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Melira's Alter [sic] Pod - WIP - Help Please!

Commander / EDH* Birthing Pod Mono-Green Theme/Gimmick




I'd been admiring altered art Magic cards for a while, but didn't buy any for quite some time. Then, not too long ago, I purchased a few random ones online. One of the early purchases was Melira, Sylvok Outcast, which was a full-art alter that wasn't too expensive, but that I thought looked cool. Since she's Legendary, it gave me the idea of making a Commander deck with her. But why stop there? Wouldn't it be cool to make an entire Commander deck with alters in it? In looking up strategies with Melira, I learned about Melira Pod (using Birthing Pod to quickly throw out big creatures), Persist, and Undying strategies. Now I had direction!

The Deck So Far:

Melira is mono-green of course, and as it turned out, by the time I decided I wanted to put all my alters in 1 deck, I had only purchased green and artifact cards. So on the bright side, they could all go in! But on the not-so-bright side, they were all kinda random pickups based on price and cool factor. And before I developed a deck strategy (or rather looked up strategies), I had picked up a few other inexpensive and also random cards. So, I'm stuck with things that really don't contribute much to the Pod strategy like Lich's Mirror, Blanchwood Armor, Wicked Wolf, and Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi. Plus, I got 2 cards that are painted by old-school original Magic artists on artist proof cards (I won't spoil the fun; you can look through and find them by browsing the deck) that, again, aren't necessarily contributing directly to the Pod strategy. But lately, I've focused on purchasing cards that actually work for the strategy, and am trying to finish constructing the deck before blinging it out with alters.

I Need Your Help!

The deck is only 20% complete as of this first post. Will you help me figure out the must-haves for this deck, and form it into something decently playable? I know I need to plug in some creatures that can take advantage of the negation of -1/-1 counters that Melira provides. Persist is a must! Undying can help when I sacrifice things to my pods and altars (see the pun in my deck name now?). I have Birthing Pod and Phyrexian Altar, but what are some other essential sacrifice outlets? I have Reclamation Sage, but what are some other ETB or LTB creatures that are good? What big creatures should I ramp up into? What sort of removal should I have? How do I make things like Lich's Mirror not be completely useless? And if you are an artist who does alters or know some cool artists I should purchase from, let me know! My favorites are the art replacements, though extended art can be cool, too. I'd also like to get more artist proof cards with original art on the blank side from official MtG artists. Those are awesome.


As I work on the deck, I will only list the alters I own, and therefore are locked cards in the deck. The Maybeboard is where I'll put considerations for alters I want to find or commission. Besides the obvious sacrifice outlets, Forests, mana ramp, and strategic creatures, I currently have some odd things like Aligned Hedron Network to work with Lich's Mirror, Witch's Oven for sacrificing and to assist Wicked Wolf, and Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII to make the black-dependent Persist creatures like Rattleblaze Scarecrow work. Gilt-Leaf Archdruid is tempting to use as well with the mirror, but it will need more support if I decide to run it.

Anyhow, thanks for reading, potentially helping, and even just checking out and commenting on the alters if you enjoy them!


Updates Add

I added a 3rd Artist's Proof today! Can you spot it? I'm kinda getting more of an idea what I want to do with this deck, so soon I'll clean up the Maybeboard. I'm still looking for tips, though!


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