I've had a Scorpion God that I got out of a booster a long time ago that I've always kind of wanted to build a deck around and I finally did it. I built it with lots of wither (no infect because I think infect is dumb in EDH and I have no wish to use it) and various -1/-1 counter synergies, and this is the end result. If I missed any good stuff for this type of deck please let me know, I’m open to any and all suggestions (although I don’t have tons of money to spend so it can’t be too expensive).

Potential changes:

Looking back at this for the first time in a while, there are lots of changes I feel like I should make. There are several cards that are just sub-par or I don’t like them in the deck anymore, so when I get a chance I’ll probably make a series of changes to the deck. Check the update section for more details.

Feedback is always appreciated.


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I looked back at this deck recently and I've thought some more about it, and I've decided there are some cards I want to cut. None of this is final, and suggestions are welcome as always, but here's a very rough version of what I could theoretically change about this deck.

Potential cuts: Garna, the Bloodflame; Grief Tyrant; Grim Poppet; Kaervek the Merciless; Into the Core; Grixis Panorama; Rocky Tar Pit; Reliquary Tower; Leyline of Punishment; Rain of Gore; Cauldron of Souls; Rakdos Keyrune

Potential new additions: Urabrask the Hidden; Rakdos Locket; Rakdos Cluestone; Hero's Downfall; Puncture Blast; Volt Charge; Scar; Puncture Bolt; Blur of Blades; Bedevil; Soul-Scar Mage; Ashnod's Altar; Goblin Bombardment; Heartstone; Solemn Simulacrum; Sudden Spoiling; Burnished Hart; Crypt Ghast; Splendid Agony; Starstorm; Decree of Pain; Abrade; Shatterstorm; Shattering Spree; Unstable Obelisk; Meteor Golem; Arcane Lighthouse; Grasping Dunes

Again, none of this is final, but these are my thoughts as of now.


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