Lux Cannon

Lux Cannon


: Put a charge counter on Lux Cannon.

, Remove three charge counters from Lux Cannon: Destroy target permanent.

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Set Rarity
Double Masters (2XM) Rare
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal

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Lux Cannon Discussion

Peoni on The Modular Factory

1 month ago

Here are a few cards you might like that work especially well with your proliferate theme and might be fun to play around with:

Energy Chamber, Engineered Explosives, Lux Cannon, Power Conduit, and Titan Forge.

Paradise Mantle also seems like it would be especially good on Traxos.

Solid list. Very fun and fair. I really like it a lot. :^)

DemonDragonJ on How Good of a Card …

2 months ago

I am contemplating putting Magistrate's Scepter into my Atraxa EDH deck, because that is really the only deck that could fully and properly utilize that card, but I am still hesitant to do so, because it is very expensive, and I also do not know which card I should remove to make room for it, so I am seeking advice about that matter.

One of the cards that I am considering replacing is Lux Cannon, because of how similar those two cards are, but the ability to repeatedly destroy any permanent is simply too good to remove from the deck. The other card is Temple Bell, because those two cards have the same mana cost, and taking extra turns is better than merely drawing extra cards, but the only problem with that is the investment of time and mana before it produces any benefits, although the proliferate mechanic helps with that.

What does everyone else say about this? How good of a card is Magistrate's Scepter in EDH, and should I put it in my Atraxa deck?

DemonDragonJ on Double Masters Speculation

3 months ago

I suppose that I should not be surprised that Jace, the Mind Sculptor is being reprinted in this set, but I still would rather that WotC had reprinted another planeswalker; at least he shall be less expensive, now.

Another reprint of Baleful Strix is great, but I wish that it had been an uncommon, because it is a waste of a rare spot in this set, in my mind. On that subject, I do like how Sharuum the Hegemon has been downgraded to a rare for this set, since I believe that she was not sufficiently powerful to be a mythic rare.

The alternate artwork for Sword of War and Peace is awesome, but I would rather have had any of the other swords in its place; hopefully, they shall also be reprinted in this set.

Sculpting Steel is another very nice reprint; I had been hoping for a reprint of Phyrexian Metamorph, but this is very close to that.

I also very much like the reprint of Lux Cannon; I already have one in my Atraxa EDH deck, but this shall make it easier to obtain a foil copy, which would be very nice.

Mortlocke on The Song of Phyresis

5 months ago

AscendedLandfalls, I appreciate you asking me some hard questions. Yes, lands are definitely the top option as most EDH decks don't run land destruction, but the only viable option (In my opinion) you've suggested thusfar is Farseek. It's a good card, but i'm having a hard time finding a place for it. What would you cut? and why.

I do have some comment for some of your statements: "since you are running Defense of the Heart and some high cmc spells, which are cards for mid-range decks, not fast decks, I wouldn't worry too much about a few lands coming in tapped since it also allows you to color fix early on, but this is also predicated on running a few more basic lands."

  • Spells like Rampant Growth just aren't a good fit for the deck as it is. To get the most use out of Growth i'd have to cut either filter lands or utility lands to make room for basics - that doesn't make sense, and would only serve to weaken the deck's manabase overall. Additionally, with lands coming in tapped early on, I lose out on opportunities to play my 2 or 3 drop mana rocks. I disagree with your logic as lands entering play tapped can potentially waste a play early or late game.

  • I was not aware that Defense of the Heart was an enchantment geared more toward mid-range archetypes - could you provide a source? This deck isn't intentionally designed to be a "fast archetype" (what do you mean by fast? like aggro?). I guess to that point I unintentionally built a midrange deck as I can "combo" with a soft lock on the board (utilizing Tangle Wire and a proliferation source - while proliferating poison counters, ideally). The alternative strategy is trying to swing in with an infect creature and pump it up with enough +1/+1 counters to go for lethal before an opponent can go for a combo.

  • Honestly, I don't run Vampiric Tutor because of two reasons - 1. I have no idea what I would cut for it, and 2. I'm still paying off my Revised Tropical Island (in played condition) + Savannah (in lightly played condition). I have a sweet deal with a friend (he's a legacy player) who wants to offload some revised dual lands (he's upgrading to unlimited) and is giving me a steal of a deal. So, i'm currently working on paying off those two cards and the deck will be fully assembled in paper. What would you cut to make room for Vampiric Tutor? Inexorable Tide? Maybe Lux Cannon. It's a pet card that I I feel at odds about removing it. Plus it is a gaudy distraction on the board, especially when I have multiple proliferation sources active.

