Matter Reshaper


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Rare

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Matter Reshaper

Creature — Eldrazi

( represents colourless mana.)

When Matter Reshaper dies, reveal the top card of your library. You may put that card onto the battlefield if it's a permanent card with converted mana cost 3 or less. Otherwise, put that card into your hand.

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Matter Reshaper Discussion

CSchademann on heartless moon

1 day ago

Because you can pretty easily generate colorless mana you might consider Matter Reshaper if someone has sided in some harsh artifact removal. Glad to see this deck in action. Cheers!

NayrSlayer on Varolz Budget EDH

1 week ago

First off, let me just say that I LOVE Varolz and am glad to see him as a commander. I remember trying to make him and Jarad work in my very first commander deck brew, but ultimately gave up due to my lack of cards at the time. Your deck looks pretty solid and seems to function pretty well in making use of scavenge.

I would suggest including Corpsejack Menace and Wild Beastmaster since Corpsejack adds a lot more value to scavenging and Beastmaster allows you to swing for some huge numbers. Also, if you wanted to, you could run Slitherhead since its one of the most efficient scavenge cards.

For potential upgrades, I would recommend looking into Matter Reshaper, The Gitrog Monster, and Reyhan, Last of the Abzan. They might push your deck a little away from being budget, but they can be very powerful cards that can work in your deck.

I hope this helps!

jubale on Aetherborn artifacts

1 week ago

Modern is out of my league. But if you like Eldrazi, adding some colorless land and the black desert could make a good deck from this one, adding Matter Reshaper, Thought-Knot Seer, Reality Smasher, Distended Mindbender. Some of those, anyway. And if you have these creatures, then Yahenni's Expertise becomes a good card.

Vaan on You Better Run

1 week ago

I'm pretty sure you're running way too much land. Try cutting 2 Forest and 2 Fog for a set of Ancient Stirrings. I would also cut 2 Big Boys to add another 2 Matter Reshaper to the maindeck.

QuietArrow on Bant Doc Ock

2 weeks ago

Thank you for the quick and very good review Justin_Bop. :)First of all thank you for the good recommendations and all the tiny sideboard tricks and switches. My MTG-FNM-Store has a good amount of affinity, tron and Death's Shadow. So Stony Silence and Card:Ceremonious Rejection are very good cards in my meta. I love your suggestion of Fauna Shaman. Really helps out to tutor the right sideboard card or upgrade Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch in late game to more impactful cards. Traverse the Ulvenwald is a nice idea i have to consider it. The only problem is that my kind of deck never hits delirium. So I have to think about another deck with more fancy stuff :D I absolutely love the idea and the value that Matter Reshaper is giving us with Elder Deep-Fiend. Very nice suggestion mate! I will try and make a new deck with that card and a few Thought-Knot Seer to have disruption and input about the enemy. I also liker your Dark Bant decklist. Fancy idea to splash for Fatal Push or cards like Abrupt Decay. I will going to play the deck today evening the first time and I will keep you updated about the result! Shoutout to this: and this: ideas. Nice brews and maybe someone can forge a really fancy deck out of these two.

Justin_Bop on Bant Doc Ock

2 weeks ago

Just wanted to pop in and give a couple of my recommendations, as I love what you have made here. Elder Deep-Fiend is a pet card of mine to be honest (if you care to see my brew I'll put it below), so I was naturally inclined to check out your deck.

What you want to include in your sideboard entirely depends on what you expect to face when playing (or just testing) the deck. With Affinity, Grixis Death's Shadow, Eldrazi Tron, Dredge, and Collected Company prominent in the format, many hate cards are available (especially in White) to improve these specific matchups. Rest in Peace works well when facing Dredge and Death's Shadow, Stony Silence hoses Affinity and Lantern Control, land destruction (which Bant colors lack) breaks down Eldrazi Tron. Simple counterspells can help with Collected Company, as well as board wipes like Supreme Verdict. Personally, I would start with 3x Rest in Peace, 2x Stony Silence, 3x Ceremonious Rejection (strong against Tron), 1x Selfless Spirit, 1x Thrun, the Last Troll (for UWx control) and a Vendilion Clique or two. The last couple of slots can be whatever shores up your 50/50 matchups, you'll have to test that one.

Another suggestion I have, and I will certainly be trying this out on my own, is to make the deck a bit more toolbox-y with either Fauna Shaman, Chord of Calling, and/or Traverse the Ulvenwald. Switching up your deck this way gives you access to many of your sideboard hate cards in the mainboard easier (and more consistently gives you Elder Deep-Fiend.

One final idea I have, and this may not be best for this deck as you manabase is already a bit stressed as is, but, I have tested splashing black for Fatal Push in another Bant deck I made (here is the deck). The splash worked amazing to be honest, as in a tempo-ish build, Fatal Push seems better than Path to Exile (or you could play it alongside it). Probably not right for your deck, but could work with testing, who knows.

Finally, adding in some more Eldrazi and making you deck more similar to Bant Eldrazi could help you out here. Matter Reshaper is nearly the perfect Elder Deep-Fiend target, and Thought-Knot Seer is sweet to play against many decks. This is what I've been doing for awhile with the deck, but you may be onto something with Bant. Hope my suggestions helped a bit, keep me updated with your testing or developments with the list, good luck improving the deck!

stewbert01 on Red Green Walker Tron

2 weeks ago

Bulldawg1310 I really am just looking to build the optimal build (not worrying about money) I just am thinking about how useful it can be to have that mana of any color to cast say Garruk, Apex Predator without Oath of Nissa. Not sure if fetches and shocks are the best way to do that. Maybe? Also I shall text with Matter Reshaper to be certain about it.

stewbert01 on Red Green Walker Tron

2 weeks ago

Bulldawg1310 I agree the pain lands are a problem. In play testing online I've had matched where the pain lands have done up to 10 points of damage to me. Still winnable matches but they make my life much harder. There are however advantages too, being able to use them to produce the colored mana to cast walkers without Oath of Nissa on the battlefield can save some matches. I believe there is probably a happy medium mana base somewhere. Possibly in a combo such as Mana Confluence and Reflecting Pool.

As far as cheap control goes Lightning Bolt is, at the current moment, my favorite option. as it takes care of lot of threats and can also be used late game to just do the last little bit. I like it with Path to Exile as a sideboard option.

On to creatures, my initial thoughts on Platinum Angel were similar to yours however in play testing the card has won me multiple games as it allowed me to focus on closing out the game rather than protecting my own life total. It doesn't die to bolt or push so for now I think I'm going to leave it in. I will definitely keep Matter Reshaper in the back of my mind however as a potential alternative in the future. For now I would however like to focus on fixing the mana base.

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