Defiant Greatmaw


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Defiant Greatmaw

Creature — Hippo

When Defiant Greatmaw enters the battlefield, put two -1/-1 counters on target creature you control.

Whenever you put one or more -1/-1 counters on Defiant Greatmaw, remove a -1/-1 counter from another creature you control.

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Defiant Greatmaw Discussion

viperfang4 on Jund Hapatra

3 days ago

There are a few cards that would be interesting to add in the deck. Blisterpod seems like a nice turn 1 that ramps you and relives -1/-1 counters off other creatures so they're big. Crocodile of the Crossing is probably too slow despite haste. Defiant Greatmaw on the other hand seems as a nice way to relive counters as well. If you ran Exemplar of Strength as another 2 drop, Claim might be useful, if not already useful. I think the amount of Magma Sprays is probably overkill. I am sure the Nest of Scarabs are good, but I am unsure how good. The sideboard feels very untuned right now as well, I will post on that a bit later, but I do like the deck a lot.

Triton on SNEK ATTACK!!!1

1 week ago

dlamars I do have a Decimator I can use, I'm kinda split since his mana cost is quite hefty (even with the emerge cost). I was considering Ivy Lane Denizen as a means of keeping my commander alive, perhaps Defiant Greatmaw? Chainbreaker is a card I'll consider, and Grim Poppet would be amazing if he was a lower CMC, oh well haha. Any suggestions for what to cut for Defiant Greatmaw, perhaps?

Thanks for the suggestions!

mdenil on -1/-1 Insect/Snake Swarm

2 weeks ago

Rilikb Defiant Greatmaw has really not impressed me when i play it. Decimator Beetle Putting counter's on opponents creatures is just so much better and triggers Hapatra and nest of scarabs. It also only needs one -1/-1 which i feel is very important especially in late game.

I do believe that Exemplar of Strength will not give you extra life when you use Hapatra's Mark

Rilikb on -1/-1 Insect/Snake Swarm

2 weeks ago

Hey mdenil!

I am not playing Decimator Beetle because it's a 5 drop that does just about the same thing that my Defiant Greatmaw just without the placing a -1/-1 on a target creature I felt that replacing the Deci Beetle with the greatmaw was a good trade mainly cause of the CMC though it even if I did bring them in it wouldn't be to bad due to the mana of Channeler Initiate.

As for the combat trick of Exemplar of Strength with Hapatra's Mark I am not to sure on because of the wording, when X attacks, remove a -1/-1 counter from X if you do gain 1 life. If you attack then once blockers / no blockers is declared then play Mark would you even be able to gain the full 3 life or just the 1 life from removing the -1/-1 counter from Exemplar and as well could you remove more than 1 or all 3 at once? Or are you just looking for the surprise 4 hit going in when they think its a 1/1?

I am running 1 Fatal Push due to this is my physical deck and I only have 1 copy of this, that being said i do have 4 Splendid Agony 2 in my main and 2 in my side, I just haven't gotten around to adding side yet. I can sideboard the Appetite most definitely as when I put this up I was in a match with a heavy artifact and enchantment deck so I didn't realize it was main boarded.

As for the Bone Picker once I get copies of that it's definitely going in the side 2 copies and I do have 2 copies of Stinging Shot sided as well. Thanks for the Tips I am definitely going to keep making this deck better as it's one of my favorite right now.

_Kane_ on Hapatra EDH

3 weeks ago

Creatures like Soulstinger, Crocodile of the Crossing, Fume Spitter, Defiant Greatmaw, Plaguemaw Beast, are grubbily not pulling their weight.

Ol_man on

3 weeks ago

Almost equally as good of a choice. Defiant Greatmaw and Plague Belcher are very similar however, Belcher does have menace and it can have a -1/-1 counter placed on it and still have the 4 power to activate Rhonas the Indomitable. Good call. Thanks!

Ol_man on

3 weeks ago

Yup, Bone Picker had to go, I replaced it with Defiant Greatmaw. Festering Mummy seems good with this build T1 Festering Mummy T2 Hapatra, Vizier of Poison T3 Defiant greatmaw, Exemplar of Strength or Channeler Initiate and using one -1/-1 token on festering mummy and 2 other creatures essentially making 4 snake tokens all together.

I tested with Hapatra's Mark and it does work well if circumstances are allowing but, it seems more like a win less card then say, Fatal Push.

Plazbo on Snakes, scarabs, and -1 counters

3 weeks ago

Take our your Baleful Ammit, Decimator Beetle, and Defiant Greatmaw. I've played around with scarabs at a very competitive FNM for a while to try and make it work. I believe we have to wait til HOU comes out for our deck to become actually top tier. However I would suggest taking those cards out because they are slow and not a whole lot of value for their mana cost. I'd replace one with Plague Belcher. He packs a whole lot more punch.

I believe you're on a budget cuz you're playing Final Reward, but you really want to take that and Splendid Agony out. Replace them with Fatal Push and Grasp of Darkness. You lose to midrange decks because it takes a while for you to get your Nest out and actually start pumping out an amount of insects your opponent can't control.

You have no 1 mana cards in your whole deck. Consider using Blisterpod. He can be used to dump your -1/-1 counters on and will still come back as an Eldrazi Scion that makes mana! He's a 1 mana that you can dump 2 cards worth of counters on and still make that many insects.

I wouldn't put in Archfiend of Ifnir like the guy above me suggested because your deck is not circled around cycling at all. Key to the city sounds alright.

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