Mairsil, the Pretender

Legendary Creature — Human Wizard

When Mairsil, the Pretender enters the battlefield, you may exile an artifact or creature card from your hand or graveyard and put a cage counter on it.

Mairsil, the Pretender has all activated abilities of all cards you own in exile with cage counters on them. You may activate each of those abilities only once each turn.

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Mairsil, the Pretender Discussion

usaDiabetic on Wizarding world of Harry Potter

2 days ago

With Inalla, I think you want more wizards like Sea Gate Oracle, Dualcaster Mage, Portal Mage, Havengul Lich, Stonybrook Banneret, and Venser, Shaper Savant.

Also maybe some emergency sweepers like Blasphemous Act, Cyclonic Rift and Toxic Deluge.

I think the best two commander's out out the wizard precon where Kess, dissident mage and Mairsil, the Pretender...your deck as of no seems to want to be more of a Kess deck.

So I think you have a tough call on where you want to go. Either way it's a good build so far, just needs a little tightening up.

benouttait on Questions on using licids and ...

3 days ago

So, I realize this may be a bit of a long shot, but assume a board state including:

Mairsil, the Pretender, having caged among other things a Leeching Licid and a Mirage Mirror

A Worldslayer on the battlefield

An attacking creature

If I use Mairsil, the Pretender's copy of the Leeching Licid's ability to attach him as an aura enchantment to the attacking creature, then activate the copy of Mirage Mirror's ability targeting Worldslayer:

1: Will Mairsil remain attached to the attacking creature?

2: Will he be considered equipped to the creature?

3: Upon Mirage Mirror wearing off, will Mairsil revert to being a creature or a licid aura enchantment?

Related supporting question: Is a licid-aura's special action to pay to revert to being a creature considered an activated ability?

Blo on Mairsil interaction

5 days ago

also, something that seems to be forgotten here... (unless I misinterpreted something). You can only activate a 'caged' ability once per turn with Mairsil, the Pretender. Alas #2 and correlating remarks can be disgarded.

Neotrup on Mairsil interaction

5 days ago

Except that, according to the oracle text of Skeleton Scavengers, you only get the +1/+1 counter when it regenerates, so something would actually have to try killing Mairsil, the Pretender in order for you to get any counters. You can still activate the ability hundreds of times for free hoping enough things will try to kill him to make him huge.

"Pay for each +1/+1 counter on Skeleton Scavengers: Regenerate Skeleton Scavengers. When it regenerates this way, put a +1/+1 counter on it."

lendrick on Mairsil interaction

5 days ago

let's say I have Mairsil, the Pretender with a Skeleton Scavengers caged, since Mairsil (normally) has no +1/+1 counter on him can I activate the ability for ?

that's maybe a dumb question...

Magicpenthouse on Mairsil, the Pretender l JLK

1 week ago

If Captain of the Mists is exiled with Mairsil, the Pretender, could he then use the ability to untap himself?

nonickslick on Caged- In

1 week ago

You can only activate caged abilities of Mairsil, the Pretender once per turn right? How does Infinite Mana + Torchling + anthroplasm go off?

TheRedGoat on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

1 week ago

So, as far as that red enchantment above goes, it likely is made as a "trap build" card, because there is a black enchantment at 5 mana Wotc spoiled that lets you just win the game when you have like 10 treasures. However I can see a rather off the wall grixis build that works along the lines of a "reverse Zedruu" deck that actively plays chaotic and/or board altering cards in tandem with specific types of control effects as a test in the politics of EDH. It likely would run many other cards that seem to give away advantage, or force cards to be played against you, but you would supplement those cards with punisher/prison type of effects that boils the deck down to exactly that; A chaos prison build that generates creatures for opponents, only to force them to fight each other through self protection/hex-proofing and turns the entire EDH political landscape into that of a gladiatorial arena for your own amusement! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!


Incidentally this is actually probably better run as Mardu with Mathas, Fiend Seeker at the helm to further reward the players that provide you with entertainment. That all further segways into how I was meaning to suggest somebody try out Mairsil, the Pretender as a stand-in for either Inspector Gadget or Doctor Claw. I'll leave it up to the discretion of whomever knows the characters best to tell me that doesn't sound like the perfect analogy, but if not I'd love to lend a hand in making said deck.

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