My attempt at making a competitive list.

Any and all suggestions or help is welcome and greatly appreciated.

Generally we want to resolve a Ad Nauseam and draw a significant portion of our deck and then use the cards drawn to create a large if not infinite amount of mana so that people can be killed. We can win with either a large Walking Ballista or a large Torment of Hailfire.

A. Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth + 2 Generic Mana

This combo can be stopped by either the Rings or the Monolith being destroyed while we do not have mana to use the untap ability and copy it again in response.

  1. With both pieces on the battlefield and with access to 2 mana tap the monolith floating 3 generic mana.
  2. Use the floating mana to use its untap ability.
  3. Copy its untap ability using the 2 mana.
  4. When it untaps the first time, tap it floating 3 generic.
  5. When it untaps the second time, tap it again floating another 3 generic.
  6. Repeat using the floating mana to untap the monolith netting 1 generic mana each time.

B. Isochron Scepter + Paradox Engine + Dark Ritual/Cabal Ritual + 2 Generic Mana

This combo can be stopped by either the Engine or the Scepter being destroyed while the Engine trigger is on the stack.

  1. With both the Scepter with either Ritual imprinted on it and the Engine on the battlefield tap the Scepter paying the 2 generic mana to cast the Imprinted Ritual.
  2. This will trigger the Engine untapping the Scepter.
  3. The Ritual will resolve floating 3 black mana.
  4. Repeat using the mana from the Ritual netting 1 black mana each time.


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