God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.

...and they're coming for you

This deck is a manifestation of childhood for me. I read every book on dinosaurs I could get my hands on and was convinced I was going to be a paleontologist when I grew up. Life always manages to change plans but God bless Wizards of the Coast for giving us Dino's to let every person with a childhood obsession with dinosaurs have fun with this awesome tribe.
Gishath, Sun's Avatar is just an awesome commander. Of course, his greatness is due to his ability as a tribal leader. That being said, lets discuss the deck...

Tactic 1: Ramp

You must be able to get Gishath out way ahead of curve. For that reason, there are practically as many ramp cards as dinosaurs in the deck. When you hit the board with Gishath on turn 3 or 4 when everyone else is still durdling with set-up the value is unbelievable!

Tactic 2: Clever Girl

When Gishath makes contact (and if you can get any of the "Dino Buff" cards out and grant him double-strike the value is even better) you're really hoping you don't whiff on the trigger. I've done it a couple times and it feels bad. But when you flip Ghalta, Primal Hunger , Zetalpa, Primal Dawn , and/or Etali, Primal Storm off that trigger life is gooooooood. Also worthy of note if you are able to hit Marauding Raptor + Polyraptor you get an infinite number of raptors and infinite +2's on Marauding Raptor . Now that feels GOOD!

Note: as PhyrexianWombat pointed out, if you don’t have Warstorm Surge in play the Polyraptor combo will cause the game to end in a draw. With nothing to stop the trigger from continuing you will never be able to close out your combat phase or do anything else because there will always be a trigger on the stack. So it gives the EDH game the proverbial blue screen of death by flooding it with a googolplex of raptors. I personally see no problem with this. LOL!

If you are lucky, your opponents are going to see your board on turn 4 or 5 and say: "That is one big pile of shit" as you smile smugly behind your wall of dinosaurs.

If they complain too much just say: "Life, uh, finds a way" and then climb onto the table, unbutton your shirt and try your darnedest to capture the glory of Jeff Goldblum

Enjoy the deck! If you give it a +1 Jeff Goldblum will smile.


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I removed a couple draw spells and replaced them with more dinosaurs. Not sure how many dinosaurs there are left that are “worthwhile” additions past what I have. 26 dinosaurs seems pretty good - fewer draw spells is also good cause we don’t want to draw dinosaurs we want to cheat them in with Gishath


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