Volt Charge


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters Common
New Phyrexia Common

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Volt Charge


Volt Charge deals 3 damage to target creature or player. Proliferate. (You choose any number of permanents and/or players with counters on them, then give each another counter of a kind already there.)

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Volt Charge Discussion

Raediaent on UR Levels

1 week ago

My best advice for you is try to keep the deck two-color with Red and Blue. I think the white Splash is unnecessary here because Kargan Dragonlord is already weighted heavy with its double red mana cost, and without running fetchlands (Arid Mesa, Scalding Tarn, or Flooded Strand) or shocklands (Sacred Foundry, Hallowed Fountain, or Steam Vents) getting the mana you need to cast spells will be harder/slower.

Having Kargan Dragonlord as a wincon is really interesting, but it gets killed by the most common removal spells in the game (Path to Exile, Fatal Push, and Lightning Bolt), so your deck might be inconsistent in control match-ups. You also have Lord of Shatterskull Pass and Lighthouse Chronologist which can serve as win conditions too, but still suffer from similar problems that Kargan Dragonlord does.

Fuel for the Cause, Volt Charge, Steady Progress, Inexorable Tide, and Tezzeret's Gambit are very slow because of their mana costs being in the 3-4 CMC range. Cards such as Serum Visions, Sleight of Hand, Lightning Bolt and Mana Leak can accomplish many of the same things at a cheaper cost without the proliferate effect. Another option you could take instead of running these cards are Goblin Electromancers or Baral, Chief of Compliances, which act as pseudo-ramp for your deck.

As far as your engine (level up ramp) goes, I think Venerated Teacher is the best pick you have and you should definitely run a playset of four in your deck. I think Thrummingbird strictly beats out Skyship Plunderer because the option to place counters on any permanent is conditional.

My last suggestion for you is to consider running Saheeli Rai because it can create tokens of Venerated Teacher whose ETB is important to your deck. There are probably other planeswalkers you could run as well, but the choice is up to you :). Good luck in your deck building!

mdc7233 on Grenzo`s Dungeon Misfits

5 months ago

Well, I can't say that I'm a goblin expert, but when I hear the word goblin I think infestation. If I could apply infestation to mtg, it would be infect, tokens, or counters. Your commander at first glance seems like an abusive voltron that likes to poop out bad things, but it has a sinister side by adding the "+1/+1 counters" in there. It begs me to proliferate with cards like Volt Charge or Contagion Clasp. Hec, Contagion Engine makes me chuckle too. Cards like Animation Module and Armory of Iroas are very flavorful as well. 1/1 counters also function well with the unleash mechanic as well as enchantments like Curse of Stalked Prey. Undying also is another mechanic that fits this theme. Drana, Liberator of Malakir is another great card to push amazing things into play with your commander. Ion Storm is a neat card that fits the theme as well. I also like Magmasaur for flavor purposes. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is really cool as well. Necroplasm is also a cool card sweeper that is in theme. I also really like Retribution of the Ancients. I hope the suggestions lit a spark of creativity. Good luck and happy casting.

Mikey2141 on Marchesa Superfriends

7 months ago

Also, Tibalt is best with madness oriented decks and/or grave happy decks. He goes nicely with the ult on Chandra Ablaze, for some planeswalker awsome-sauce add some proliferate Volt Charge (Just an example in case you didn't know).

fastbond_stripmine_crucible on mono red mill?!?

7 months ago

@red_x the idea is that it is fun it runs at similar speed as a high tide deck but it lacks the control element to keep the game going that long and I have won games just because it is a strange deck and the side board has been able to create a win against a delver(BUG) deck just because they never had lands but no it is not competitive It is just a silly idea I had and originally it was for modern but all red ritual effects are banned so I moved it up to legacy

@ticked_off_squirrel this is a mill deck not a burn deck Lightning Bolts and Volt Charges are in to remove threats such as a delver or an early tarmglof or hit them in the face with mind crank on the feild

Alpenkeks on 4-Color Superfriends

8 months ago


i play a 5c Superfriends Highlander but i have some advises anyway.


Maybe cut some of the Planswalker i dont see them working to well together.

If you like pillow forts try Collective Restraint

If you like you can check my Deck for some more cool cards.My 5c Planswalker Deck

ChrisPBakon on A SUPERFRIENDly Jeskai Cookout.

10 months ago

Depending on how much you rely on your planeswalkers, you could try Tezzeret's Gambit or Steady Progress with proliferate and card draw, or Volt Charge for proliferate and burn. However, I'd be more inclined to try Inexorable Tide instead of Oath of Gideon. Obviously, Oath only costs 3 and gives you a couple tokens, but Tide could easily get you more than one additional counter on your planeswalkers.

GidEmrakulPlox on Fire as my mixtape

10 months ago

Really coool idea. Have a +1. Ok so, if you want to make this more effective, try to replace Kiln Fiend with Keldon Marauders.Forked Bolt is better than Shock, because it allows you to distribute the damage, and instant speed isn't your priority.Volt Charge is crappy, the proliferate doesn't combo that well, and you are better running Lightning Strike.Searing Blood is amazing, also try removing some Searing Blaze because you need fetches to make it more effective.Young Pyromancer could be replaced with Ash Zealot.Lava Spike, Rift Bolt are kind of pricey, but work very well. Needle Drop is good Skullcrack is even better.Also, you could try to use Mardu Scout. You could also stick to 19 lands.And Quest for Pure Flame is more versatile than Shrine.For sideboard, you could use Smash to Smithereens, Dragon's Claw, Electrickery and Volcanic Fallout are good to deal with the opponent's creatures. You should also try using some graveyard hate. Ash Zealot is good, Relic of Progenitus or Tormod's Crypt

War_Machine_800 on super cheap burn deck

11 months ago

If your aiming for cheap, Lightning Strike is cheaper than Searing Spear. Searing Blood is a great cheap alternative to Searing Blaze as they both damage a creature and a player if the creature dies, plus you won't need the landfall trigger. I would drop Volt Charge for another 2 drop 3 damage like Lightning Strike. I would also get rid of Stormblood Berserker for Keldon Marauders or Blistercoil Weird depending on how many triggers you can get. I hope you see this comment and that my suggestions are helpful to you. Have fun burning.

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