  • My landbase is pretty competitive as I want to give this 4 color deck as much of an advantage as I can. This deck isn't meant to be casual, but not entirely competitive either. It's in a strange place where it's a strong deck that can win knock out an opponent as early as turn 4 or 5, but defeat all opponents around 7. Personally i'm not a fan of Stax, as I enjoy actually playing against others. I could push the deck a little further in that direction, but what I really want is a strong and viable means of sealing a win via Infect/Poison counters. My personal hope is that the upcoming Commander Legends set will have something of use to that end. I know Infect is a parasitic mechanic, but it is one that I champion and will forever advocate for.

Thanks for the talk and criticism so far, I look forward to more from you.

Mortlocke on Atraxa, Angel of New Phyrexia

5 months ago

UltimateRoxas40, wow i'm flattered that you took inspiration from my own deck. Thank you for that. I personally subscribe to The Progress Engine's school of thought when it comes to deck building - especially when it comes to my own Atraxa deck. So looking at your list you have a lot of different themes. The primary seem to be +1/+1 counters and infect. I think you could lean a little more into that - including cards like:

  • The Ozolith: Fresh from ikoria, this card guarantees that if a creature is removed from play you will always gain value from it if you manage to put a +1/+1 counter on it.

  • Corpsejack Menace: I have a promo copy of this little guy, but decided to build in a different direction. Regardless, Corpsejack can help your boardstate get out of control very easily with those counters.

  • Forgotten Ancient: Another fun little card that can dramatically increase the number of +1/+1 counters on your creatures.

Now what would you be cutting? Well some of the less efficient cards I see are:

  • Simic Ascendancy: This is a maybe cut from me as I've tried this card in my deck but I determined that it was just too mana intensive to use. The simic requirement for activation was just tough. Maybe this card has done better in your deck since +1/+1 counters are a primary theme.
  • Lux Cannon: This is a maybe cut from me as well. This is a pet card of mine in the deck. I love it's flavor and overall style. Yes, it can be a mean and very scary deterrent/distraction on the board but it depends entirely on how you feel about it. I know I could probably find a more efficient card in the slot - but I like it.
  • Reanimate: As cool as this card is, only being able to resurrect one creature isn't that great in the span of things. I swapped this out for a Yawgmoth's Will. Super expensive card, I know. But it's so insanely good.
  • Consecrated Sphinx: For such a high CMC creature the pay off isn't quite that great in the context of your deck. Normally, Sphinx would be used in something like a Nekusar deck that runs a good amount of wheel effects like Windfall or Time Spiral.

Profet93 on Bacon with a Side of Malignus. (Ilharg EDH)

7 months ago

Bolt Bend - Counters counterspells, redirects some extra turns, some draw, some removal. Overall versatile card which will shine in this build

Mind Stone - Ramp and draw, definitely what red needs.

How does Sundial work with Ilhrag, do the creatures just stay on the battlefield?

Wheel of Fortune, Magus of the Wheel, Mind's Eye, Memory Jar (maybe), Arch of Orazca, Commune with Lava, Endless Atlas, Humble Defector, Ignite the Future, Light Up the Stage, Tome of Legends, Skullclamp, Solemn Simulacrum are all good options for draw. You NEED card draw in red badly.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - Ramp, card draw, win con all in one.

Where is your enchantment removal? Blast Zone, OG Ugin + Ineffable, Karn Liberated, Oblivion Stone, nev disk, Lux Cannon, Ratchet Bomb and a couple of others can be good enchantment removal.

What do you feel your decks weaknesses are? How has it been playing for you?

Rettich on Magistrate's Sceptor Combo

7 months ago

I'm late to the party, but you might want to look into these cards, if you need more ideas on how to spice up your deck:

Volt Charge or Contagion Engine (Proliferate is great with multiple mana rocks and Lux Cannon or Titan Forge)
Dismantle (Move your charge-counters from your manarocks onto Darksteel Reactor or Jinxed Choker for alternate wincons.
Energy Chamber (Imo a great alternative to Surge Node)

Ize19 on List of all infinite combos 2.0

8 months ago

Ok, I have a couple of combos that are pretty versatile, and very easily go infinite. Here they are:

Coretapper + Mimic Vat This combo provides 3 charge counters a turn, every turn, for just 3 mana each time. What makes it infinite? Well, one of the things you can do with 3 counters every turn is take infinite turns. Just put those counters on Magistrate's Scepter, and your opponent will never get another turn. If you want, you could create this combo again, and create as many 9/9s as you like, with Titan Forge, or destroy as many permanents as you like, with Lux Cannon

Dross Scorpion + Myr Turbine + sac outlet. What kind of Infinite combo it is, is determined by the sac outlet.

It's always an Infinite ETB trigger and Infinite Death trigger combo.

Blasting Station and Goblin Bombardment deal infinite damage.

Arcbound Ravager, Megatog, Blood Aspirant, Bloodflow Connoisseur, and Carrion Feeder grow infinite P/T from it (Megatog's growth only lasts the turn, but he also gets trample, so he doesn't need to keep the increase).

Altar of Dementia provides Infinite Mill, Ashnod's Altar and Phyrexian Altar give infinite mana.

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