and flavour, decided that I was going to do everything with enchantments. No equipment, no artifacts, the only instants and sorceries reference enchantments. The only place I broke this rule was with the creatures, I needed a "plan b" if Jenara goes down. Anyway, onto the deck.

The mana base could certainly be better. The deck I built prior to this was Scion of the Ur-Dragon however so I was kind of landed out. Also, after putting in the necessary Serra's Sanctum that does kind of reduce your budget a bit. Suggestions welcome on this. Also wondering if I should put in a few more Plains instead of Forests, or maybe islands...
Phase one is to not die, to make it so you are not worth the bother and everyone else on the table looks like a better target. The usual Propaganda suite is all here along with Maze of Ith to protect you from early commander damage. In addition to this if you can get Energy Field + Wheel of Sun and Moon down and protected with Sterling Grove or Fountain Watch you can sit back and relax for a while.
Enchantresses, obviously, most of them. The deck is a little lacking in things that interact with card draw, but I did put in Archmage Ascension. Who could turn down the opportunity to turn every draw into a tutor?
With enchantments? Yep, the only removal is enchantments, not the best, but flavour and card draw come first.

The obvious one is to pile the enchantments onto Jenara and swing once the keywords and +1/+1 ensure victory, if Jenara is unavailable one of the other angels or, in a pinch, enchantresses can take her place. Bruna, Light of Alabaster is probably the best option, as she is able to become a threat without you having to cast all those auras. Dueling Grounds + Finest Hour really helps here, guaranteeing no blockers if you swing at a different opponent in your second combat phase. If going big isn't working out the backup plans is going wide with Sigil of the Empty Throne


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