Karador Dredge

Plenty of self mill engines to put cards into my graveyard to use as a constant resource. Ramp/Reanimate into fatties and grind out opponents using said graveyard engines or a kokopuffs loop.

Current Engines:

Survival/Fauna Shaman + Dredge - Creature tutor + self mill

Sun Titan + Necromancy/Animate Dead + Karmic Guide - Reanimate every turn when Sun Titan attacks

Karmic Guide + Angel of Serenity - Exile the Karmic Guide with Angel to get recursive Angels

Possible Cuts right now: None

Anything I'm missing?


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I'm trying out a few cards that recently piqued my interest during various games of limited and EDH.

Disciple of Bolas > Gonti, Lord of Luxury. I like that it doesn't require another creature to get its value, and it's a non-Human so it undies with Mikaeus.

Elixir of Immortality > Perpetual Timepiece. Despite being double the mana cost, timepiece actually does something proactive, so I like the idea of it going in this niche defensive slot. Additionally, there have been very few games where I've activated Elixir multiple times so the exile clause is less relevant than I initially expected.


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