Living Artifact

Living Artifact

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant artifact

Whenever you're dealt damage, put that many vitality counters on Living Artifact.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may remove a vitality counter from Living Artifact. If you do, you gain 1 life.

Living Artifact Discussion

carpecanum on Estrid's Masquerade

1 year ago

Chain Veil and anything with proliferate to help your boss (Contagion Engine and Viral Drake maybe).

Your boss untaps any enchanted permanents so maybe a couple enchant artifact spells? A Sol Ring with Living Artifact = 4 mana and life gain. Ensoul Artifact maybe?

There are a lot of useful Umbra's, Magemarks and Bestow enchantments to put on creatures.

Skull of Orm, Crown of the Ages

If the people you play use a lot of enchantments try Steal Enchantment, Fumble and Aura Graft.

Alexi's Cloak is amazing.

Ralatorr on Estrid Chain Veil

1 year ago

Have you considered auras that go onto The Chain Veil like Power Artifact, Curator's Ward, Living Artifact, Relic Ward, Teferi's Curse, or Viridian Harvest just to name a few.

Her ability is to untap all enchanted permanents so if you can cheese out an enchantment onto the chain veil she will be able to untap it. While yes she can "make" one with the -1 ability to generate a mask, her -7 mills for 7 and puts all enchantments back into play. You should have been going plus on mana at that point to recast her and from there you can with with Laboratory Maniac or Walking Ballista using cards like Crop Sigil or Holistic Wisdom or any other gy recursion spell to get them to hand and win when you cast them

Panas on First time commander! Open to all suggestions!

3 years ago

Hmmm... Cuts eh? Well, that comes down to card efficiency, reliability, flexibility and personal flavour in decreasing order of importance for the game. But for the player that last part sometimes overshadows the rest, myself included (I play King Macar, the Gold-Cursed after all). So I'll just give my two cents and my reasoning behind it. It's up to you to take it or leave it. Experimenting yourself is the best way to make this decision. Ok, here goes:

-Dream's Grip and Twiddle: I understand you chose these so that you can produce more mana or present blockers when attacked. But your deck is aggressive enough to kill someone in one punch (or two). The resources you put into these cards are not worth the output they give your deck.

-Healing Leaves, the 2xLiving Artifact and Feed the Clan: Lifegain is not a powerfull effect unless you dedicate to it wholly. Even less so in commander where you start with 40 life total, and, 21 cummulative combat damage from a commander can knock you out regardless of your life total. The artifact is also just a bad card, imho! (too slow and too freaky)

-Mind Bend: this could see play somewhere else, but i don't see a reason for including it here. I mean it doesn't work with Kruphix's "colourless" wording as colourless is not colour.

-Opal Palace: this is a good card but will see little to no use in your deck. Your commander is indestructible. That means he will have a strong staying power! A REALLY STRONG staying power! :p

-Quietus Spike: another good card but it's just win-more here. When you are hitting with an evasive 2/2, the spike is amazing. When you are hitting with a 20/20 trampler, not so much.

-Wall of Tanglecord: comes in early and defends sort-of well, but this is not what your deck wants to do. You are aggressive! You plan on smashing your opposition! Your card choices should reflect that and promote that strategy, even by a little bit.

-1xIvy Elemental and 1xJolt: just cards you currently have twice in the deck.

I know these are not enough to get to 100 but more than the cards, it's the Train of Thought that matters ;) Looking forward to see how the deck develops.