Kamigawa Block Tribal with all the flavor trimmings, and still rakes their eyes out to boot! ;)

Build above is for competitive control... for the REAL "Fantasy Edo Period" experience, do the following cuts:

Kiku, Night's Flower > Nether Traitor

Kaho, Minamo Historian > Etrata, the Silencer

Keiga, the Tide Star > Kederekt Leviathan

Night Dealings < Demonic Tutor

Sakashima the Impostor > Evil Twin

Rend Flesh > Go for the Throat

Kokusho, the Evening Star > Whip of Erebos

Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar > Hostage Taker

Reduce to Dreams > Knowledge Exploitation

Kagemaro, First to Suffer > Dread Cacodemon

Orb of Dreams > Erratic Portal

Hinder > Undermine

Death Denied > Doomsday

Throw ;) Shuriken & Blinding Powder aka "Pocket Sand!" into Sideboard

Thanks to 2 close friends (fatdroid13 & Force_of_Will) for suggestions of more Flavor Fun!


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