Peat Bog


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Common

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Peat Bog


Peat Bog enters the battlefield tapped with two depletion counters on it.

Tap, Remove a depletion counter from Peat Bog: Add (Black)(Black) to your mana pool. If there are no depletion counters on Peat Bog, sacrifice it.

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Peat Bog Discussion

TheMagicKid on garytheman

2 months ago

Ok, I added Ancient Tomb

You should play Glacial Chasm in atraxa would be super funny!Hickory Woodlot, Saprazzan Skerry, Remote Farm, Peat Bog and Gemstone Mine would work great as lands since of atraxa's proliferate.

Also Mishra's Workshop would be amazing for the Green Blue Artifact Deck! OH shit just looked up the price, I don't think its even Modern legal and it's $6,000 for a playset, lmao nvm...

Shane on Are there any cards like ...

3 months ago

This is really more for help with rules. A question like this should go in the forums somewhere. But oh well.

There's Peat Bog but that's about it.

sickrobot on Varolz Hulk

4 months ago

Hey The_Llanowar_Elf, I've done a bit of playing around with budget versions of this deck, this is what I can recommend; For stuff like Bayou and any other expensive lands, I would replace them with Peat Bog and Hickory Woodlot first, then any after that with basics. For tutors, I would suggest trying to fit in more mana dorks that are not in the deck currently, such as Devoted Druid or Bloom Tender. Hope I could help.

sickrobot on Varolz Hulk

4 months ago

Hey elfric, thanks for the feedback! On the subject of Peat Bog, I have considered adding in the charge lands (Hickory Woodlot as well), but recently, I have been running into numerous Blood Moon decks, and in those games, an extra swamp or forest makes all the difference. If your meta is different, I would suggest testing them out and seeing how they work for you. On Blood Pet, it has been itching for a spot for a while now, but there's just no card I would take out for it, you really need a critical mass of green creatures for Natural Order, and the deck is sitting just above that threshold. as for Beast Within, it is a great card, yes, but with access to black, there is cheaper creature removal such as Vendetta and Slaughter Pact to deal with Linvala, and due to how tight you will usually be running on mana, it just costs too much to make the cut.

elfric on Varolz Hulk

4 months ago

hey cool deck - finally a i find a golgari hulk list that looks tight at all cards.

regardless that i wouldn't know what to replace those with - but have you thought aboutPeat Bog or Blood Pet ?

they are not particular better than other cards but could add more overall ramp or be faster than maybe priest of titania or wall of roots.bog's strenght imo is being compact ramp. the more aggressive a deck needs to mulligan the more i like them as it can be like a land and a dork turn 1 in one's strength is in the niche scenario that you need to fetch mana in your hulk lines like caustic caterpillar.

another thing to consider is Abrupt Decay:

uncounterable and cmc2 but

Beast Within hits leyline of the void, linvala, elesh norn and maybe others that might disrupt you.

sonnet666 on Demon School for Demons, Cool.

4 months ago

Bowngnawer, I think you've got that backwards. No Rest for the Wicked opens up a 2 creature line:

  1. First tutor: All the 0 drop creatures into LED.

  2. Second tutor: No Rest for the Wicked

  3. Now that all the 0 drops are back in your hand you can tutor Mana Crypt and Genesis Chamber, and then you have at least 4 more tutors to do whatever you want with.

That gets you to Aetherflux a lot faster than 30 life, which is good seeing as it's reasonable to expect to be lower than 30 by turn 4 in a lot of metas.

They're both still good cards, and I'll probably add them in my next revision, but I think the Paradox Engine stuff just adds unnecessary bloat to the deck.

thegigibeast, I'm sorry, but I playtested Ebon Stronghold and Peat Bog, and I just can't stand how they come in tapped. With how much this deck wants to play ramp every turn I think that slows you down more than the 1 extra mana next turn helps you. I'll try out City of Traitors though.

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